Surgery for hearing restoration — what are operations and how they are made

How is the surgery performed to improve hearing?

In the modern world the emergence of various forms of disorders of hearing function in childhood and adulthood, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Therefore, the question of restoration of hearing is on the agenda of every second person.

If such deviation is temporary in nature, competent conservative treatment is able to eliminate it completely. Severe hearing impairment is also amenable to therapy, but there is already the use of surgical intervention. Consider in more detail the ways and methods to improve hearing.

Methods of restoration of hearing

Recovery or partial improvement of hearing is initially applied medication. For these purposes, are assigned to such medicines:

  • antibacterial and antiseptic drugs can eliminate the infection and reduce inflammation;
  • nasal drops with vasoconstrictor effect, relieve swelling and restore the normal functioning of ENT – organs;
  • ear drops are prescribed in the cases when the cause of hearing loss was otitis media;
  • nootropics – improve blood circulation, stimulate the brain and Central nervous system;
  • b vitamins – improves conductivity of nerve fibers.

The use of such drugs should be done only under expert supervision and by strictly prescribed recipe.

Help. Restoration of hearing with the help of medication is effective only in situations of minor breaches of, for example, after suffering illness, or as a subsidiary component of comprehensive treatment.

Because the hearing is complex, physiotherapeutic techniques along with medicines have a positive effect on the treatment process ( speed healing effects of trauma and improve the health of the overall system).

Use the following procedure:

  1. Fluctuating currents.
  2. UHF.
  3. Electrophoresis.
  4. Phonoelectrophoresis.
  5. Laser irradiation of blood.
  6. Acupuncture.
  7. Laser puncture.
  8. Pneumomassage.
  9. The blowing of the auditory tube.

Such therapeutic manipulations help to establish the mechanism of the pressure equalization through the Eustachian tube, to improve blood circulation and conductivity of audio signals.

In addition, such manipulations allow to eliminate inflammation and debug the mechanism of transmission of impulses to the brain.

Help. With the help of audiometry and tympanometry verified the level of recovery of hearing after these procedures.

In situations where conservative methods of treatment are helpless, and the operation to restore hearing for some reason contraindicated, the hearing AIDS help in solving this problem. They can significantly improve the condition of the hearing-impaired person and to raise the quality of life.

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Types of surgery for hearing restoration

Modern methods of surgical treatment of hearing loss and deafness to a large extent increase the chances of a return of the ability to hear, and thus to live fully.

There are several types of surgical intervention (depends on diagnosis) with which it is possible to perform the reconstruction or total replacement of the affected parts of the auditory system. These include the following operations:

  • tympanoplasty;
  • getting a cochlear implant.

Let us dwell on each of the above methods of surgical treatment, their characteristics and the process of conducting the procedures.


Tympanoplasty – radical surgery for improving hearing, which is to reduce damage in the conductive mechanism and the restoration of the mucous membrane of the middle division of the ear cavity.

Important. This type of operation facilitates the return of acute hearing and inhibits the process of inflammation in the occurrence of ear pathologies.

Experts klassificeret this kind of operations on several types that depends on the nature and stage of the deviation in the functioning of the conductive structure.

So, there are the following types of tympanoplasty:

  1. Myringoplasty is performed when the rupture of the tympanic membrane (dry type). In this scenario, the recovery of the membrane with the plastic.
  2. The redevelopment of the cavity of the middle ear Department is justified when inflammation of this Department ear without damage to the ossicles. Is to remove deformed parts of bones, polyponic formations, cholesteatoma, granulation and rebuilding tissue of the eardrum.
  3. The restoration of the ossicles is performed with the help of prosthetics from bone, cartilage, plastics or metal, followed by the redevelopment of the cavity and restoring the membrane.
  4. Regeneration of the tympanic membrane is performed, if the fused surface of the cavity of the middle ear (complications from otitis moved). For this purpose, particles of the tympanic membrane and connective tissue.
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Perform any kind of tympanoplasty begins with local anesthesia to eliminate any pain. After that is done behind the ear a small incision is taken and the fence fabric in this area to restore the membrane.

If there is a need in the prosthetic treatment of auditory ossicles, it is performed through an incision with subsequent fixation using gelatin sponge.

All actions are performed in the amount determined prior to the event, after which the incision is closed with sutures. Sometimes the ear canal is closed a small size gauze pellet.

Help. The procedure lasts no more than 2 hours.

Cochlear implantation

Cochlear implantation is a high-tech method of hearing improvement. For some hearing-impaired people is the only way to restore hearing function. This method allows to improve hearing even with 3-4 degrees of hearing loss.

This technique has several directions:

  • restore-definition of speech perception, whispering as well;
  • the elimination of sensations of noise;
  • working with emotional state.

For the operation required a cochlear implant is a technical device that replaces the receptors of hearing in the auditory analyzer.

Help. The implant and the operation itself are quite expensive. However, in Russia you can buy it for free. The correct paperwork, passing the necessary examinations give the opportunity to the implant at the expense of budgetary funds.

Cochlear implantation – operation to install an electronic chip in the cochlea located in the inner ear Department. Performed this surgery for 2 hours, but requires meticulous preoperative preparation of the patient.

The operation begins with the introduction of General anesthesia, as local anesthesia is misplaced. This device is embedded in the temporal bone so that electronici was located in the cochlea. To perform such actions on both hearing at the same time.

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After this you need to adjust the installed device, but to run from it. To do this, the doctors are waiting for a certain time (defined in each situation).

Usually this period is 1 month, after which the first connecting device implanted in the body. For continuous operation the instrument can be switched on only after 3-5 months.

Important. The implants themselves are made of special material to avoid unease patients, allergies and side effects.

After carrying out the operation and turn on the system, a specialist very carefully guides the patient in the postoperative period. After all, any surgical intervention turns into a stress for the human body, manifested a General weakening of the immune functions.

This kind of treatment is able not only to restore hearing, but also to provide an opportunity for the person to remain in society, to avoid disability and lead a fulfilling life.

If you do a timely treatment of the problem, then there is every chance not only to improve hearing but to restore it to the same level. If there is a progression of hearing loss or other defects, you should pay attention to methods of surgical treatment.

Fear is not necessary, because modern medicine has leaped forward in this matter. Today, the surgery itself and the rehabilitation process takes much time, but one gets the opportunity of a full life without limitations.