Syrup Erespal, cough: instructions for children, reviews and analogues cheaper

How to take syrup «Erespal» cough?

Often a cough in children occurs against a background of colds. To reduce the frequency and intensity of the forced exhalation, the doctor will prescribe drugs acting on receptors in the cough center. Widespread in pediatric patients received syrup «Erespal». The publication will consider its therapeutic properties, especially application instructions, and start with a General description.

Pharmacological action

Antitussive syrup has anti-inflammatory and antirejection effect. The drug has a complex effect on the respiratory system, ensuring a high therapeutic result:

  • blocks the activity of α-adrenergic receptors, which reduce the permeability of blood vessels, increase the production of viscous mucus;
  • reduces the dynamism of the H1 histamine receptors that trigger muscle spasm in the muscles of the bronchi, intensifying Allergy symptoms: itching, hyperemia of soft tissues, edema of the mucosa;
  • involved in the mechanism of muscle contraction, which is evident antispasmodic effect, reduction of pain syndrome.

The drug has no systemic action of the active components are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

The maximum concentration of fenspiride hydrochloride in tissue structures is observed after 3 hours after ingestion. The excretion of the drug and its metabolites is the kidneys in a day.


Manufacturer «Erespal» — a French pharmaceutical company «Les Laboratories Servier». The medication comes in the form of syrup and tablets (15 tablets per pack, 2 blisters in a box). The active substance fenspiride hydrochloride with a concentration of 2 mg/1 ml of fluid and 80 mg in one pill.

Auxiliary components represented by the following variety:

  • the licorice root extract (anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant action);
  • glycerol (exhibits a softening effect, improves the lipid metabolism and accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues);
  • para-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester (food additive with bactericidal and fungicidal properties);
  • the propylparaben (inhibits the growth of bacteria, has anti-microbial activity);
  • the potassium salt of sorbic acid (slows the growth of microorganisms);
  • purified water.
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For better taste use vanilla tincture, saccharin, flavorings with the taste of honey.

Important! For young children, the suspension is the best option, because it makes it easier to determine the dosage and method of administration. In the predisposition to diabetes mellitus, the preference is given to tablets, as liquid consistency it contains sugar.

The orange color gives the excipient sunset yellow S. Syrup pleasant to the taste, has no odor, so is well tolerated by young patients.

In some cases, prescribed?

The main indications for the use of «Erespal» diseases of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by cough:

  • bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • ARD, ARVI;
  • acute and chronic rhinopharyngitis;
  • the rhinotracheitis;
  • infectious diseases: whooping cough, measles.

Widespread «Erespal» when a cold is viral, bacterial, allergic etiology.

Drug suspension reaches maximum efficiency in combination with other antitussive agents. Fenspiride hydrochloride partially replaces the action of antibacterial drugs, but does not inhibit activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Its main purpose is to neutralise and relieve symptoms of the disease.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

A condition to restrict contact with the antitussive agent is an individual intolerance components that can trigger Allergy symptoms:

  • angioedema;
  • watery eyes;
  • the itching and burning sensation;
  • redness of the skin.

Increases Allergy presence in the consistence of sugar, vanilla, supplementation with honey aroma. Sunset yellow S increases the likelihood of bronchospasm.

Most side effects occur because of the peculiarities of the history of non-compliance with the instructions for use syrup «Erespal» cough for children.

For reference! According to pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky «Erespal» — effective from a wet chest cough. The mild form of ENT pathologies, it is advisable to replace syrup drugs of plant origin.

Negative manifestations possible from the following systems:

  • Digestive tract: discomfort under xiphoid process, retching, nausea, diarrhea;
  • CNS: dizziness, emotional and mental instability, overexcitement, light confusion;
  • cardiovascular: palpitations.

If you experience adverse symptoms you must stop taking the drug, seek medical help to adjust dosing of medication or replace it.

«Mucosolvan» and «Bad» in the same scheme of therapy

The solution of combination of pharmaceutical products takes an audiologist, as necessary to comply with specific schemes. «Rest» is prescribed for a productive cough. The main ingredient — Ambroxol hydrochloride increases the activity of the mucociliary apparatus, increases the production of mucus, which facilitates its excretion, reduces the frequency and intensity of the forced exhalations.

«Smaller,» more anti-inflammatory action. The administration of drugs allows to shorten the recovery period, so compatibility «Mucosolvan» and «Erespal» acceptable.

Nuance! Despite the lack of clear limits interaction cough syrup with other medicines, to combine their own cough drops is not recommended.

Method of application and dosage

«Not bad,» is used for the treatment of children older than two years of age. The therapeutic scheme and length of treatment is determined individually, taking into account the age and weight of the baby.

The calculation is carried out so that the daily rate does not exceed a maximum of 4 ml of suspension per 1 kg of body weight.

Benchmarks are reduced to the following values:

  • children weighing below 10 kg. administered up to 20 ml. per night is 2 to 4 teaspoons;
  • kids with weight more than 10 kg daily increased to a rate of 20-60 ml.;
  • patients older than 14 years is allowed to consume up to 80 ml. of syrup a day for a few methods.

Tip! Fluid consistency does not give a precipitate, however, before using the contents of the vial should be thoroughly shaken.

Make «Bad» should be no more than 3 times a day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment varies from 5 to 20 days. Reviews patients say that the condition is improving on the third day from the start of therapy.

Alternative treatment

The audiologist is not difficult to find a replacement «Erespal», because in the pharmaceutical market there is a wide variety of drugs is identical in structure and mechanism of action.

These include:

  • «Remens»;
  • «Ascoril»;
  • «Mucosolvan»;
  • «Fenspiride»;
  • «Ambrobene»;
  • «Fluditec»;
  • «Sinupret»;
  • «Respiros».

These medicines largely replicate the structure «Erespal», neutralize cough, clear the bronchi from the mucous phlegm, normalize the General condition of the patient.

Unlike syrup French pharmaceutical company often lies in the price range. Popular counterparts, cheaper «Erespal» — «Travis» (126 rubles for 100 ml.), «Respiros» (from 175 rubles per 150 ml bottle.).


Syrup «Erespal» — a strong antitussive agent, which reduces the frequency and intensity of the forced exhalations, translates non-productive cough in the wet, which speeds up the healing process.

On the other hand, can adversely affect the immature immune system of the child, as fenspiride hydrochloride can cause disorders of the nervous system, dyspepsia, local allergic reactions.