Swollen near the ear closer to the cheek; a swelling in the adult and child

What to do if your ear is swollen on his cheek?

The bumps often appear on the body and, of course, cause a lot of inconvenience. Their causes can be varied as the structure itself. The swelling may be soft or hard, to hurt or cause any discomfort.

The ear is a very common location for the formation of seals. If you have suddenly swollen cheek near ear, in any case do not panic and do not expose your body to unnecessary stress. Be as early as possible to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the disease and prescribed a treatment.

Ear swelling: causes and treatment

The lump may be one or multiple, painful or not, and with or without inflammation. The size also varies from 1 mm to 10 cm Such a variety of manifestations not depend on age or gender.

The main causes of tumor in the ear area:

  • fibroids;
  • rheumatoid nodules;
  • atheroma;
  • lipoma;
  • skin abscess;
  • shock or trauma;
  • parotitis (mumps);
  • lymphadenitis;
  • a hemangioma.

Important! Impossible without a professional assistance to determine exactly what has caused the appearance of the tumor.


Fibroma is a benign tumor. Usually light pink or flesh it significantly rises above the surface of the skin and does not cause any pain. Can be both soft and firm. His education fibroma begins under the mucous membrane of the cheeks.

Signs of fibroids:

  • slow development;
  • clear boundaries;
  • no pain on palpation;
  • mucosa is not subjected to changes.

The treatment is made only with surgical intervention. The procedure is simple: the tumor is removed and sutured. Postoperative period passes quickly and without complications. Prerequisite – enhance the oral hygiene.

Rheumatoid nodules

Rheumatoid nodules are the most common in patients with arthritis. Represent the seal under the skin, did not manifest itself only accompanied by pain in the joints. Can be as one lump, and some purple color. For treatment use corticosteroid ointments and creams.

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Small lump near ear on the cheek can be an atheroma. It comes from the blockage of the sebaceous glands and is formed in the muscles. A small seal can go into a malignant cancer. The tumor strongly swells, itches, increases in size, the skin around is red. The body temperature is increased, atheroma appear allocation gray with an unpleasant odor.

If even one of those symptoms, you must consult a surgeon. The doctor will examine, prescribe treatment. Usually it is surgical, under local anesthesia. However, many people are afraid to go to the doctor and try the traditional methods. To use them you can, but skilled care should not give up.

Folk remedies for the treatment of atheroma:

  1. Mutton fat. It should melt, cool and RUB about 5 times a day in the region of the atheroma.
  2. Membranes from chicken eggs. Cook hard-boiled egg and remove it from the film. Put it on the tumor, and after a few days will start resorption.
  3. Silver. Often use the cross, but another thing of silver. You need to apply several times a day silver product on the tumor about a month.

Attention! Folk remedies are used only if the tumor near the ear on the cheek of an adult, for the treatment of their children isn’t worth trying.


Lipoma grows very slowly, causes no pain. Is a growth of fatty tissue around the ear, deep in cheeks. Has a soft texture and a wide base. Treatment is dissection and removal of the contents.

Skin abscess

An abscess is an infectious disease of the skin. It begins with slight redness, gradually increasing in size, accumulates inside the pus.

Suffering holistic protection barrier of the body – hence the purulent disease. Patients start to complain of pain and swelling around the affected area, increased body temperature.

The main method of treatment is to remove the pus and treatment of the wound. If the operation is carried out correctly antibiotics are not necessary. In house conditions it is possible to treat only a small bump. Warm compresses are the main treatment of the abscess.

Caution! It is impossible to conduct a heat treatment, if abscess has already formed.

The impact or trauma

Often seal around the ear occur after a stroke or injury, which came on the head or hearing. If there was a small injury, using compresses, it can be cured at home. Swelling will help remove cold green tea and a compress of vinegar or sour curd.

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The child’s health is very important for the mother, and any lump causes concern. Parents are trying to do something – to heat, to make gadgets, but it’s wrong. First you need to identify the cause of the seal. A tumor near the ear on the cheek of a child may be associated with different diseases, some even life-threatening.


Mumps, or disease in people, mumps is an acute viral disease that affects the salivary glands. Most often, mumps affects children 5-15 years. One of the symptoms of mumps is the increase of the salivary glands. The resulting swelling on my cheek next to the ear with the development descends down to the jaw.

Attention! Mumps — contagious disease and is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Patients with mumps are treated at home, only in acute conditions get emergency. No specific treatment is bed rest for 5-7 days and a strict diet in the first two days. For pain used antispasmodics, and to improve digestion – Festal, Pancreatin.


Lymph nodes are an integral part of the immune system, and the first to respond to inflammation in the body, increasing in size. Lymphadenitis occurs in children more often than adults.

Among the causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes, the most common are:

  • caries;
  • mouth infections;
  • cold.

While probing the lymph nodes are hard and painful. Before treatment it is necessary to find out the cause of the inflammation and all the attention directed at the destruction of swelling. If the process is badly run, then the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. The presence of purulent lesions require surgical intervention.

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Hemangioma is a benign neoplasm, consisting of vascular tissue. Looks like a lumpy tumor, red-crimson or bluish in color. Swelling can occur in any person, but is most common in children, especially newborns.

The causes are still unclear, among the most likely to secrete:

  • the development and growth of the vascular tissue;
  • heredity;
  • a long UV exposure;
  • disease of internal organs.

Often children are simple hemangiomas can regress treatment only require actively growing.

The main methods of treatment:

  • radiation therapy (used in the treatment of simple tumor occupying a large area or hard to reach places);
  • cauterization of blood vessels with electric current;
  • sclerotherapy injections;
  • operation.

If you know the causes of cancer and their symptoms, it is necessary to recognize the disease, because it can be dangerous. Don’t ignore obvious signs of illness. If you notice that you have a swollen cheek near your ear, do not self-medicate, sprobuj the popular methods. Seek the help of qualified expert, it appointed effective treatment.