Syrup of marshmallow during pregnancy cough: 1 and 2 trimester

Can I use the syrup of marshmallow during pregnancy cough?

Cough, and any colds during pregnancy, of course, undesirable, but not always possible to avoid it. And then the expectant mother all thinking: «do Not treat of the question. To heal – then what?». The main problem here is not just to eliminate disease, but also not to harm the child.

In these cases come to the aid of pharmaceutical medicines with natural composition. In this regard, then talk about the specifics of therapy with marshmallow syrup for cough during pregnancy.

The description of the drug

Nurofen for children – a natural medicinal product has a strong expectorant effect.

Used to treat disease of the respiratory system accompanied by cough.

Available in bottles of dark glass with a capacity of 125 or 200 g.

The substance is a thick transparent liquid of yellow or brown color with a peculiar odor.

A characteristic feature is a very sweet taste.

The current component medicines, marshmallow root, supplemented with auxiliary ingredients (sucrose, sodium benzoate, purified water).

Help. Producer funds are 3 pharmaceutical companies in Russia: JSC «Synthesis», «WIFITECH» and «Samaramedprom.

In fact, the root of marshmallow contains substances such as mucilage (about 35%), essential oil, starch, asparagine, lecithin, betaine, pectin elements.

Because of this, the drug has many healing effects on the body:

  • expectorant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • thinning (decreasing viscosity of bronchial secretions);
  • emollient;
  • enveloping.

The mucous membrane of the respiratory system is covered with a thin layer of the mucus of the root. It is capable of long time to survive on its surface, thereby protecting it from irritants. In the end, there is a reduction of inflammation and acceleration of regenerative abilities of tissue.

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As mentioned, the drug is indicated for pathologies of the respiratory system and in which there is cough with difficult expectoration. These conditions include:

  1. Bronchitis.
  2. Tracheitis.
  3. Tracheobronchitis.

The remedy is taken according to a certain scheme, and subject to age-related dosing, which is represented schematically next.

Children up to 12 years Children over 12 and adults
1 teaspoon of syrup, diluted in a quarter Cup of warm water, 4-5 times a day after meals. 1 tablespoon of syrup, diluted in half a glass of water 4-5 times a day after meals.

Duration of treatment — 10-15 days. The repetition rate or increasing the duration of therapy should be agreed with your doctor.

This plant is characterized by a small number of contraindications to use. Syrup cannot be taken in the following situations:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the medication;
  • the lack of sucrase/isomaltase;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Important! Diabetes and diet low carbohydrate, intake farmcrest can be carried out only after doctor visit.

Allergic reactions – the only identified side effect.

Can I take syrup of marshmallow during pregnancy

Manufacturer in the official annotations observed that during pregnancy and lactation the use of this pharmaceutical agent is allowed if the expected benefit to the mother will exceed the potential harm to the baby.

Despite the fact that the syrup is an herbal remedies based on natural ingredients, it is still considered relatively safe for expectant mothers. Why relatively?

The fact is that if to take as a basis the classification of medicines the FDA, in the period of carrying a child are considered to be absolutely safe, only a small number of vitamin and iron medication belonging to the group A.

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Accurately predict the effects of herbal remedy on the development of the fetus, it is not possible, because controlled trials in these cases are not executed.

However, with this, many pregnant women speak of medicine as an effective and safe tool that is well absorbed, cleansing the body from toxins and germs.

Important! Self-treatment is not necessary to deal. A treatment with this drug should be balanced and take it to a qualified specialist.

So, the conditions of treatment of cough in these situations the following:

  • 1 trimester – syrup of marshmallow during pregnancy is not granted;
  • 2 and 3 trimester – the tool is assigned with caution.

Here can be a little cunning. The fact is, if a drug can be treated for children under 3 years of age, and pregnant women can take it, but under the supervision of a specialist.

The method of treatment during pregnancy

Expectant mothers farmcrest administered in the same dosage, which is recommended for the treatment of adults, i.e. 4-5 tablespoons of syrup throughout the day.

It should be noted that the reception facilities shall be as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of the syrup should dissolve in 100 ml of water (about half a Cup);
  • drink the resulting solution after meals.

Treatment can take up to 2 weeks. Dose and duration of therapy can only be a doctor.

Help. Nurofen for children can not be taken with other cough remedies codeine. This will lead to difficulty expectoration of viscous secret.


Even if the drug is completely natural ingredients does not mean that it is completely safe for the mother and her child.

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Therapeutic actions in this period should be as safe as possible. This means that the self should be completely excluded. You should not take on that responsibility, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Also, we suggest to familiarize with the information on how to treat cough in pregnant drugs. and Stodal.