Tea tree oil from rhinitis and sinusitis in the nose: how to use

How to use tea tree oil if cold and sinus?

Treatment of a cold tea tree oil – popular practice in otolaryngology. This product is deservedly can be called a natural antibiotic, due to the wide therapeutic spectrum, exclusion of toxic effects on the human body.

Therapeutic procedures require certain skills, the use of natural suspension has virtually no restrictions. Over-the-counter and inexpensive tool is an alternative to the many pharmacological products.

Useful properties

In pornolistesi of tea tree oil contains numerous organic molecules monoterpenes – pinene, Sabine, Lionel, cineol, etc Arpiola are the main active ingredients exerting a marked antibacterial effect. So there is a detrimental effect on pathological microflora.

Among the anaerobic microorganisms active against staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci, E. coli, and yeast-like fungi.

Using tea tree oil the common cold and other diseases of ENT-organs, in contact with nasal mucosa is manifested in action:

  • prevent the reproduction of bacteria thanks to the ability of active agents to disrupt metabolic and enzymatic processes anaerobes;
  • the overwhelming process of joining of viral particles in the cytoplasm of cells and output them to the outside, constraining the development of the inflammatory process;
  • stimulates metabolism, improves the activation of epithelialization of soft tissues.
  • reducing the sensitivity of nociceptors, thereby eliminating pain and discomfort;
  • regulating immune system, promoting physiological reactivity of the tissues and local immunity.

Expressed therapeutic properties allow you to use essential suspension for the treatment of rhinitis of various etiology (allergic rhinitis is appointed with caution), abnormal movements of diseases of ENT-organs – sinusitis, tonsillitis, rhinopharyngitis, etc.

Important! The medicinal product is not soluble in water. The dissolution process occurs through contact with vegetable oils.

The decision on inclusion of tea tree oil in the treatment plan takes physician based on patient history and the nature of the appearance of cold.

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Before beginning procedures, you must test for an allergic reaction. On the skin in the place of the elbow apply a drop of the ethereal suspension. The appearance of redness, itchy sensations, the drug should be deleted.

How to use tea tree oil when cold

For the relief of the inflammatory process, elimination of hyperemia of the mucosa, restoration of the natural breathing through the nose, ENT specialists recommend the use of the emulsion in three ways:

  1. Prepare nose drops with tea tree oil. In diseases of the respiratory system pronounced therapeutic effect in combination with oils of thyme, lavender, chamomile. Combine all components in equal proportions (2.), warm the mixture on water bath to a comfortable temperature.Use three times a day for 2 drop of ready money in each nasal passage. Equally effective alternative drops are wadded turundy soaked in a medicinal mixture. The exposure time should not exceed 15 minutes;

Important! This method of treatment is not appropriate in the presence of mechanical mucosal damage or ulcers.

  1. Irrigation manipulation. Lavage nasal passages with a solution treatment contributes to the normalization of myconazole production of mucus, its liquefaction and unrestricted outflow. The water brought to the boil in 250 ml. and then cooled to the level of 38 degrees, add 10 drops of essential emulsion.With a Turkey Baster or medical syringe (without a needle) to irrigate each nasal passage. Daily rinses 3-4 treatments, duration of treatment —5-6 days;

For reference! It is important to follow the correct technique of washing. To exclude ingress of fluid in the Eustachian tube, hold your head tilted 90 degrees.

  1. Inhaled treatments. This method is considered the most effective and safest subject to certain rules. When hot treatment liquid temperature should not exceed 50-60 degrees. The basis can be used as distilled and mineral water.Enhance the therapeutic effect will allow the addition of eucalyptus oil, anise or sage. The recommended ratio is 2 l of water:4 drops of tea tree oil:2 drops auxiliary esters. The procedure is performed three times a day, for 7-10 minutes, provided the natural body temperature.
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It is not recommended to use tea tree oil in the baby’s nose before reaching the age of seven because of allergic reactions.

There is an opinion among experts that boys should avoid oil of tea tree pornolistesi before puberty, since the likelihood of violation of the normal ratio of hormones (hormonal imbalance).

Tea tree oil to me

Among practitioners views on the treatment of sinusitis essential emulsion is very contradictory. Some believe that the pathological course of diseases of ENT organs tea tree oil may not be an independent method of treatment and in some cases may cause harm.

Others will allow the inclusion of a therapeutic regimen therapeutic suspension in the chronic course of the disease in the form of a lavage of the nose. It is scientifically proven that pornolistesi of tea tree oil is not soluble in the liquid, which makes the efficiency of this method questioned.

You should understand that sinusitis is a fairly serious condition that in case of incompetent medical action can lead to serious complications, so the treatment of this disease is more rational to make a choice in favor of conservative medicine.

At stage of chronic inflammation of sinusitis to eliminate symptoms of the disease is possible by means of inhalation. The mandatory advice of your doctor! For steam baths need 500 ml water, brought to a temperature of 50 degrees and 10 drops of therapeutic emulsion. Inhale the vapors for 10 minutes, three times a day.

Alleviate breathing cold inhalation. It is recommended to use during night sleep, because the period of exposure of volatile esters in this method should last at least 4-5 hours. In the reservoir of an oil burner to infuse a mixture of water and essential oil in the ratio of 2 tbsp water and 2-3 drops of the emulsion.

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Throughout the day you can drip essential oil on a handkerchief or piece of cloth and inhale for 3-5 minutes.

Important! Inhalation should be carried out after 1.5 hours after the last meal. After the procedure, within the hour, it is not recommended to go outside to smoke, to eat.


Tea tree oil is a natural, concentrated product requiring compliance with the rules of treatment. Expressed therapeutic properties allow to use this product in the treatment of diseases of ENT organs in the absence of pathological forms.

To avoid complications, appoint therapy medicinal emulsion should audiologist taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.