Surrogation: the treatment of cervical erosion. Procedure

Today, among the variety of diseases of the female genitalia, the first place belongs, of course, erosion of the cervix. Such diagnosis is every second woman, who came to the regular gynecological examination. Cervical erosion is a pathological alteration of the cells of the squamous epithelium covering the mucous surface of the cervix.

Without proper treatment, gynecological pathology becomes more severe and may lead to the development of such highly undesirable consequences, such as uterine bleeding, loss of sexual organs of her reproductive function, infertility. In some cases, the affected erosion sites can develop a malignant neoplasm. Today there are several effective methods of treatment of cervical erosion, and one of the most common is treatment with the help of Surgitron.

What is the Surgitron?

Surgitron is a radio wave device, which by means of radio wave exposure allows you to remove the affected tissue erosion. This procedure is among the most safe, effective and gentle, and so often the treatment of cervical erosion in young, nulliparous girls is carried out using the apparatus Surgitron.

Methods of treatment of gynecological pathology this unit is distinguished by the absence of bleeding, any pain or subsequent scarring of the cervix. The essence of treatment by Surgitron is the impact on the affected tissue high-frequency radio waves, through which the incision and further coagulation of foci of erosion. The effect of the surgical incision when using the machine is achieved thanks to a special surgical electrode, through which the penetration of high frequency radio waves.

The main advantages of treatment with Surgitron

  1. In a traditional cauterization of cervical erosion by current reproductive organ scars are formed, which can further compromise the chances of the birth of a child. Surgitron provides a sparing effect on the reproductive organ, the risk of scarring is reduced to zero, making it the method of radio wave surgery is recommended for nulliparous women.
  2. At the time of cautery Surgitron damaged blood vessels immediately koaguliruut, causing occurs bleeding.
  3. The absence of any pain and risk of infection.
  4. The speed of treatment is only a single procedure in order to completely get rid of cervical erosion.
  5. The postoperative period is quick and painless.
  6. Radiosurgical removal of cervical erosion is different a short time subsequent epithelialization – this means that the tissue healing after treatment occurs in a very short time.
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Contraindications to treatment by Surgitron

In spite of the many positive aspects, treatment of cervical erosion Surgitron machine has certain contraindications.

  1. Radiowave surgery is not used during menstruation or when a woman has uterine bleeding of unknown origin. The best option for the procedure is the period from the 5th to 10th day of menstrual cycle.
  2. Contraindications to the use of the Surgitron considered infectious-inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis.
  3. When diagnosed with women of cervical cancer treatment of erosion through wave apparatus is contraindicated.
  4. Hardware treatment is not carried out in case of diabetes or poor coagulation of blood.
  5. Pregnancy is a major contraindication to treatment by Surgitron.

Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion refers to surgical interventions. The use of the device Surgitron is necessarily performed using intravenous anesthesia. In the process of the operation is to be applied to the colposcope is used to visualize normal and diseased tissue of the reproductive organ. In some cases, the woman may feel light pulling pain in the uterus area. The process of cauterization is painless.

Before radiosurgical intervention should undergo special training, which is as follows:

  • a complete gynaecological examination;
  • Cytology (surrenders smear from the vagina and cervical canal);
  • delivery of urine and blood sugar, HIV, syphilis, tumor markers, hepatitis;
  • additional pre-colposcopy, ultrasound examination of reproductive organs.

Recovery after treatment

Recovery after removal of cervical erosion by Surgitron machine is much faster than with other types of surgical treatment. The duration of the rehabilitation period is determined by the attending gynecologist on an individual basis. Directly after the operation the woman can harass a slight pain pulling, aching in the lower abdomen that resemble the pains at the monthly. You may also receive scanty discharge of brown color. They usually disappear after 1 — 2 weeks after surgery. In case, if the discharge continue for more than 3 weeks, you should consult a doctor.

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Definitely need to comply with all regulations specialist.

  1. For four weeks after removal of cervical erosion Surgitron should completely refrain from any physical activity, try to go smaller, not exercise.
  2. Do not lift any weights, the weight of which exceeds 3 kg.
  3. For hygienic procedures use only a shower. Bath is strictly prohibited.
  4. During the period of rehabilitation after removal of cervical erosion, don’t visit the steam room, sauna, Solarium, swimming pool or a public reservoir.
  5. For 4-6 weeks after surgery should be observed on pelvic rest. To return to the sex life is possible only after permission of the attending gynecologist.
  6. During menstruation it is unacceptable to use tampons — it can disrupt the healing process of the cervix; it is allowed to use only sanitary pads.