Sulfacetamide drops during pregnancy: instruction, whether it is possible to drip

Is it possible to drip eye drops Sulfacetamide during pregnancy?

Health of the expectant mother should be perfect, but during pregnancy this is a high priority. To maintain your health and treat illness need careful and attentive to yourself and to the drugs used.

What says the user manual of eye drops Sulfacetamide during pregnancy? What are the possible negative consequences, and how to use them properly in order not to harm yourself and your child? These and other questions should be directed to any expectant mother, before treatment.

About the drug

Sulfacetamide is an antibacterial drug for local use are widely used in treatment. Has a wide range of actions bacteriostatic effect against microbes that cause inflammation. Sulfatsil sodium acts as the main active ingredient.

Has activity with respect to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. A feature of the local application, is the penetration of the drug into the tissue with subsequent absorption into the systemic circulation.

The use of the drug

Is it possible to drip Sulfacetamide during pregnancy? By itself, pregnancy is not a point of contraindications. It is a proven drug that is buried even in the eyes of newborns. If it was not noticed reactions to drugs of the sulfa group and individual intolerance to other components, you can confidently make the Sulfacetamide.

Despite the free sale of the drug without a prescription, use it only after consulting a doctor. The excess of active substance, may lead to unpleasant reactions of the body, in particular:

  • burning;
  • itching;
  • redness of the eye;
  • increased lacrimation;
  • swelling.

If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately go to a specialist and stop the use of Sulfacetamide.

The appointment of the drug during pregnancy

Sulfacetamide is assigned during pregnancy to deal with the following problems:

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  1. Keratitis.
  2. Blepharitis.
  3. The otitis.
  4. Conjunctivitis.
  5. Ulcer of the cornea.
  6. Prolonged rhinitis.
  7. Gonorrheal disease of the organs of vision.

In addition to all of these diseases, a specialist may advise the Sulfacetamide in nose during pregnancy. The main indications for the use of the touch my eyes, but this drug can help in the cold. When carrying a child, based on symptoms, the doctor chooses the treatment.

In acute course of the disease, the specialist can assign up to 3 drops 6 times a day. As soon as the symptoms starts to decline, the number drops lower. The course of treatment, often not more than 1 week. It is worth noting that the Sulfacetamide you can still dig in his ears, as detailed here.

Sulfacetamide when cold

This drug can be prescribed by a doctor with a cold, but do not need to use the tool in the initial development stage of a cold, for these purposes, more relevant are other means. The effectiveness of the treatment, can be achieved only if chronic and long-term rhinitis, which was triggered by a bacterial infection.

Before beginning the procedure required to properly prepare the nose to clear it of secretions with saline solutions and other means. Shown adults 2-3 drops, up to 4 times a day. The procedures are required for two weeks.

If the cause of rhinitis is a virus, this tool is not assigned. The main indication for the use of Sulfacetamide in the nose is a long-term rhinitis, which was caused by ingestion of bacterial infection. It will easily be able to distinguish 4 basic characteristics:

  • from the nasal cavity may be mucus, which is accompanied by an unpleasant odor;
  • long term of the disease process;
  • discharge may be yellowish or green shades;
  • all the classic remedies for rhinitis are powerless.
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Comparing with the similar drugs, Sulfacetamide has no sharp contra-indications:

  1. Diseases of the liver and kidneys in the chronic stage.
  2. Individual sensitivity or allergic reaction type on the individual components of the preparation: hydrochloric acid, sodium thiosulfate or sulfacetamide.

Sulfacetamide during pregnancy cannot be used simultaneously with medicines that the silver salt. In the case of simultaneous reception with other medications, the therapeutic effect may be reduced several times. Alcohol – is strictly prohibited, not only during treatment but also during pregnancy and breastfeeding.