Surgery to remove nasal polyps: endoscopic and shaver

How to remove nasal polyps?

Polyps not only complicate nasal breathing of the patient. The danger of these formations lies in the fact that, under certain conditions, they can degenerate into malignant tumors. Methods of removing nasal polyps can’t be used when the occurrence of infectious diseases.

The pathological changes detected after passing diagnostics. To get rid of polyps in several ways. The choice of method of treatment depends on the nature of tumors and the individual patient.

Laser method

How to remove nasal polyps with laser treatment? Led is applied to the affected area under the supervision of optical devices. The beam heats the polyp to 100 degrees for 2 minutes.

The remnants of the excised education, the surgeon removes with tweezers.

During the procedure, the patient has no bleeding because the laser beam has a coagulation effect on damaged vessels.

The laser not only removes the tumor in the nose. Heating of the tissue leads to destruction of neighboring cells.

This reduces the risk of further proliferation of polyps.

Laser removal procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, the patient needs post-operative treatment.

The advantages of the method:

  • the operation is less traumatic and does not require much time;
  • the patient does not feel pain as the procedure is performed under local anesthesia;
  • doctors monitor the process of removing the polyp using an endoscope;
  • the patient does not need long-term rehabilitation;
  • people undergone laser treatment, rarely relapse.
  • due to the coagulation of blood loss during the removal of tumors with minimal.


  • the laser beam can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the affected tissue;
  • the method is applied only for the destruction of individual polyps.
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When multiple formation of polyps using endoscopic method.

Features of endoscopic removal

The effectiveness of the method depends on the characteristics of endoscopic equipment and professional level of doctors. The endoscopic method allows to achieve complete removal of tumors.

Contraindication for the procedure is bronchitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis. The operation will have to be postponed in the event of acute infectious diseases.

You can highlight several advantages of endoscopic method:

  1. The surgeon does not need to make incisions to reach the polyp. The surgery is performed through the nose. Endoscopic removal of nasal polyps is used in case of detection of multiple formations.
  2. During the procedure the doctor can monitor all the manipulation using endoscopic equipment. On the monitor you can see the most remote places of the nasal mucosa.
  3. Through the use of precision tools shaver polypotomy nose reduced the trauma of surgery.

During the treatment the specialist uses the unique devices. Debrider allows physicians to work with millimeter precision. Owing to these characteristics, it is possible to reduce the area of damaged areas.

After surgery to remove polyps in the nose and the patient will have to undergo rehabilitation at the clinic. If necessary, the patient may in a few years to direct a second operation.

The cost of removing nasal polyps with a shaver depends on the medical center. Be sure to read the reviews about the clinic before the appointment with the doctor. If you are afraid of surgeries, you can try to remove polyps celandine.

How to remove tumors with nitrogen

To get rid of the tumors can be due to the very low temperatures. Liquid nitrogen can destroy multiple polyps, even in polypous sinusitis. However, cryosurgery may not help in all cases. To get positive results, the patient will have to undergo several sessions.

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How to be treated in the postoperative period

After a radical intervention in a patient decreases the activity of ciliated epithelium. This increases the risk of infection of the mucosa by pathogenic microorganisms.

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After removal of the swabs in the nasal passages accumulates the blood. The patient in this period it is forbidden to blow your nose and make very hot food. Recovery from removal of nasal polyps may require taking antihistamines (claritin, Zodak).

Patient drastic intervention can cause the following complications:

  • wound infection due to the ingress of harmful bacteria;
  • is the growth of a polyp, as doctors are unable to remove it completely to the ground.

To speed up the process of recovery of damaged cells, the patient is prescribed hormonal drugs (Nasobec, Benhorin). The patient is advised to wash the nose solutions Fiziomer or other types of pain.

The patient, after the removal of polyps every 3 months to visit an otolaryngologist. The duration of rehabilitation depends on the complications that can occur in the postoperative period. In most cases, the final restoration occurs within a year after the policy intervention.


Andrew, Omsk: nasal Congestion appeared 2 years ago. The doctor sent for examination, which helped to identify the cause of the disease. In the picture you can see several polyps that blocked nasal passages. Surgery went well, without complications. 3 months after endoscopic removal of polyps, the doctor noticed improvement.

Olga Krasnodar: long Enough suffered from runny nose and headaches. After passing x-rays audiologist said nose formed a polyp. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms need surgery.

Audiologist advised to remove tumors with a laser. The procedure was not as painful as I expected. It was a full year after surgery. My headaches have disappeared. Even forgot when was the last time you used a handkerchief. After treatment in a Moscow clinic left a positive feedback.

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To remove the nasal polyps by using laser. The procedure used when deleting a single entity. Laser treatment minimizes the injury that the patient receives during surgery.

To remove a group of tumors, the doctors resort to endoscopic method. To do this, surgeons use a high-precision tools: shavers and debrider.

Patient during the rehabilitation period prescribed antihistamines. After surgery, the wound can get pathogens. To stop the inflammatory process can, if the dripping nose solutions with antibiotics.