Syrup Geelix during pregnancy: 2nd and 3rd trimester, instructions for use

Can I take Geelix during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the activity of the immune system of women is greatly reduced. The body becomes susceptible to viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Significantly increases the risk of infection, but it can be treated, but not all drugs.

Geelix is one of those medicines, the reception of which is allowed in the period of carrying a child. The drug is available in drops and syrup, it is composed of natural ingredients: essential oils (including camphor), extracts of useful plants.

Geelix: indications and contraindications

The drug is available in drops and syrup. For women during pregnancy may be appointed Geelix any form of issue. The main indications for the drug can be considered:

  1. Cough, with expectoration of sputum.
  2. Bronchial disease of an infectious nature with hard expectoration.
  3. Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Important. Medication may be part of a comprehensive therapy or to act as primary treatment. It all depends on the condition of the patient and pregnancy.

Instructions for use syrup Geelix during pregnancy suggests that the drug should not be taken in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to one or more tool components;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions of various types;
  • hereditary fructose intolerance.

Even Geelix does not mix well with the cough pills, the co-administration of 2 drugs can cause overdose, the symptoms of which say:

  1. Nausea and subsequent vomiting.
  2. Dizziness, weakness, General signs of toxicity (diarrhea).
  3. Sharply arisen stomach pain of unknown etiology.

If you notice such symptoms should immediately contact a doctor and stop taking the medication.

Geelix for pregnant women: pros and cons

To answer the question is it possible to take Geelix during pregnancy needs attending. If the doctor made the appointment, the possible harm from taking the drug is much lower compared to those which can cause the body women infection or inflammatory disease.

What are the main advantages of the drug:

  • part Gadelica includes only herbal, natural ingredients, no chemicals;
  • has no serious contraindications;
  • the syrup or drops can lead to miscarriage or to have a major impact on the growth and development of the fetus.

Help. Thanks to the natural composition the drug can be prescribed to a pregnant woman, since in the official list of contraindications, this condition does not appear.

But the drug has some disadvantages, these include:

  1. The ability to cause allergies. A woman’s body during pregnancy are prone to various allergic reactions. Even if such phenomena were not observed during the child’s expectations, they can occur.
  2. The low efficiency. In some cases the drug can not give the desired effect, for this reason, its use cannot be justified in the absence of positive dynamics in the patient.

Manufacturers claim to use the drug only on prescription. Clinical studies in pregnant women have not been conducted. For this reason, it is difficult to say exactly how the drug can affect the health of baby and mother.

To appoint a Geelix is not necessary, the drug should be agreed with the doctor. Otherwise there is a risk of undesirable complications and side effects.

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How to take?

The dosage must appoint a doctor, patients are often prescribed drops. But it may be recommended to receive the syrup. It contains no sugar and has a pleasant mild taste, the consistency of molasses.

So, if the doctor made no notes, Geelix during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester may be prescribed in the following dose:

  1. The minimum can be considered a dosage of 7.5 ml per day, the drug is better to split to 3 times, respectively, 2.5 ml of syrup at a time.
  2. If necessary, the doctor can increase the dosage to 10 ml, the drug is divided into 4 times, a single dose of syrup should not exceed 2.5 ml.
  3. The maximum dosage is 15 ml. the Intake of medicine is divided into 3 times, single dose increased to 5 ml.

How to take Drops of Geelix in 2– 3 trimester:

  1. Daily dose 75-90 drops.
  2. Single dose should not exceed 30 drops.

Attention! In the 1st trimester it is better to stick to minimal dosage or stop using the medication, if possible. Read more than to be treated in this period.

Medication, such as in the form of drops and syrup form should not drink plenty of water, you can make a few SIPS. And it is better to take the drug in its pure form. Dilute it with juice or tea is not recommended.

In some cases it is necessary to stop taking of the medication:

  • if signs of allergic reaction (itching, burning skin, etc.);
  • if there is no visible effect after 3 days of using the drug, any form of issue;
  • when fever and other signs of severe intoxication;
  • in the presence of nausea, vomiting, or other signs of individual intolerance of the drug.

In such cases use of medication is not necessary. It is better to consult a doctor for advice. Put «experimenting» with higher or daily dose is also not recommended as it can lead to overdose.


Despite the fact that Geelix the drug of natural origin taking it still must be confirmed by the doctor. This will not only help to avoid complications, but also significantly improve the efficiency of therapy.

The doctor will not only determine the optimal dosage and duration of treatment. Complement the Geelix other drugs if necessary, and will monitor the condition of the patient.

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