Sulfuric tube in children’s ears: what are the symptoms

What to do with the tube in the ear in a child?

Sulfuric plugs in ears in children are a fairly common problem. It is formed more often than ear inflammation such as otitis media or disease caused by respiratory infection. Sulfur is a necessary element in the ear structure, as it protects children’s ear from bacteria, viruses, small insects and foreign objects. In normal operation, the removal of sulfur is done independently during meals, fellowship, singing.

In case of lack of hygiene or intensive cleansing of the ear, and also as a result of the compaction of sulphur with the help of q-tips are formed of waxy build-up. Over time it may thicken, turn brown or black, begin to smell the stench. At this time, the baby feels pain and severe congestion of the ear. It is therefore particularly important to know how to get the ear tube in a child.

About cerumen

Ear structure the child is provided for in a special way, and sulfur generated in the ear, protects the internal organs of the ear from dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses. Thus, foreign objects are deposited on the sulfur and removed from the ear of the child.

But in case of inflammation on the ear, there is a serious dysfunction. Sulfur can stagnate and be formed into a single mass, which every day solidifies and hardens in the ear canal.

If the tube does not withdraw in the near future it injures the ear canal of the baby and delivers a strong discomfort. So, the baby begins to worse to hear, to feel congestion and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

The question is, if you notice the tube in your baby’s ear what to do first at home? First, it is necessary to establish the localization of the tube, its consistency and color.

It is necessary to establish the possibility to remove the tube yourself. This is permitted in the case of soft-density tube light shade. If brimstone has found dark color, and breeding should spend an ear specialist.

Signs of the formation of traffic jams

To identify the causes of the traffic jams it is necessary to determine where the sulfur is formed and looks like a tube in the ear.

The human ear is divided into several sections:

  • the outer part;
  • middle ear;
  • the interior region.

Human outer ear has a cartilage and bone Department, who are connected with the inner ear, in the output hole. Secret glands located in the cartilaginous compartment. This area is of particular mobility, so sulfur is quite easily derived.

The ear is self-cleaning during eating communication.

However, specialists recommend additional cleaning once a week.

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In case of improper maintenance of hygiene, or for violation of the functioning of sulfuric glands, the formation of cerumen.

The main reason for the appearance of the cerumen – disruption of sulfur glands. When their trauma or reinforced the simulation, there is an increase in production of sulfur.

This usually happens with frequent ear cleaning with cotton swabs. At this time, the body produces a greater amount of sulfur than usual.

At first, the formation of ear plugs is not detected, as it has virtually no symptoms. Further it increases in size, begins to put pressure on the ear canal and gradually overlaps it. At this time the child feels unwell, congestion in the ears, progressive hearing loss.

There have been cases when deposits of sulfur covered the passage of almost 70 percent.

Another common cause is abnormal structure of the ear organ. In the case of individual characteristics, sulfur can be produced more often than usual, which causes the formation of traffic jams. In this case, the health of the baby should be given more attention.

In some cases, sulfur is produced more than normal due to the dry air in the room.

In this case you need to buy a humidifier and monitor the amount of moisture in the living room.

Remember that in the kid’s room should be maintained a certain humidity.

Usually 60% humidity is enough for a healthy life.

If your child often develop waxy build-up, it is necessary to identify the root cause and try to resolve it.

Please be aware that in some cases the tube is not to identify without examination of the expert. Therefore, it is necessary to know the symptoms of inflammation and at the first sign to turn to the ENT doctor.

The symptoms of the tubes in the ears of a child

Sulfuric tube in children are formed quite often. Therefore, a careful parent should examine the symptoms of inflammation.

If your child began to complain of hearing loss and a feeling of stuffiness, you need to pay attention to the health of the ears. Often these symptoms are the first heralds of the disease.

If the child is naughty and feels the pain afterwards is probably in the ear localized sulfur deposits.

With contact of water it swelled. This causes severe pain in the ear canal, and complains little.

