Sulfatsil sodium in the ear — is it possible to drip and for what?

Is it possible to put some drops sulfatsil sodium in the ears?

In the cold season immune condition of the person exposed to the negative influences. Often in the fall and in the spring people suffer from inflammatory and infectious diseases. If you do not start timely treatment of even common cold can lead to serious complications, such as otitis media.

In the modern world, many medications that effectively handle penetrated into the nose or ears bacteria and infections. However, experts suggest at the very beginning of inflammation to use the drug for instillation into the ear sulfatsil sodium.

Is it possible to drip sulfatsil sodium in the ear

Sulfatsil sodium or sulfacetamide is a drug aimed at eliminating the source of inflammation. The drug has antibacterial and antiseptic and promotes a speedy recovery from the cold, staphylococci and gonococci.

Doctors recommend to take sulfatsil sodium in the ears instead of antibiotics and other strong medicines, as effectively treats not only symptoms, but also with the source of inflammation.

The composition includes a drug active substance. One of them is an aqueous solution of sulfacetamide.

In addition, the characteristics of the drug are presented:

  1. Hydrochloric acid.
  2. Sodium thiosulfate

The tool is available in two types:

  • plastic bottles, size ten milliliters;
  • in the tube for a half a milliliter.

Remember that the solution is stronger than thirty percent of prohibited use for the treatment of children.

Sulfacetamide considered a local drug and appears as an antiseptic. So he quickly removes from the body various diseases. With good immune system, the tool comes out as a mediator only helps the body to cope with the resulting infection.

This method is implemented on account of the bacteriological component which helps restrain the growth and reproduction of infections.

Sulfatsil sodium is different from many other medicines the ability to destroy pathogenic microbes.

Specialists are allowed to use this medicine for the following diseases:

  1. Otitis externa.
  2. Inflammation in the ear canal.
  3. When injected into the ear of a foreign body.
  4. Inflammation in the middle ear.
  5. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose.
  6. Bacterial conjunctivitis.
  7. Lesions of the eye.
  8. Inflammation of the ciliary edge of the century.
  9. To prevent eye and ear diseases.

After treatment, he actively fights viruses and prevents reproduction of bacteria.

There are several cases where the described tool may be ineffective.

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In situation of inflammation of the ear is necessary to determine the root cause. There are several bacteria which are considered to be immune to.

However, this is the only disadvantage of the drug and statistically rare.

With the introduction of sulfacyl sodium in the ears, is not a medicine gets into your bloodstream. The activity is aimed only at the outer part of the organ of hearing. For this reason, the drug has no identified contraindications that allows effective treatment.

So to answer the widespread question of whether sulfatsil sodium drip into ears, warn the concerned people about the harmless component of the medication.

Only in rare cases sulfatsil sodium causes irritation to the delicate skin of the ears. However, it depends on the individual structure of the organ of hearing person.

To ensure no allergic reactions can be pre-nacapew a few drops on the area of the brushes. If within twenty minutes the skin is not red, do not hesitate to put the medicine in his ears.

Describes the drug may cause skin irritation in babies. So for kids it is recommended the twenty percent solution which must be diluted with purified water at a ratio of one to one.

For the treatment of ear inflammation, the application of sulfacyl sodium is allowed after consultation with your doctor. The dosage is determined by your doctor depending on the severity of the disease.

Remember that the tool acts as an antimicrobial agent. Therefore, doctors are allowed to bury the tool in the ears of many infections, however, only under the condition that the integrity of the tympanic membrane is not broken.

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How to use the product

A solution of sodium sulfacyl recommended in the treatment of external and middle otitis. However, before applying you should consult a doctor and diagnose patient’s ear.

Remember that when burying the tool in the ear in case of perforated eardrum possible severe complication.

To detect a hole in the tympanic region is impossible. It is therefore necessary to consult a specialist in the field of otolaryngology.

Burying sulfacyl sodium is possible only in this case, if the opportunity to acquire specialized for the treatment of otitis media does not exist. Because this medication is primarily directed to the treatment of eye infections.

For the treatment of otitis external ear need to purchase twenty percent sulfatsil sodium. Before burying dilute it with purified or boiled water in the ratio one to four.

Enter the resulting tool, two drops in each ear. Repeat step one four times a day for seven days. For effective results it is recommended to close the ear with warm scarf or a tight bandage.

To improve actions before use, it is recommended to clean the ear canal by specialized drops, for example, «Remo Vaxom» or «Honora».

In the absence of these medicines in the first aid kit, use cotton tips and gently clean the outer ear.

The drug should take effect on the second day of use. In the absence of the effect of the medication should be discontinued.

As already mentioned, the tool has no side results. When you sense burning or itching, use of the drug should be abolished.

Technology of introduction of the drops into the ears

After you have carefully reviewed the instructions and lit the drug with water should be familiar with the proper method of administering the medication in the ears.

  1. Before drip sore ear medication should be warmed up. To do so, place bottle in hot water or hold it over the air bath. In addition, you can RUB the bottle in his hands.
  2. In order not to accidentally bring another infection in the ear, thoroughly wash hands.
  3. Pre-buy at the pharmacy pipette. Directly before use, dip it in boiling water. So you it cleans. Hold the dropper only for the he bottle.
  4. Put the patient on one side. The patient’s posture should be comfortable and comfortable.
  5. Enter in the ear one or two drops depending on the prescribed dosage.
  6. After application, the patient should maintain a posture for several minutes. Thus, the tool will penetrate faster in the auditory passage to the center of disease.
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If you are taking a complex treatment, the interval between treatments should not be less than thirty minutes.


Today, there are many tools that effectively helps to destroy the ear disease. The pharmaceutical industry offers a really effective means, against which a solution of sodium sulfacyl faded into the background.

However, doctors still prefer this drug for many diseases, as the performance of funds proven. In addition, the product is safe not only for the youngest patients, but also for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.