Tablets Bromhexine from a cough: instruction and at what cough take

How to make cough syrup Bromhexine?

Diseases of the respiratory system in the modern world is not uncommon. The most common symptoms that first complain all patients is the irritation and dryness in the larynx. Such processes invariably cause coughing, which can disrupt the natural rhythm of man. A reflex process in the throat can trigger severe pain in the head, pain in the chest, respiratory failure. Cough can be exhausting, dry, suffocating, which causes severe deterioration of health.

If the patient suffers from cough for a long time, and traditional methods of treatment proved ineffective, should pay attention to modern medicine. To get rid of accumulations of phlegm and restore the functions of breathing can cough tablets «Bromhexine». They eliminate viscous and thick secretions that is formed in the bronchial glands. In addition, the tool thins the mucus and allows the mucus to withdraw in the shortest possible time.

What cough take «Bromhexine»

When the cough and prescribing, patients are wondering what cough tablets «Bromhexine»? This medication is intended for excretion sputum with a strong dry cough, which exhausts the patient and causes severe pain in the throat and sternum.

Trade name «Bromhexine» — «Bromhexine Berlin-Chemie». Usually «Bromhexine» is assigned when complicated by inflammation, when the patient has fever and showing signs of poor health. At this time, patients complain of bouts of uncontrollable and painful cough. Get rid of unproductive process difficult, so you need a really powerful tool, able to clear the bronchi and allow to othersnot accumulated phlegm. Ease breathing in this process can «Bromhexine».

The action of the drug starts with the first day of treatment. The tool is available in several forms: in the form of tablets, solution and syrup. When treating adult patient should choose the tablet form, as a tool like this is capable of a minimum time to thin out the mucus and bring out the mucus from the respiratory tract. Stimulating work bronchial glands, the tool softens attacks of dry cough, restoring respiratory function.

For reference! This drug has shown itself to be highly effective in the treatment of dry cough.

As a result of treatment by the means noted getting rid of accumulating mucus. «Bromhexine» can eliminate the attacks even when other drugs proved to be ineffective. Cough drop due to the irritating action on the respiratory tract.

To summarize, from a cough «Bromhexine» dry or wet? Use the product only in the case of severe unproductive reflex process in the throat.

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When to apply

«Bromhexine» in unproductive cough appointed only on the advice of a doctor. Determining whether «Bromhexine» dry cough, it is important to determine when it should apply.

It is usually prescribed in conjunction with comprehensive treatment in the following cases:

  • in the acute form of inflammation of the lungs;
  • in acute or chronic inflammation pneumonia;
  • inflammation of the bronchial mucosa;
  • when the disease of the trachea;
  • when inflammation of the human respiratory system and tubes connecting the trachea with the lung tissue;
  • inflammatory disorders of the mucous membrane of the larynx and vocal cords;
  • when complications of influenza, whooping cough, measles;
  • recurrent or chronic laryngitis;
  • inflammation of the mucosa and lymphoid tissue of the pharynx;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • damage to the lungs, in which the accumulation of mucus.

In addition, «Bromhexine» can assign when exhausting cough, which arose on the background of complications of viral or infectious diseases in the upper respiratory tract. Prolonged dry cough may occur in connection with the conditions of life of the patient, and the profession of the person. «Bromhexine» is assigned in these cases.

This medication acts as an additional tool in preparation for surgical interventions in the area of the larynx, as well as during rehabilitation, when there is a need thin mucus.

The tool is well absorbed by patients, since the composition does not include aggressive components, can cause the formation of toxins. «Bromhexine» facilitates the rapid transition of non-productive cough in the wet, allowing you to speed up the healing process.

Dosage and rules of use for adults

Manual on tablets «Bromhexine» warns that the use of the drug is possible only from the age of two. To use tablets for adults is four times a day, two pills at a time.

Duration of use should be determined in consultation with the therapist. To apply the remedy should be at least five days. The maximum intake should not exceed thirty days. The first result from the treatment are noticeable after only six hours.

For reference! In the treatment of «Bromhexine» allergic cough or bronchial asthma attacks first you should drink a medicine, which can expand the bronchi.

