Syrup Bromhexine cough for kids: instructions for use, composition and what cough give

How to apply syrup Bromhexine?

If the patient sought medical assistance with the inflammation in the respiratory system, it is commonly prescribed «Bromhexine». The drug is designed to restore the functions of the throat and treat cough. He has a strong mucolytic effect and promotes expectoration. Today, the drug release not only in Russia but also in Switzerland, Hungary, and Latvia. Mass production of medicine due to the pronounced effect. According to patients, it has a positive effect already on the first day of treatment.

By reducing the viscosity of which dry cough is separated quite difficult, the drug helps to stimulate motor functions. Therefore, the tool easily resolves the allocation and liquefies thick mucus. «Bromhexine» as a rule, used only with nonproductive cough, not only in adults but also in the treatment of children.

Characteristics of medication

«Bromhexine» is a mucolytic drug that is prescribed for the treatment of dry cough. It includes Bromhexine hydrochloride, the principle of which is focused on decreasing the viscosity of sputum. This effect is available due to the depolarization of acidic sugars which are thick secretions.

In addition, «Bromhexine» increases the production of mucous secretion in the membranes of the bronchi, which allows you to produce a special substance that coats the alveoli in the lungs. This action allows the medication to reduce the coughing and then completely suppress the cough center. As a result, patients have noted restoration of the protective functions of the respiratory system.

Important! «Bromhexine» accelerates the elimination of sputum from the bronchi. Through this process, the recovery of functions of respiratory organs.

«Bromhexine» is made in several forms: drops, solution, syrup and tablets. For children treatment commonly prescribed solution, as it has a sweet taste and like the kids.

Syrup «Bromhexine» is absorbed after thirty minutes after application, after which it undergoes extensive metabolism in the liver. In the end, this process decreases the bioavailability. She is only twenty percent. This result is considered to be favorable in the treatment of young children.

To get rid of a cough in children without harm to health with using this drug, scientists have altered the composition of the medication. If the medication in pill form is eight milligrams the main ingredient, the syrup it is twice less. By this method, «Bromhexine» can be used for inflammation of the bronchi and lungs, even for the youngest children.

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In the «Bromhexine», except for Bromhexine hydrochloride include additional substances. They are the Foundation of the drug and not dangerous for children treatment. Due to the fact that they are non-toxic, parents can begin a course of treatment without fear of side effects education. Syrup «Bromhexine» can be used for a long time, and in the treatment of chronic inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

When to apply the remedy

Syrup «Bromhexine» is assigned at various inflammations in the bronchi and the lining, as well as for the treatment of cough in infectious or catarrhal nature. To use the tool and as complex therapy in the treatment of asthmatic inflammations and in the case of obstructive syndromes.

Keep in mind that applying the treatment for kids only after personal consultation with the doctor. You may not know about some allergic reactions and contraindications.

«Bromhexine» is often assigned as one of the main medicines in the following cases:

  • lung disease, which is characterized by a persistent blockage of airflow;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • pneumonia due to Bacillus;
  • infectious inflammation of the lungs;
  • chronic inflammation of the mucosa in the bronchi;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammatory process that occurs in the bronchioles, bronchi and trachea;
  • infectious inflammation of the throat;
  • laryngitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • chronic inflammation in the respiratory tract that are accompanied by a severe cough;
  • lesion of the mucous membrane of the lungs and bronchial tree;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • cystic fibrosis.

In addition, for the treatment of cough «Bromhexine» can be assigned as the treatment of cough, which is not accompanied by the excretion of mucus from the lungs.

Also, «Bromhexine» is used as a preparatory therapy during surgical procedures on the larynx and the rehabilitation of the patient.

To summarize, what give cough syrup «Bromhexine»? The tool is assigned in the complex therapy for dry and exhausting cough.

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Use medicine should be especially carefully when treating small children. Therefore, before treatment, note the annotation of the drug and identify any contraindications. These include:

  • it is impossible to apply the remedy in case of pregnancy, especially in the first three months;
  • avoid taking the drug when feeding the baby breast milk;
  • you should not use syrup to treat children under two years of age;
  • you cannot use «Bromhexine» in the form of tablets and drops to children up to six years;
  • in the case of hypersensitivity of the baby to the components of the drug, the use should be discontinued;
  • it is strictly forbidden to treat gastric bleeding;
  • if the child has severe hepatic and renal failure treatment other methods;
  • if in the process of progression of inflammation, the child is seen copious bronchial secretions, treatment moves to the next level.

«Bromhexine» should not be used when the cough passes into the productive form. In this process, the patient is assigned a syrup for wet cough.

What syrups can be used for the treatment of children can be found here.

Adverse reactions

Typically, the drug is easily tolerated and children do not complain of unwanted symptoms.

«Bromhexine» rarely be the cause of the formation of side effects. This usually occurs when patients violate the rules of the dosing means. Such processes include the manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • severe pain in the head;
  • education dizziness and impaired coordination;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • indigestion;
  • the manifestation of allergic reactions such as rash, urticaria, itching, burning.

In extremely rare cases, the intake of medication may cause dysfunction of the stomach. In this case, the child may appear shortness of breath, chills or a fever.

The same symptoms can occur when excessively long treatment course. In this case, the course should be left.

If you accidentally broke the rules of application and was given a large dosage, you should to provoke vomiting and to wash out the stomach. The manifestation of symptoms of intoxication call the team «Ambulance».

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The rules of treatment

Instructions for use of cough syrup for children «Bromhexine» warns that in order to begin a course of treatment with this medication only after two years. Earlier application is permissible only as directed by your doctor.

In the appointment of syrup, the patient should be based on the treatment regimen:

  1. Children from two to six years, you can apply no more than five milliliters of syrup per day.
  2. From six to ten years is assigned dosage up to ten milliliters per day.
  3. In the treatment of children older than ten years shall be imposed at ten milliliters of syrup per day.

Scheduled one-time dosage. In day syrup should be used three times.

The first results of the treatment appear on the second day. Course dose of syrup administered in accordance with the nature and causes of the disease. It usually takes up to fourteen days.


In the treatment of cough in children is important to consider all characteristics of the organism, so self therapy is unacceptable. Parents may not be aware of some contraindications or incorrectly calculated the dose of medication.

In the inflammatory process in the Airways, usually prescribe complex therapy, therefore, the use of «Bromhexine» can’t replace certain other medicines.