Tablets and syrup Ambroxol: when does the cough make and manual

How to take Ambroxol for cough?

Coughing is a reflex process of the body, which occurs on the background of respiratory, infectious, allergic or viral agents. Once inside, the irritant causes discomfort in the respiratory system, thereby causing the mucous membrane to eliminate pathogens. Education, therefore, cough is not an independent disease, but only acts as a protective function of the body. When treating this process it is important to establish the root cause of the disease. Cough may occur due to pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis or due to the development of asthma.

If the patient has a strong immune system, then the symptoms quickly go. But in the case of reduced function of protecting the body, the patient needs a serious anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as the means to treat coughs. Cough tablets «Ambroxol» is designed for the rapid elimination of inflammation in the respiratory system, and also to eliminate the spasm in the bronchi. In addition, the drug has a strong mucolytic and expectorant action.

What cough take «Ambroxol»

In case of a cough the first thing you need to set the type and nature of the disease. A reflex process in the body can be dry and unproductive or, on the contrary, damp and phlegm.

«Ambroxol» is the tool that allows you to remove thick mucus in the bronchi and the respiratory tract. The drug is allowed for treatment in different ages, so it can be used in the treatment of not only adults but also kids with two years.

Applying the drug, patients reported that «Ambroxol» facilitates expectoration and improves the excretion of mucus from the bronchi.

The drug «Ambroxol» refers to the group of mucolytics and expectorants. Applying the medication it is possible not only to suppress the cough center, but also to prevent the risk of dangerous inflammation.

Many patients even before reading the annotation to the drug question, from a cough «Ambroxol»: dry or wet? Apply this product it is the dry cough, when the patient can not get rid of accumulated mucus in the lungs.

Assigned to the drug not only for impaired lung function. Apply «Ambroxol» is possible when an infectious or inflammatory process in the pulmonary system. As a rule, these diseases are caused by violation of the outflow.

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Due to mucolytic action, «Ambroxol» allows you to bring the phlegm that builds up in the lungs. In addition, the drug thins excessively thick mucus.

This tool is assigned in the complex therapy of the following inflammations:

  • inflammation of the bronchi and mucous membranes;
  • infectious processes in the throat that provoke the formation of a strong cough;
  • laryngitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • a chronic inflammatory disease of the Airways manifested by attacks of breathlessness and severe cough;
  • acute or chronic process, which affects the lining of the lungs and bronchial tree;
  • obstructiva chronic lung disease;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • inflammation of the lungs.

Important! «Ambroxol» with nonproductive cough will not only ease the inflammation and reduce the symptoms but also normalize functions of the pulmonary system.

However, if the patient tormented by long and exhausting cough, which causes vomiting, severe pain in the chest and head, it is important to undergo treatment with the use of more powerful medicines. The best drugs for the treatment of cough is described in this article.

Dosing and duration of treatment

In the appointment of this medication note the annotation of the drug. In addition, check with your doctor what the drug is to use, as «Ambroxol» is available in the form of syrup and tablets.

Regardless of shape, the tool is used thirty minutes before food application. The medication should be taken with a small amount of clean water. In children treatment the water can be replaced with juice or compote.

Dosage, course of treatment and rules of application are assigned individually.

Rules of pill use

In the appointment of a tablet form it is necessary to consider the age of the patient. Generally tablets are prescribed in the treatment of patients six years of age. Kids under this age are prescribed a syrup.

The course of treatment will last for one week, but if there is a risk of mucus in the lungs and complication of bronchitis, the duration of treatment increased to fourteen days.

To apply the medication three times knocking one tablet at a time. After three days of treatment, dosage should be reduced to two tablets per day.

Important! In one pill «Ambroxol» contains thirty milligrams of active substance of the medication.

Like drinking syrup

Manual syrup «Ambroxol» warns that its use is justified by only two years. The drug has a pleasant taste, so children easily treated.

Interesting! Cough syrup is designed for children, so five milliliters of the drug is only fifteen milligrams of the drug. This composition is not suitable for the treatment of adults.

The dosing of the drug:

  1. For the treatment of a child up to two years, the dosage set individually, as the drug is not intended for the treatment of children of such a tender age.
  2. In the treatment of from two to five years you can apply for a 2.5-milligram funds. A day you cannot apply more than five milligrams.
  3. For the treatment of children older than five years is assigned to five milligrams of the syrup three times a day.
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The duration of treatment is for five days. If you have not noticed results, the doctor can replace the drug analogs or increase the dosage.


In the treatment of dry cough by this means it is important to know about the existence of certain restrictions. Contraindications the main contraindications include:

  • pronounced intolerance to the active substances of the medicament;
  • an allergic reaction to the drug components;
  • malfunction of the kidney or liver;
  • liver failure;
  • nervous disease, manifested in seizures, convulsions and accompanied by loss of consciousness;
  • pathological processes of chronic form in the respiratory system;
  • pregnancy in the first three months.

Be careful when treating patients suffering from stomach ulcer, and also at recent surgery in the throat. The tool should not be used if the patient has benign or malignant tumors in the throat.

When treating children it is important to get personal advice, but usually «Ambroxol» is not appointed for children up to two years.

Side effects

Incorrect use means «Ambroxol» can cause some side effects. Usually the unwanted symptoms of complain in case of violation of the rules of the dosages. The most common effects are:

  • diarrhea;
  • dryness of the nasal passages and mouth;
  • heartburn;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • allergic reactions such as rash, itching and burning;
  • weakness, drowsiness, lethargy;
  • pronounced pain in the head.

The presence of any side-effect signals the patient should stop treatment with this medicine.

What people think

Feedback about the drug «Ambroxol» is positive. All of the patients was undergoing treatment with this drug, said his quick action.

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Larissa Kuranova: «When I had signs of inflammation of the respiratory system, held a consultation with a General practitioner. The cough was long and dry, often appeared at night. To get rid of it helped the drug «Ambroxol». Used in pill form three times a day for one week. On the third day the attacks became noticeably softer at the end of the weeks the cough stopped permanently.»

Jeanne marieva: «When the son caught a cold, had a dry cough. At the planned visit, the therapist was advised to buy «Ambroxol» and apply it in the form of syrup. The child liked the taste, although he usually does not like to take any drugs. Was treated for five days, after which the cough was finally».

Kseniya Larina: «After SARS, I had acute bronchitis. At first thought to cure with traditional methods, but the result was not. So I had to use the standard treatment. The doctor prescribed «Ambroxol» for a period of six days. The effect of treatment was evident on the second day. Cough is softer and has improved flow of mucus».


Apply «Ambroxol» only after personal consultation with the doctor. If at the time of treatment you use antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines, you must inform the doctor. This medication is okay to use with other drugs, but there is an increased action of certain drugs.