Tablet Coryzalia during pregnancy from the cold: reviews and usage instructions

Is it possible to use tablets «Coryzalia» during pregnancy?

Alternative medicine offers a wide variety of drugs for the relief of the inflammatory process in the mucosa and paranasal sinuses. Distinctive advantages of homeopathy – effectiveness without compromising health, because the amounts of only natural ingredients.

Pills «Coryzalia» are representative of homeopathic products. But is it possible to use «Coryzalia» during pregnancy? Because this woman’s condition implies the rejection of most drugs.

«Coryzalia» during the gestational period

The French company Boiron is the manufacturer of most innovative drug products (laboratory implements more than 60 multi-component tools and about 1200 of monotherapies), this includes tablets from a cold «Coryzalia».

This product is a holistic medicine, which includes homeopathic dilutions of the active ingredients. Pharmacological action of the drug involves mild inflammation and eliminating the associated signs of rinorea.

Patients taking the drug said:

  • the restoration of nasal breathing;
  • elimination of edema and hyperemia of the mucosa;
  • reducing uconazole production of mucus, sneezing.

The medicinal product is effective for rhinitis of different etiology (infectious, allergic, chronic). Included in the therapeutic regimen of treatment for sinusitis, sinusitis.

At the initial stage of rhinitis can be used as a means of monotherapy in inflammatory processes in the paranasal sinuses is assigned only in combination with conservative pharmacological products.

For reference! The drug contains six homeopathic remedies – Jasmine yellow, cross meadow, onion, American hellebore, belladonna, potassium dichromate.

Instructions for use of tablets «Coryzalia» in pregnancy contains no contraindications to the use of women in the provision, in the absence of hypersensitivity of the organism to components of the drug.

Caution this product is to appoint patients with a high level of sugar, because of the content in the composition of the sucrose. OTC release funds does not preclude consultation with the attending specialist.

The appointment of «Coryzalia» in pregnancy 1 trimester requires careful study of the anamnesis of the pregnant woman, since this gestational period assumes maximum rejection of medicines. Included in the composition, plant components can become mediators of allergic reactions.

When the state of immunosuppression in women in the position of the body can negatively respond even to familiar products, not to mention medicines. 2 trimester of pregnancy does not prohibit the use of homeopathic remedies, the treatment under the strict supervision of the attending specialist.

In term 3 this drug is allowed to use not only as symptomatic treatment, but also prophylactically, with the exact observance of the established norms of the dosing means.

How to use the tool in the period of carrying a child

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, a homeopathic product can only be applied sublingually way (to keep the pellets under tongue until dissolved).

To achieve a maximum therapeutic effect, you should refrain from eating for thirty minutes after taking the funds.

The daily rate of the drug should not exceed 12 tablets. Treatment scheme built on the following principle:

  • in the first day of treatment, 1 tablet every 60 minutes;
  • in the following days of therapy and 1 dose every 2 hours.

In the case of achieving rapid therapeutic effect, starting with 3 days of treatment, the drug is taken 1 tablet every 3-4 hours. The course of treatment is 5 days.

The amount of daily application is indicated according to the annotations, the treating professional can adjust the dose depending on the pathogenesis of the disease and the medical history of the patient.

Important! If after a few days of therapy, the patient notices improvement in the state, there is a need of adjustments in the treatment. In most cases, treating specialists produce a replacement for the drug.


Widespread in ENT practice preparation «»Coryzalia» indicates good tolerability of a homeopathic drug, the absence of cases of overdose and side effects.

Women in position, despite the safety of the medication, do not neglect the advice of a healthcare specialist. Pregnancy involves strictly monitoring during treatment any drugs.

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