Tetracycline ointment in the nose from a cold to a child: is it possible to smear

Is it possible in the nose to smear tetracycline ointment?

Tetracycline ointment is one of the most popular drugs with broad spectrum of activity. The tool is designed for the treatment of common skin diseases. They include acne, pustules resulting from streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, eczema and trophic ulcers. This medication is also found widespread use in otolaryngology in the treatment of rhinitis. In addition, the tool is very good for eye infections.

Many patients often have questions: «is it Possible to put tetracycline ointment in the nose, and is it safe?» To answer them, it is recommended to consider in detail the features of the tools, its composition, all the indications and contraindications. It is worth noting that the drug is released to pharmacies as an eye ointment. However, the rather long time is prescribed for the treatment of sores in the nose and in many cases helps the common cold.

Features tetracycline ointment

Tetracycline ointment is a bacteriostatic antibiotic, which includes active substance tetracycline hydrochloride. For children is supposed to use funds from a 1% concentration of tetracycline in the ratio of 10,000 ág in 1 g of ointment.

Tetracycline is an excellent antiseptic and has strong antibacterial qualities, quickly reduces inflammation and heals superficial skin lesions during infection.

Activity shall be recorded against gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infection. When using the ointment is a disruption of the complex between the ribosome and transfer RNA. As a result, protein synthesis is suppressed.

Feature of drug is its effectiveness, which has been repeatedly proved by practical experience.

The use of tetracycline ointment for nose

Before using tetracycline ointment, you should ensure that it has not expired. Since the release of the drug shelf life is three years. The means in which the percentage of tetracycline is 3%, can be put in the nose 3 times a day both adults and children from 10 years.

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Before you lay the pads with tetracycline ointment in the baby’s nose, you must wash your hands. Also, you should check with the physician what quantity you can take for one time use.

Immediately before the procedure should prepare cotton swabs, which will be applied to the drug. Treating the nasal passages using a cotton swab. However, this method is dangerous and also ineffective: the nasal passages is not always possible to lubricate fully and you can hurt.

The amount of time during which the pads or turundy must be in the forward pass depends on the nature of the disease and the degree of neglect of the process. In this case I need to consult the pediatrician.

With regard to the treatment of children, tetracycline ointment for nose can be applied, starting from the age of eight. This is explained by the structural features of nasal mucosa. Otherwise there is a risk of side effects.

Despite the many contraindications for insertion in the nose prescribed even to children.

Does tetracycline ointment for runny nose

Tetracycline ointment really is an effective cure for the common cold. However, it is not always so. Many patients complain that after laying the drugs in the nose treatment is not effective. Comments patients quite fair. The fact that tetracycline is an antibiotic that is effective only in bacterial rhinitis.

When cold viral etiology means absolutely powerless: bookmark the tetracycline ointment in the nose will not have a therapeutic effect. It is for this reason self-treatment to use is not necessary, but it is best to seek help from a doctor.

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In the instructions for use tetracycline ointment clearly painted what she can help and what effect should be expected. Unfortunately, this drug is not a panacea for all ENT diseases. It can help you to get rid of only a bacterial infection.

Side effects and contraindications

As with any other product containing active ingredients, tetracycline ointment has its contraindications. The drug is not prescribed during pregnancy and the lactation period. It is not recommended to lay the tool in the nose children up to 8 years.

The treatment sites may appear burning, itching and allergic reactions. In such cases, the application of the ointment should be discontinued. Prolonged use of tetracycline may lead to development of fungal Candida.


Thus, tetracycline ointment, a remedy that has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of external skin diseases and bacterial rhinitis. Today the drug can be purchased at any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. However, to use this tool with caution and purpose a specialist.