Sumamed in the sinus and sinusitis: dosage & reviews

How to take Sumamed in the sinus and sinusitis?

Sinusitis and sinusitis – serious diseases that require timely and appropriate treatment. Especially if their cause be a bacteria.

In this case, you need to start taking antibiotics. It is very important not to stop treatment prematurely, because the bacteria very quickly get used to the antibiotics develop immunity.

Antibiotic Sumamed

Sumamed is one of the most effective and reliable antibiotics prescribed from the sinusitis and sinusitis.

Sumamed is the trade name and active substance called differently — azithromycin. What group of antibiotics include Sumamed? The answer to this question it is important to know, because different people may experience individual intolerance of a particular group. Azithromycin is an antibiotic group macrolides.

It is well established in the fight against bacterial infections. The reason for its effectiveness is that it easily penetrates inside the phagocytes, which results in targeted delivery to the site of infection.

The necessary concentration is achieved almost immediately. Besides from the body it appears quite long, which allows to maintain the necessary concentration. Because of this, it is sufficient to take Sumamed once a day.

Important! Sumamed enables to treat dermatological diseases of a bacterial nature, diseases of the genitourinary system and diseases of the respiratory tract, sinusitis and sinusitis too.

Injections, tablets, or suspension?

In different cases medications easier to use on its own. Of course manufacturers take this into account. Sumamed happens in:

  • capsule – thick, blue color, inside the powder;
  • tablets – in the shell;
  • solution for intravenous injection for acute cases;
  • the powder for suspension – children two years old and older.
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Adults tend to prescribe tablets, or capsules, whatever you like. In the most serious cases, if you need a speedy delivery of drugs to the site of infection, inject it intravenously.

Important! Children under 16 years intravenous Sumamed is contraindicated.

Children tend to prescribe the suspension. First, it is easier to take than pills. Second, it contains additives that give the drug a pleasant, usually strawberry, taste.

One pack contains 17 grams of powder. To him it should be pour 12 ml of boiled water. The result is 23 ml of medication. Her need to shake before giving to the baby. Store the finished slurry is not more than five days.

In some cases impossible to drink Sumamed

The Sumamed not so many contraindications. This, for example, individual intolerance to macrolide antibiotics, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as disruptions in the liver or kidneys.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding or child are not absolute contraindications, however, to prescribe this drug is only recommended in cases where the risk of side effects is less than the risk of complications due to illness.

One of the advantages of Sumamed in that he rarely gives any side effects: at most one percent of patients. Side effects may include:

  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite;
  • skin rash of allergic nature;
  • thrush;
  • palpitations, chest pain;
  • dizziness, drowsiness.

Please note! To avoid problems with digestion, and also prevent the appearance of yeast infection, experts recommend in parallel with the antibiotic to take products containing bifidobacteria.

In case of overdose there is a risk of vomiting, temporary hearing loss, diarrhea.

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Sumamed in sinus and sinusitis: dosage

As already mentioned, the effectiveness showed Sumamed with sinusitis. Dosage adults — 500 mg (1 capsule or 2 tablets of 250 mg) a single. Children’s dosage is calculated based on the weight of the child: 10 mg/kg, also single. The treatment is very short, some 3 days.

Pills have either an hour before food or two hours after. Capsules Sumamed for such a reference to the food do not have.

Remember! Like any antibiotic, can take Sumamed only on prescription!

Features of treatment

Sumamed sinusitis in adults and children helps equally well. The main thing – to follow the doctor’s instructions and not to stop treatment prematurely.

Is it possible to predict the disease faced man? Sometimes it is enough to see what color snot sinus.

Remember that sinusitis and sinusitis can be caused by a variety of reasons. Treatment with antibiotics used only if the reason lies in the different bacteria. Therefore it is very important not to self-medicate and seek the advice of a doctor.

It is important not to forget that a bacterial sinus infection and sinusitis is treated comprehensively. One only antibiotics will not do here. Treatment of sinusitis at home involves washing the nose with salts or herbal extracts, various drops and much more.

And of course, treatment should be timely. If you run, you’ll have to figure out how to me make a puncture of the nose.


To understand how convenient and efficient Sumamed with sinusitis, reviews will be very helpful.

Christina 27 years, writes about his experience of treatment with this drug: «With acute sinusitis, I was faced suddenly and not at the time. I was going to important to me on a business trip, to postpone which was impossible. Sumamed here is very convenient: only need to drink once a day and only three days. At the same time he helps. And already the house doing various washing and rinsing, but definitely no antibiotic to deal with the disease would not have been possible».

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Positively on Sumamed respond and young mothers. For example, Anna, 29 years: «I was treated with Sumamed of the child. Very pretty. It quickly passed, and the cure is so easy to give with a syringe. Nothing falls out, and spit out the medication my son did not. The suspension after completion of the course, a poorly timed dosage».

I would also like to remind that prevention of sinusitis is much easier than follow-up treatment. And it would be nice to know how to differentiate rhinitis from sinusitis.