Swollen ear inside and it hurts: what to do and how to treat

What to do if you have a swollen ear?

To date, the cases of the formation of lumps inside the ear canal or swelling near the ear. The cause of the inflammatory interest lies in catarrhal inflammations, and diseases of acute otitis media and other diseases that affect the health of the ears and the immune system of the body. In addition, causes swelling in the ear can be allergic reactions and viral diseases.

At this time, patients complain of pain, a feeling of nasal congestion and other unpleasant symptoms. How to treat inside ear swollen and sore, let us examine this material.

Signs of the disease and methods of action

During the formation of the inflammatory process, patients say the pain that can be shooting, pulling, sharp or harsh. In addition, if the ear is swollen and hurts, patients experience nasal congestion and loss of hearing acuity, as well as increased body temperature and various secretions, purulent or mucous character.

If the inflammation is not treated, it can have unexpected consequences, including the deprivation hearing for a long time. In addition, pus can flow into the inner ear and then to the brain, causing death.

In order to avoid these consequences, it is necessary to identify the causes of unpleasant symptoms. Often, if the ear is swollen on the outside and hurts in the ear of the patient, the inflammatory process occurs due to the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

Infection getting into the ears, causing swelling and pain, which leads to a strong deterioration in the condition of the patient. Respiratory inflammation different simultaneous lesions of the ears and the nasopharynx. Because of this, there is a penetration of bacteria into the middle ear, which causes severe swelling.

Treatment of inflammation is necessary to start already at this stage, and in the case of ignoring the process may form a chronic process. It is dangerous in case of illness very young children, since infants and toddlers are virtually undeveloped immune system.

In this regard, in children inflammation are much stronger and in addition to the common symptoms a child may appear bloody discharge, bleeding from the ears and severe pain in the ears and head which causes dizziness and nausea.

For this reason, doctors advise young parents not to go out with a newborn in the period of development of viral bacteria and to protect baby from germs if he attends kindergarten.

In addition to viral infections, swelling of the ear can cause the effects of radiation or chemotherapy.

The next reason is most often found in children with active games and inexperience.

Most often, the pain and swelling occurs when it enters the ear canal of any parts and small items.

Do not remove an item of their own. So you can only aggravate the situation and push the item further down the aisle.

To retrieve toys or parts, contact the nearest emergency room.

In addition, common in children trauma of the ear canal.

They often stick in the ears of pens, pencils and other sharp objects, as a result of carelessness cause cracks and wounds, and also violate the integrity of the skin, causing the symptoms described earlier.

Common cause of pain and swelling on the earlobe can be allergic reaction to the jewelry. Why doctors do not recommend to change the earrings immediately after puncture, and to wait for one month.

In addition, wear earrings only in gold or silver, as these metals do not cause allergies, unlike ordinary materials.

What to do if your ear is swollen inside or out

At the first symptoms of an Allergy, treat the ear with Chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Wipe the nostrils morning and evening. In the absence of a positive reaction, you need to urgently see a doctor.

In addition, Allergy to jewelry, the appearance of itching and burning feelings you should pay attention to the medicines that you take.

Often, antibiotics or antidepressants cause allergic reactions in case of long use of medicines.

In the case of negative reaction to the pill, replace the drugs counterparts.

Regardless of the cause of the inflammation, the patient needs a comprehensive treatment to the problem. Otherwise, the patient may experience problems with hearing, to appear stuffy and severe pain, which will lead to chronic inflammation.

To assign a course of treatment can only a doctor, but before that you need to diagnose the cause of inflammation and to detect pathology. After this data is currently being analysed and assigned to individual therapy. There are several methods of getting rid of the symptoms and restoring the state of the organ of hearing.

Drug therapy

Often swelling in the ears, specialists prescribe medication.

However, independent use of tablets, ointments and drops for the ears can lead to undesirable results, therefore, do not engage in treatment without consulting with a specialist.

Most often with these symptoms, specialists prescribe ear drops and nose drops. Drugs such as Otrivin, Tizin and Naphazoline can normalize breathing and improve the General condition of the patient.

Before use, carefully read the acceptable drops dosage and side effects.

If the cause of pain and swelling lies in the loss of an ear bacteria and infections, the patient is assigned antibacterial drugs.

They can be in the form of tablets or drops, but in particularly severe cases, appointed intravenous.

The most common treatment methods include the following medications:

  1. Antibiotics in the form of tablets to be taken once or twice a day depending on the case and its classification — Clarithromycin, Azithromycin.
  2. With the defeat of ear bacteria and viruses can not do without local antibiotics Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime, Nilofar, Augmentin.
  3. Ear drops with antibiotics – Sofradeks, Otofa, Kandibiotik.
  4. For the relief of pain and anti-inflammatory effect, is assigned a drop in the ears Drops, Otinum, Garazon.
  5. In some cases, patients allowed the introduction of turundae, soaked in alcohol solutions and tinctures.
  6. Throughout the course of treatment patients need to take large amount of vitamin and active ingredients and preparations for the lifting of the immune system with interferon and Magasin.

If swelling of the ear came from catarrhal lesions, the patient required physiotherapy exercises and heat therapy and blue, as well as electrophoresis and ultrahigh-frequency therapy.

In some cases, especially bright symptoms, the patient is assigned to the ear blowing or cateteria.

Assign these procedures can only LOR-the doctor after identifying all causes and symptoms.

If the cause of swelling and pain is in contact with a foreign object in the ear canal, you need to seek qualified help.

Physical therapy has virtually no limitations and pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding, this method is even more preferable.

Self-removal of items may be dangerous. You can not only push the object further into the ear and damage the eardrum. Thus, you will cause numerous injuries.

Treatment of tumors

If the cause of the pain lies in the formation of the tumor on the earlobe or behind the ears is necessary to conduct accurate diagnosis, and find out what made the bump.

Most often the bumps appear due to the penetration of infections in the ear or in the puncture site. In this case, the patient is prescribed an antibacterial medication as well as drugs aimed at the destruction of the virus.

If the lump is a benign tumor, treatment is drug therapy and certain diet.

But in case of purulent discharge, or severe pain that continues even after taking special drugs not to do without surgical exposure. Surgery is also used in the case of the ineffectiveness of medicines.

In addition, the first step in the formation of edema and cones need to be sure that no cancer inflammation. Otherwise, the treatment is selected strictly individually.


Inflammation of the ear organ cannot be ignored, as this symptom may signal the beginning of cancer inflammation. Therefore, when the first signs of pain and discharge consult a doctor. If a visual inspection is not enough, an expert will direct you to survey on a hearing and determine an accurate diagnosis.

Remember that ear disease is not desirable to treat the methods of traditional medicine. They can significantly harm health and increase the health of the patient.

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