Stuffy nose in the child: how to treat nasal congestion, natural home remedies

How to treat nasal congestion in children?

The reproduction of harmful bacteria in infectious rhinitis leads to the release of large amounts of mucus that clogs the nasal passages and the baby becomes hard to breathe.

How to treat nasal congestion in children? When choosing a method of treatment, the doctor takes into account factors that complicate the patient’s breathing.

Why children have impaired nasal breathing?

Consider the most common reasons.


Colds are accompanied by profuse secretion of mucus from the nose. The patient hard to breathe due to swelling of the mucous membranes. It leads to narrowing of the space in the nasal passages.

To identify colds by the following symptoms:

  • at the kid the temperature rises;
  • child complains of sore throat;
  • there is a weakness in the body;
  • from the nose produces mucus, which accumulates in the sinuses.


Why the child stuffy nose? The cause of this condition may be an allergic reaction. Trigger allergies can dust, pet hair or food.

The curvature of the new partition

A deviated septum is another factor that complicates breathing. Moreover, this defect may not only be congenital. Damage to bone tissue can occur after injury.

Pay attention to the child’s breath in sleep. The appearance of wheezing indicates the presence of pathology. You can confirm the diagnosis only after the passage of x-rays.

Polyps and foreign objects

The nose of the baby is often a symptom of the growth of nose polyps.

Curious children in the course of the game you can stick in the nasal passages of a foreign object.

In this situation you need to act quickly. Do not attempt to remove the small object, because can cause additional damage. The child needs the help of professionals who will help to get rid of stuck in the nose of the subject.


Who to contact if the baby made it hard to breathe? To help the patient may otolaryngologist. The child needs to pass x-rays of the sinuses and blood tests. To assess the state of the baby it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the plasma in the presence of infections.

If you have any additional questions toddler to use the ultrasound. Only after receiving the results of the examination, the doctor can prescribe treatment.

How to get rid of nasal congestion in allergic rhinitis

Normal breathing may be disturbed because of allergies to certain substances. The reason for such a reaction can be wool Pets, and food additives, dust in the nursery. Children suffering from allergies, doctors prescribe drops with vasoconstrictor effect (Sanorin, Glycine).

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To cope with allergic form of rhinitis you need to take antihistamines (Histime, Vibrocil). Professionals it is difficult to determine the cause of the disease.

Important! Drops with vasoconstrictor effect could cause atrophic changes in the mucous membranes. They cannot be used longer than 5 days.

Over time, the body gets used to the components included in the preparation. To facilitate breathing patients have to drip the solution in greater numbers.


How to treat infectious coryza

What if a stuffy nose in a child? To eliminate bacterial rhinitis can be due to the antibacterial agents (Izofra). In the treatment process do not exceed the dose specified in the instructions.

Overdrying of mucous in a child is caused by lack of humidity in the room. Gradually the nose of the patient form crusts, which are quite difficult to remove from the nose.

In this case, doctors recommend drops with moisturizing effect.

Other types of pain – good and effective remedy for nasal congestion in children.

Vasoconstrictor drops facilitate breathing within 5 minutes after instillation. They constrict blood vessels and help to cleanse the sinus.

The sprays can be dangerous for the baby. Be administered to children older than 3 years. High concentration of active substance can damage the mucous membranes of the nose.

Anti-inflammatory drops relieve swelling and prevent the development of inflammatory processes. In the treatment process, there may be side effects. The appearance of the unpleasant symptoms you should stop taking the drug and immediately consult a doctor.

Drugs from nasal congestion should be used only after consultation with the pediatrician. Self-treatment can cause serious complications. In the absence of proper treatment the disease can become chronic.

Surgical methods

The child lays the nose, with the appearance of tumors. Get rid of the polyps with medication impossible. The detection of tumors in the nose of children were referred for surgery.

Radical intervention is used in the deviated septum. Thanks surgery can restore nasal breathing.


Active reproduction of the harmful bacteria is accompanied by copious nasal discharge.

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To clear the nasal passages of the baby, you can do the washing.

Remove the mucus by using a rubber bulb. Be sure to sterilize it before the procedure.

Of the child lay on the couch and turn his head to one side. Then enter the solution into the nostril. Ask the child to blow his nose. The same manipulation of the guide and for the other side of the nose.

The cleaning procedure of the nose in infants is complicated by the fact that they have not yet learned to blow their nose. To remove pus you can use a special device – extractor.

Cotton swabs for cleaning the sinuses of pus not appropriate. They have too solid a Foundation that can damage the mucous membranes of the child.

Important! The procedure for nasal lavage can be carried out at the presence of bleeding or tumors.

As a solution to clear the nose of mucus, you can use pharmaceutical preparations (Akvamaris, Physiomer).

The optimal liquid temperature is 36 degrees. After washing not immediately go out, as not all of the liquid immediately flows from the nasal passages.


The advantage of inhalation is that they can be used to treat young children. For the procedure you need to purchase a nebulizer. This device allows you to turn the liquid into vapor.

To pass the course of treatment does not have to go to the hospital. Inhalation can be done at home. Small particles of the drug penetrate into hard to reach places for drops. This method of treatment improves the efficiency of a drug.

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the choice of the drug. Before completion of inhalation should consult a doctor.

During the procedure: put the baby on a chair and ask them to be quiet during the treatment. After inhalation, the baby should not leave the house for 2 hours.

Important! Treat the device with a disinfectant solution to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Don’t let the baby expectorants immediately after treatment.

Traditional methods

Treatment of nasal congestion in children folk remedies can cause side effects. You need to consider the health of the baby.

For the treatment of nasal congestion in a child you can use a proven popular recipes.

  1. Honey has antiseptic effect. This is particularly useful product in the comb, as it contains more biologically active substances. To obtain a positive result is enough to give the baby to chew a piece of flavored product. However, some children have a honey Allergy.
  2. As a folk remedy to help you breathe easier you can use a mixture of aloe and Kalanchoe. Be sure to add the water solution in the ratio of 1:1. The finished mixture can drip with nasal congestion from a baby 3 times a day. For the preparation of aloe juice it is desirable to use lower leaves. Before chopping them wrapped in tissue and sent in the fridge for 12 hours.
  3. Onion juice has a strong bactericidal action. Especially effective is the tool in the treatment of infectious rhinitis.
  4. Ease breathing is possible with the help of the warming procedures. For the nose you need to put the bags of heated salt.

Important! The baby’s nose is forbidden to bury the SAP of plants in its pure form, as it may cause burns to mucous membranes.

Before using the treatment solutions you need to make sure that the baby will not have an allergic reaction.

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Identify pathological changes of the nasal septum is possible only after diagnosis. Treatment of nasal congestion due to congenital defects may require a lot of effort.

To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the baby is directed to the operation. The duration of rehabilitation depends on severity of damage. Much depends on the professionalism of the surgeon.

In the nursery you need to maintain a certain humidity. The child finds it difficult to breathe dry air. The recommended value of humidity is 40-50%.