Suprax with sinusitis, and in children and what group of antibiotics include

How to take Suprax in the sinus?

One of the most serious diseases characterized by active inflammation in the nasal maxillary sinus is sinusitis. Activation of the pathological process is caused by the violation of the outflow of mucus from the sinuses, resulting in its stagnation. Such an environment is considered ideal for the propagation of the infection and development of inflammation.

One of the most effective drugs sinusitis is Suprax. This drug has a high efficiency that has been repeatedly proven in practice. With it is possible to quickly and effectively destroy bacteria, including staph infection, and prevent their reproduction.

The description of the drug

Suprax is a third-generation antibiotic with a broad spectrum of action. The main active ingredient of the drug is cefixime. The preparationís bactericidal action is due to violation of the synthesis of pathogens at the cellular level.

Compared to previous generations of antibiotics, Suprax characterized by resistance to beta-lactamases — fermentation compounds that prevent the action of antibiotics.

The drug belongs to the category of cephalosporins and intended for drinking. The accumulation of active substances in the inflammation reaches the maximum concentration after four hours after ingestion.

The suction time stomach medicines does not depend on time of food intake, i.e., this factor does not reduce its bioavailability. Suprax excretion from the body relatively quickly. About 50% of the active substance is excreted in the urine and approximately 10% with bile.

When the sinusitis a sufficient amount of drug enters directly into the sites of inflammation:

  • middle ear;
  • paranasal sinuses;
  • tonsils.

Suprax for the treatment of sinusitis is available:

  • in granular form;
  • capsules.

In pharmacies you can find packs of six capsules in each plate. In vial with granules contains 100 mg of the substance. Attached to the jar spoon is designed to provide metered doses.

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Usage instructions

With each package Supraksa attached instructions for use. Adults and children who are over 12 years old, often prescribe this drug in encapsulated form.

Young children under six months of age are assigned to the pellets, which are sold in pharmacy for the preparation of suspension. The medicine has a pleasant flavor and strawberry flavor. In 5 ml prepared suspension contains 100 mg of active substance.

The dosage depends on the age of the patient:

  1. Normally, children whose age varies from 5 to 11 years, assigned to 10 ml of medication at a time.
  2. Adults and children since twelve years of age weighing more than 50 kg is usually administered the drug once daily at 400 mg.
  3. Welcome Supraksa in the sinus in small children allowed at the rate of 8 mg per 1 kg of body weight once a day. To drink the medicine twice a day, dividing daily amount into two parts.

Preparation of a suspension

It is very important to prepare the suspension correctly. Before using the pellets bottle is turned and shaken.

To provide the dissolution of substances, it is enough to add in a container of boiled or purified water in an amount of 40 ml.

The suspension should stand for at least 5 minutes. This approach will provide a complete breakdown of the granules. Before use, oral suspension vzbaltyvayut.

Paying attention to which group of antibiotics include Suprax, before taking it you must consult your doctor.

The doctor will include the drug in the treatment of in complex therapy and adjust the dosage depending on the age and weight of the patient.

Contraindications and side effects

Like any other antibiotic, Suprax has a number of contraindications and side effects.

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This medicine is not recommended if sinusitis:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to the drug component;
  • children up to six months;
  • women in pregnancy and during breast-feeding;
  • elderly;
  • in the presence of renal abnormalities and colitis in the anamnesis of the patient.

In special cases treatment during pregnancy, although fully the potential risk to the fetus cannot be ruled out. If we are talking about the application of medications during lactation, breastfeeding must be stopped.

Side effects in the treatment of sinusitis Supraksa are very rare. However, in some cases take place to be symptoms such as shortness of breath, headaches, accompanied by dizziness, skin rashes and even anaphylactic shock.


Overdose of the drug is highly undesirable. It can cause side effects, as well as their strengthening.

In such cases, you may need urgent action: you need to stop taking Suprax, it is good to wash out the stomach and to spend symptomatic therapy. The question in this case is the use of antihistamines, cleansing, diatomaceous solutions. It may be reasonable to oxygen administration.

Suprax when sinusitis: reviews

Valentine, 32 years old Saint-Petersburg: «the Runny nose, the younger son lasted a whole month. Dripping various eye drops but nothing helped. Went to the doctor, sinus infection. The doctor ordered us Suprax and drops Protargol and Dioksidin. At first I doubted in such appointment. Suprax is pretty expensive, costs about 500-600 roubles in pharmacies.

Besides not wanted to give the child an antibiotic in 7 years. But the doctor assured that it is not dangerous if you drink strictly according to the course. Suprax sold in powder form in the bottle. It is diluted with water, is kept only 14 days. 7 days dripping son drop and give suspension. As a result, the runny nose has passed, and the disease has receded. Allergies or other reactions to the antibiotic didn’t notice.»

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Constantine, 40, Tolyatti: «When I fell ill with sinusitis, the doctor prescribed me welcome Supraksa in the complex treatment. This medicine is an antibiotic, and strong enough. The price is not small, but most importantly, he is very good.

The disease has receded pretty quickly. But I still drank due course. Side effects from the use of medication I did not notice. In any case, make Suprax yourself definitely not worth it, need expert advice and a thorough study of the user in terms of contraindications.»


Suprax is one of the most effective drugs used in the treatment of sinusitis. The drug is convenient to use, suitable for people of different age groups, and in severe cases, gives the possibility of sequential therapy.

In comparison with other antibiotics, this tool has been successfully used in the treatment of infectious diseases, which are caused by aggressive pathogens.