Syrup Doctor mom cough for kids: instructions for use, reviews and how much it cost

How to take Doctor cough?

Infectious disease is almost always accompanied by irritation and dryness of the throat. Such symptoms are painful and exhausting cough. Besides the fact that it violates sleep of patient, cough causes headaches, pain in the throat and a host of other unpleasant symptoms that affect the patient’s quality of life. It is therefore not surprising that patients want to get rid of the reflex process in the throat as quickly as possible.

For the treatment of cough should choose well-known and effective remedy. This drug is considered a cough «Doctor mom». Syrup to treat symptoms of catarrhal inflammation in the throat may be used to treat children from two years. It has herbal ingredients, so in rare cases, cause allergic reactions and other side effects.

About the drug

«Dr. mom» is a combined remedy for the treatment of cough. He has a strong mucolytic effect, and also contributes to liquefaction of mucus and expectoration. In addition, the drug can stop inflammation in the throat and improve the overall health of the child patient.

The drug has a natural composition, therefore, is not prohibited for children. It is important to note that the components of the drug there is no alcohol or other aggressive components.

The tool acts on the inflammation, reducing spasms and reducing pain. Mild effect promotes rapid healing, so the «Dr. mom» is widespread in medical practice in the treatment of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

When to use syrup

Means in the form of syrup is used for treatment of acute respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by a painful cough. In the list of diseases includes:

  • flu;
  • SARS,
  • ORZ;
  • inflammation of the bronchial mucosa;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • laryngitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • tuberculosis of the lungs.

In addition, use the «Dr. mom» in the case of diseases of the respiratory system due to goes untreated rhinitis and sinusitis.

How to cure acute rhinitis in this material.

Buying agent it is important to know what to take cough «Doctor mom». The medication prescribed for the treatment of prolonged dry cough. However, if the patient is tormented by cough, the tool can assign to improve the excretion of sputum.


Syrup of medicine has a rich green color. Foundation medicine is a complex of herbs, including licorice, Basil, ginger, turmeric, elecampane, pepper, terminals and other active components. In addition, the composition of the syrup, «Dr. mom» comes levomenthol. The complex of active substances allows to have a therapeutic effect after the first application. In addition, the drug provides expectoration, it is used as an effective mucolytic drug.

The complex of plant extracts enhances the action of each other, which helps to reduce pain for prolonged cough, and to give antipyretic effect. However, the main advantage of the syrup is a quick anti-inflammatory effect. Almost immediately after use, the tool eliminates germs in the respiratory system, thus normalizing the work of the bronchi and throat. Therefore, on the first day of treatment the patient feels a decrease in coughing and improvement of the respiratory organs.

Interesting! Thanks to levomenthol the patient feels a decrease in pain sensations and receives an antiseptic effect.

Syrup drug removes phlegm from the respiratory tract, pre-raziil thick mucus. Thus, the «Dr. mom» eliminates spasms in the bronchi and ensures normal breathing.

How to apply syrup

Instructions for use syrup «Doctor» cough for children warns that the treatment the tool can only two years. Pre-every patient should undergo consultation with the attending physician and to determine the optimal dosage.

If your check up in the moment, is assigned to the standard dose:

  1. For treatment of children older than fourteen are assigned two teaspoons of the syrup three times a day.
  2. If the patient’s age from six to fourteen prescribe one teaspoon three times a day.
  3. In the treatment of children up to six years are advised to use no more than half a teaspoon three times a day.

If the cough is getting stronger, and the benefits of medication is not evident, it should be re-diagnosis. Probably in the respiratory system of the baby, there are more serious processes, which increases the risk of complications. In this case, the doctor will increase the dosage or prescribe more powerful drugs.


Numerous studies have shown that the syrup is virtually the formation of unwanted processes and children’s well absorbed by the body. But, unfortunately, in certain cases, the tool can cause an uncontrolled effect. So «Doctor» is prohibited for children aged three years and with special sensitivity to the natural components included in the composition of the drug.

In addition, you should not use the syrup if pregnant or breast-feeding babies breast milk.

Adverse reactions

Syrup for cough «Doctor mom» in rare cases, causes side effects. Common cases is considered to be the manifestation of allergic reactions due to the violation of dispensing or as a result of taking medication in case of hypersensitivity to the active toddler components.

When the tendency of the child to allergic reactions, produces itching, burning, redness of the skin. You may receive a rash or hives, and swelling of tissues.

From the digestive tract medication causes heartburn, diarrhea or nausea.

If the child showed signs of adverse symptoms, treatment should be suspended. Further, the use of herbal remedies should be discussed with the pediatrician.


When an issue of how much is «Dr. mom», it is important to know the region of your residence. In different cities the price varies from 120 to 230 rubles.

The average price of syrup – 150 rubles.

Similar drugs

Modern pharmaceutical market offers several counterparts of the syrup «Dr. mom». They are all similar in composition, but may influence the child’s body, so when looking for a similar tool, check with your doctor.

It is important to know that the medication did not cause adverse reactions as well as allergic attacks.

Below we describe the most popular analogues of the drug.


«Incapital» is a herbal preparation intended for the treatment of inflammations in the throat. Thanks to the chamomile flowers and sage leaves, the tool reduces cough and improves the flow of mucus.

In addition to the main action, «Incapital» is prescribed for the treatment of microbial lesions of the respiratory system.

Apply syrup for acute or chronic inflammation in the respiratory organs. Such diseases include:

  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchitis.


For the treatment of acute or chronic diseases in the upper respiratory tract, doctors often prescribe «Sinupret». This medicine relieves cough just a few days. The medication reduces attacks of dry cough, but also acts as a powerful mucolytic.

Apply «Sinupret» it is possible to treat children from the age of three.


If the cough causes severe pain and is complicated by the additional symptoms, the patient is prescribed «Aflubin». This drug has powerful anti-inflammatory effect and soothes bouts of dry cough.

«Aflubin» acts as an additional drug for the treatment of dry cough, but if the inflammation is not acute, it can be used as a standalone drug.

Complex therapy of influenza or infections in the upper respiratory tract with the use of this drug is approved from the age of three.


Reviews about the «Dr. mom» in 99 percent of cases positive.

Irina Valkova: «When my son caught a cold, had severe non-productive cough. To get rid of the inflammation and helped the body of «Dr. mom». Used it twice a day for seven days, although cough was already on the fourth day. Pleasant taste solution, like a child, so the whole course has been very naughty».

Margarita Antonova: «My daughter recently turned three years old. At the same time it was very simple. As a consequence, on the second day the cough, which increased to night and gave the baby to bed. In order to facilitate the attacks were given half a teaspoon of the solution in the morning and evening. Cough relented on the second day of treatment, and after four days fully passed.»


Any inflammation in the respiratory system of a child cannot be left without attention. Cough just a few days can pass in a chronic stage and to bring the child a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, in the first days of the inflammation, use «Doctor» as per his instructions. The solution will reduce the severity of inflammation and improve the health of the child already on the first day of treatment.

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