For children

To treat children up to two years assigned to the drug is «Bromhexine». It has a sweet taste, so usually the course of treatment the kids are naughty. In other cases, prescribe the following dose of «Bromhexine» in the dry cough in children:

  1. For children aged two to six years is assigned to four milligrams of the drug three times a day.
  2. Six to ten years old use up to eight milligrams means three times a day.
  3. For teenagers, the dosage is increased to ten milligrams, which should be applied four times a day.
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The course of treatment should not exceed 28 days.


Usually patients this drug is easily tolerated. However, it is not necessary to apply the remedy in case of severe allergic reaction in the main component of the drug. Other restrictions include:

  • the first three months of pregnancy;
  • feeding the baby breast milk;
  • ulcers;
  • in case of violation of the stomach;
  • a recent bleeding in the stomach.

«Bromhexine» can be used in complex therapy. The tool does not cause enhance or reduce the effect of antibiotics, painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. It goes well with heart drugs and vitamins.

Important! Do not use the «Bromhexine» with a wet cough.

Side effects

Various side effects in the treatment of «Bromhexine» are extremely rare. Patients may notice the formation dizziness, pain in the head, nausea, vomiting, increasing coughing and other symptoms, but only in case of violation of dosage.

In addition, there may be a spasm in the bronchi, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain.

Rarely, the aggravation of the chronic forms of inflammation and impaired digestion. You may also receive an allergic reaction, and various skin rashes.

«Bromhexine» can cause the formation of angioedema, but only in the case of severe violations of the rules of application and dosage.

The manifestation of any undesirable symptoms, you should leave and replace tool counterparts. Similar drugs include: «Abrol», «Ambroxol, Ambrobene», «Mucosolvan».

«Mukaltin» and «Bromhexine»

Many patients compare that the best «Mukaltin» or «Bromhexine». These drugs included in the same group but have different application features.

«Mukaltin» is Russian drug intended for the treatment of inflammation in the lower respiratory tract. In contrast to the «Bromhexine», «Mukaltin» should not be used in case of inflammations in the upper respiratory system.

The syrup and tablets «Mukaltin» can reduce symptoms but not eliminate them completely. Thus by using this drug it is important to combine it with agents that can resolve inflammation. Therefore, «Mukaltin» is designated as one drug of the combination therapy.

Important! «Mukaltin» is assigned only for dry cough.

The simultaneous use of two drugs for the treatment of dry cough, is not necessary. However, it is believed that the vegetable part of «Mukaltin» will allow to accelerate the process of dilution of sputum and mucus, so in the case of acute inflammation of the bronchitis is to apply two drugs at once is not prohibited.

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In this case, a comprehensive treatment will help clear the bronchial tubes of accumulated mucus and eliminating inflammation. In addition, the drugs will greatly facilitate breathing.

The combination of synthetic production and plant herbs will help to cure inflammation of the bronchi over a much shorter time, so simultaneous reception «Mukaltin» and «Bromhexine» in this case is justified.

Those patients who used «Mukaltin» and «Bromhexine» at the same time, noted that «Mukaltin» significantly facilitated the patient’s condition, and «Bromhexine» accelerated the liquefaction and removal of thick mucus.

Which drug to choose

«Bromhexine» and «Mukaltin» have similar effect, so to compare these drugs is not necessary. Both of the medicines liquefy the phlegm and remove it from the respiratory system, allowing you to speed up the healing process.

However, «Bromhexine» prohibited during pregnancy, «Mukaltin» can be applied in any trimester. Therefore, in the case of gestation the preference should be given vegetable drug.

In addition, «Mukaltin» is often assigned children to two years, and «Bromhexine» in this case is strictly prohibited.

Clearly, it is not necessary to replace the «Bromhexine» on drugs, if he was appointed attending physician.


Treatment of dry cough starts with establishing the cause and determine the entire clinical picture. Do not use medicines before visiting doctor, but after completing the course of treatment strictly follow all dosage. Any violation of rules may lead to complication and development of the inflammatory process.