Sulfacetamide with green snot in children and adults: reviews

How to apply «Sulfacetamide» by green snot?

Sulfacetamide, better known as «Sulfacetamide» for many decades is used in ophthalmology for the treatment of infectious diseases. Bacteriostatic drug activity contributes to the violation of the metabolism of pathogenic organisms that also allows you to use the tool in otolaryngology in protracted rhinitis.

Despite the wide range of antibacterial drugs, ENT doctors continue to include in the therapeutic regimen «Sulfacetamide» by green snot in adults and children, due to competitive inhibition of the bacterial enzyme.

The action of «Sulfacetamide» in rhinitis of different etiology

Pharmacological product are 20 and 30% solution sulfa substance with ancillary components such as sodium thiosulfate and hydrochloric acids.

«Sulfacetamide» does not belong to the group of antibacterial drugs, and, in fact, is an alternative to antibiotics, which is caused acquired resistance of anaerobic microorganisms.

Neutral smell and taste, the lack of discomfort during treatment, no resorptive action, positive dynamics of the disease lead to the use of the drug in Pediatrics.

The drug is not widely therapeutic range, and effective for rhinitis of bacterial origin. At the first signs of colds when aconselha mucus caused by the activity of viral agents, with rhinitis allergic nature origin therapeutic effect of the drug is minimized.

This fact explains the absence in the composition of the drug, decongestant, antiviral and antihistamine components. «Sulfacetamide» has high activity only when bacterial rhinitis by suppressing the activity of gram-positive and gram-negative unicellular organisms.

Upon contact with the mucosa causes drying of the membrane, reducing the amount produced aconselho secret.

Important! Concurrent use of other antiseptics of local action reduces the effectiveness of «Sulfacetamide».

Methods of using anti-microbial agents

Before you use the drug for medicinal purposes it is necessary to determine the nature of occurrence of the common cold that the competence of the attending specialist.

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The doctor should warn about the possible manifestations of allergic reactions in the form of itchy sensations, burning sensation, swelling, tearing. These symptoms indicate individual intolerance of the active substance, what happens in exceptional cases.

In most cases, this problem is solved by reducing the solution concentration, a decrease in daily intake and frequency of use. If side effects persist, you must flush the nasal passages with a saline solution and to abandon the drug.

The burning sensation passing through for 1-2 min after instillation is the norm. Drops are not addictive, safe and easy to use.

Timely administration of medications avoids the pathological course of the disease – sinusitis, tonsillitis, adenoiditis.

For reference! Signs of bacterial rhinitis include: snot is thick, yellow or green, pain in the region of the maxillary sinuses, prolonged nasal congestion, purulent exudate accompanying unpleasant smell from the nose.

Treatment of green snot in adults

For the treatment of adult categories of the population can use a solution of 20 or 30% undiluted.

Compliance with the above sequence of actions will allow to exclude the possibility of a protracted treatment of the common cold with antibiotics:

  1. Cleanse the nasal passages or physiological saline. You can use the finished pharmaceutical product «Akvamaris», «Aqualor», «Dolphin». These drugs help to increase the therapeutic effect of nasal remedies, and reduce swelling in the mucous.
  2. To release the nose from the remnants miconazole mucus by bismarckiana.
  3. If there is a strong nose – drip vasoconstrictor drug.
  4. In each nasal passage to introduce 1-2 drops of «Sulfacetamide». The daily rate should not exceed 3-4 treatments for 6-7 days.

Important! The drug is included in the therapeutic scheme for pregnant and lactating mothers after the approval of the relevant specialist. Limited use to patients with hypersensitivity to sulfonylureas, thiazide diuretica, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.

Treatment of rhinitis in children

«Sulfacetamide» with green snot in children is determined based on the age of the little patients. In Pediatrics use a tool with a 20% concentration of the active substance, diluted with warm boiled water in equal proportions.

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The sequence of operation is the same as in the treatment of adults:

  • cleansing the nasal passages of accumulated mucus by rinsing and bismarckiana. If the child because of their age cannot get rid of the snot you need to use the aspirator or syringe with a soft tip;
  • introduction drops with vasoconstrictor effect in dosage corresponding to age;
  • instillation of dilute solution «Sulfacetamide» sterile pipette in the amount of 1-2 drops. The course of treatment is 5-7 days with a daily, three times a day using the drug.

For the treatment of infants, used in the method of treatment of the nasal mucosa using turundae, soaked in the solution.

The drug has a cumulative effect, the positive dynamics of the disease can be observed within 3-4 days of using the drops.

If after 7 days, the patient feels no improvement, there is a need to adjust treatment regimens.

For reference! Intranasal drops or sprays, with contents of silver-salts inactivate therapeutic effect of «Sulfacetamide».


Veronica. After the doctor appointment «Sulfacetamide» and reading the instructions, remained in a mild surprise, as the abstract says that the drug is used to treat eye infections. I had to call the doctor to clarify, I honestly thought that the doctor was wrong.

After repeated advice, strictly followed the designated course of treatment: washed, dug the nose vasoconstrictor and after «Sulfacetamide». 3 day treatment runny nose was almost gone, although in General, the treatment of snot I have ends with taking antibiotics.

Inna. My daughter took a long time snot, as it turned out, the reason was an ear infection. The doctor prescribed a parallel treatment of rhinitis using the «Sulfacetamide» because the snot was thick and green and the antibiotic drip I was afraid (daughter is only 1.5 years old).

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Dripping nose, we categorically do not like, so I had to get out – flagella cotton moistened in a vasoconstrictor drops and inserted in the spout for 40-50 seconds. Five minutes later dripping «Sulfatsil sodium» (if not given, again put turundy). Was treated for 5 days, or in combination, helped, or really «Sulfacetamide» a very effective drug. I am very pleased that no antibiotics were able to cure green snot.


The effectiveness of treatment «Sulfacetamide» directly depends on the timely treatment to the doctor. The active substance of the drug is only active in relation to rhinitis of bacterial origin.

Self-medication can lead to pathological processes of ENT organs, as in the competence of the attending physician determining the etiology of rhinitis, individualized timing and dosing of treatment.