In addition to the above symptoms, the baby manifests dizziness, as well as problems with the vestibular apparatus.

In some cases, a strong shooting sensations in the head area. In addition, note the following symptoms:

  1. Nausea.
  2. Vomiting.
  3. The increase in body temperature.
  4. The presence of extraneous sounds.
  5. Hearing loss.

If an infant, for the health of your ears you need to watch more carefully. Because of the age the baby will not be able to report any pain or other symptoms. Notice the formation of the tube in a newborn baby is easy. He often starts crying for no apparent reason and often touch the sore ear. Older children can ask a question, don’t respond to name or to sounds of toys.

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The signs only warn of the formation of the tube. At this time you need to visit the office of ENT-physician for accurate diagnosis and ear cleaning. In some cases, allow independent removal of sulfur. But to risk the health of the newborn baby is not worth it.

Removal of the tube from the ear

Young parents wondering how to remove the ear plug?

Remember this rule of thumb: if it detects excess sulfur does not enter into the ear sharp objects and do not attempt to remove the tube of the ear sticks.

Therefore, you can aggravate the status quo, to push the tube further down the aisle and cause cracks in the delicate skin of the ear canal.

To remove the tube the kids need to go to the doctor. The medical establishment is washing the ear using a special solutions and liquids.

When liquidating excess sulfur in babies use a solution of furatsilina. It should be warmed up to body temperature. Otherwise, cold jet is very annoying and the ear drum region, causing screams and crying of the baby. In addition, the child may feel severe pain.

In some clinics for washing using a syringe Janet, but in modern clinics already exist special devices for washing the ears.

For the introduction of a solution need to pull your earlobe and try as much to align the outer passage. Remember that the movement should be soft and smooth. In any case, do not make sudden movements, as this may cause injury or scare the child.

Then with a syringe inserted into the ear a small amount of solution with a fairly strong pressure. The procedure must be repeated until complete removal of the cerumen. After that, the ear should be wiped with a dry towel.

In the case of hardened cerumen before cleansing, inserted into the ear emollients hydrogen peroxide or other medications.

In some cases, the experts injected into the ear turundy soaked in the ointment «Levomekol».

This procedure should be carried out for three days before washing.

The drugs will significantly soften the tube, and the rinsing operation will not be painful.

If the resulting tube has caught you unawares and the opportunity to go to the doctor at the moment, drip into the ears of the baby drugs «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And». Before the introduction of the review the dosage of the medication and correct instructions for use.

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Opinion Komarovsky — tubes in ears in children

A well-known physician, Dr. Komorowski warned of the dangers of self-removal of cerumen. He said to unclog an ear from sulphur, is necessary to go a soft cloth over the outer region of the organ of hearing. And if you are caught, the generation of sulfur deposits should be directed to the otolaryngologist.

However, according to Komarovsky, there are cases when to withdraw deposits really independently. To implement this, to use special ear solution to soften the sulphur deposits. For such purposes, may be suitable oil, petrolatum, glycerin, or any ear drops.

In addition, to eliminate the sulfuric stopper by using washing or douching.

In both cases you need to purchase special sets and solutions.

Before the introduction in the ears remedies should be warmed up to body temperature and only after that should you enter in the ear canal.

Komorowski warns that if for twenty minutes before washing to drip into the ears drops for dissolving sulfur, the effect will be more productive.

Rinsing should be done very carefully so as not to injure the ear of the baby. In case of inflammation diabetes, violation of the integrity of the eardrum, or if you bypass this field flushing should be done under strict control.

If you are not sure, seek help from a doctor.


With the appearance of small children in the family need every day to monitor his condition. To prevent baby’s ears clean once every seven to ten days. Mechanical cleaning involves the maintenance of hygiene is only the outer ear, without penetrating the ear canal.

When the first signs of ear inflammation consult to the medical center. Adhering to these rules, you’ll avoid a lot of ear inflammation that are so often in very young children.