Symptoms of sinusitis it the first signs and methods of treatment

What are the symptoms when sinusitis: the main symptoms and first signs of development of the disease

In conditions of modern reality, most people devote significant amount of time to his professional activities, developing their business and building a career.

Naturally, such nonsense as cold, no one pays attention. After, when a simple, seemingly running nose transforms into sinusitis, has run to the audiologist. The running course of the disease is fraught with many complications, so each person to know the signs of incipient sinusitis.

The concept of disease and its types

Before labeling what are the symptoms sinusitis, it is worth dwelling on the concept of disease. Sinusitis is an inflammatory disease of the paranasal sinuses. If to describe in detail what happens in the nose, it is visible in the following picture.

In the maxillary sinuses, it is ciliated epithelium, through which comes the cleansing of the cavity from unwanted content. When inflammation of the mucous membrane increases in size, forms a swelling, which closes the inlet.

The mucus is not coming out the usual way. In a closed space immediately formed a «Paradise» for germs and bacteria. Starts purulent process.

Medical semiotics

The main symptoms of sinusitis can vary depending on the type of disease. In practice, the most common type is acute sinusitis, chronic and allergic. Each type of disease has its own symptoms of sinusitis.

The symptoms of acute form

The manifestation of sinusitis acute course of the disease in most of the cases is accompanied by intense, constant pain that may increase when the tilt of the head, sneezing and coughing.

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This symptom is not only to determine on the onset of the disease by the following signs:

  • high fever;
  • headache;
  • felt the bursting pressure in the region of the sinuses on the face;
  • when pressed with your finger on the nose in pain;
  • if you tilt your head down, the pain intensifies and has a greater sense of pressure;
  • the pain may move to other parts of the face: ears, forehead, dentition, etc.
  • there is a feeling of cold, accompanied by involuntary trembling of the muscles, banging his teeth;
  • appears painful eye sensitivity to light;
  • excessive secretion of lacrimal fluid channels;
  • copious mucus of a purulent character;
  • may be accompanied by cough.

Symptoms of chronic form

Chronic sinusitis dangerous complications, which can be inflammation of the sheath of brain and spinal cord, their edema.

Can also occur with acute inflammation in the veins of the steam cavity in the skull containing the eyeball, or retrobulbar abscess (purulent appearance of the lesion in the tissue of the eye), so noticing the first signs of sinusitis listed below you must urgently seek help from a specialist:

  • common cold, which is a long time, and which treatment does not give positive results;
  • swells the mucous, swell and increase sinus;
  • because of the constant congestion makes it difficult to breathe;
  • due to lack of oxygen, the person feels constant fatigue;
  • disturbed sleep decreases the ability to work;
  • there is lethargy, weakness in the body, absolutely no appetite;
  • headache, the intensity of which increases in the evening;
  • no less important is also the symptom of chronic cough, which is not treatable.

For reference! Chronic cough associated with sinusitis of chronic type is caused by the influence of the flowing of purulent exudate in the throat, which is irritating it, causing cough.

Symptoms of allergic view

Allergic mind relating to periodic remission. If in detail to consider the clinical picture, we can conclude that the syndrome sinusitis allergic nature similar to the symptoms of the acute form of the disease:

  • intense headaches are frequent in nature;
  • mucous discharge from the nose;
  • itchy sensation in the nasal cavity;
  • in the nose, nose and cheeks periodically felt pressure;
  • difficult nasal breathing.
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For all types of the disease is also characterized by one common symptom – blunted sense of smell.

The first symptoms of sinusitis

For quick response and positive dynamics of treatment, every person should know the main symptoms at onset of sinusitis:

  • protracted rhinitis;
  • shortness of breath;
  • increased body temperature;
  • the appearance of pain in the nasal region;
  • fatigue, weakness.

Important! The disease can develop on the background of addiction drops, which were used for the treatment of rhinitis. Is a regular use of vasoconstrictor drugs may be the culprits of the increased amount of mucus in the maxillary sinuses.

The chronic form of such diseases as sinusitis, symptoms which can be low and worn, it may be due to acute inflammatory processes in the sinuses, delayed therapy and the anatomical features of the nasal cavity.

Basic principles of therapy of the disease

If the disease is detected and diagnosed in the early (1-2 week of disease), the doctor prescribes treatment without puncture, namely, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic irrigation of the nose, popularly referred to as «cuckoo» and, of course, vasoconstrictor drugs that reduce swelling of the sinuses.

Along the way, prescribed physiotherapy, such as quartz or laser irradiation.

In severe cases, use method a surgical puncture with a needle Kulikovskii. The needle is held in fully closed by the swelling of the sinus and from there removed purulent exudate, and inside poured medications to bring the inflammation and cleansing the sinus cavity.


Signs and treatment of sinusitis is very diverse, and depend on the etiology of the disease. But you should understand that sinusitis is easier to cure in early disease, so it is recommended to maintain health to consult a doctor immediately.

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