Than smear a nose, not to get sick — effective means

Than to smear the nose not to get sick?

In season, a strong exacerbation of respiratory diseases, people should think about their health and take protective measures. Below you are ill, and cold, purchase preventative medications and lubricate their nasal passages. Ointment in the nose is especially popular, when a family has a small child. Children first pick up viruses and infections that causes a disturbance of the basic functions in the nasal cavity. To cure infectious processes is much more difficult than to avoid them.

To reduce the risk of infectious or respiratory disease, experienced doctors recommends that you smear ointment on the basis of antiviral components. They can be natural or manufactured in medical laboratories. This preventive method will help to protect the body in cold seasons, when the immune system is already weakened. To choose tested and effective means possible with the help of the pharmacist, but we recommend to specify in advance than smear the nose, not to get sick.

What diseases in the nasal cavity exist

The manifestation of the disease of a cold or flu are familiar to many. Abundant rashes, eye inflammation, the special sensibility of the mucous membrane of the nose, weakness and fatigue leads to severe intoxication. But in addition to respiratory ailments in the nasal cavity can be formed inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, congestion of mucous secretion, sinusitis, etmoidit and others.

All types of diseases are defined by symptoms that are hard to break.

To prevent the formation of inflammation, doctors recommend the use of antiviral drugs, and various sprays and drops aimed at the destruction of cold symptoms.

In the group of effective cough and cold medications you can find ointments, drops, sprays, medicines based on herbs, which are suitable for treating not only adults but also children.

Basically, these drugs can not eliminate already started the inflammatory process, but they are effective in enhancing the season of respiratory illnesses and help protect the nasal cavity from the negative effects of the environment.

To get rid of inflammation in the early stages, you can use decoctions of herbs and inhalations with essential oils.

The drugs for prophylaxis

People has no habits to protect your body in the season intensify respiratory ailments. Due to such negligent attitude to health of the patient is formed inflammation of viral forms in the upper respiratory tract, and a lesion of the mucous membrane.

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Commonly diseases are accompanied by fever, sneezing, nasal congestion, cough and copious secretion of mucous secretion.

To protect your body and avoid symptoms such experienced doctors recommend applying sprays and ointments.

Daily lubricating your nasal passages, you will be able to avoid dangerous inflammation and maintain health.

Interferonov ointment

In the first stage of inflammation or to protect the organism as a whole, the most common medication is considered Integeronly ointment.

She has a complex of immunoglobulin effect and effectively cope with symptoms of influenza, colds, SARS, and in the case of acute viral inflammation.

To apply the ointment can, if ill someone close to you and you have to be in the same area.

Lubricating the nasal passages twice a day, you’ll be able to avoid viral diseases, and inflammation in the nasal mucosa. In addition, the effective medicine in case of contact with the patient a bacterial-viral etiology.

The ointment can be used for a long time, without fear for the education of side effects. In addition, inteference remedy will moisturize your nasal passages will not allow the formation of crusts, and also actively influences the protective functions of the organism, improving the immune system.


To protect your own body doctors recommend the use of immunomodulating agents provides substantial antiviral action – ointment Viferon.

It has a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa when activated acute respiratory viral diseases.

Viferon appointed in influenza, bacterial inflammation of the mucous membrane, in the case of bacterial or viral pneumonia in children and adults.

Apply the ointment as prophylaxis can including for infants. The tool helps to eliminate the first signs of any infectious inflammatory process and to protect the mucous membranes with possible risk.

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Do not use interferon even for preventive purposes if the patient has severe sensitivity to the active ingredients.


In addition to ointments, the patient may use the solution for oral administration. Alfatah known as the drug has a strong antiviral activity.

In addition, the drug affects the immune system, increasing its produced.

Immunobiological medicaments can be used as a prevention for the flu, the common cold, the risk of formation of inflammation of the paranasal ways.

Natural origin of the drug can have detrimental effects on the parasites and microbes in the mucosa of the cavity. To apply medication is available according to individual dosage, which should be calculated with a doctor.


The active substance of the medicine leads to a splitting of the affected cells and providing a cascade of reactions inside the tissue.

As a result of this process is the destruction of lymphocytes and a rapid recovery of the patient.

Alfereces prescribed for viral activation, acute inflammation is viral or bacterial in nature, but also with danger of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose.

To apply the tool to complex, since the drug has virtually no side effects.

Apply Alfereces should intranasal, lubricating the nasal cavity three times a day.


In the season of revitalization of colds and flu, as well as at risk of formation of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses doctors can prescribe powerful immunomodulatory drug – Grippferon.

He has a pronounced antiviral effect already on the first day after application.

The tool is produced in the form of drops. It is easy to use even in the treatment of young children. Assigned Grippferon as for the prevention of influenza and SARS, and in the case of the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Do not enter the drop at a special sensitivity to the drugs, which include interferon, as well as in allergic reactions.

Herbal teas

If you have friends or colleagues was diagnosed with mild inflammation of the nasal cavity, to protect yourself, you can use antiviral herbal teas.

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It is believed that this method is most safe and cannot cause addiction in the body.

Decoctions of chamomile, thyme, mint, Bay leaf and other herbs activate the immune system and increase the security level of the whole organism.


To protect yourself in the season of colds, the patient may carry out the inhalation of essential oils.

It is best to choose oils of orange and lemon, as they have enhanced antiviral properties.

To maintain a healthy immune system you can use aromatic oils of peppermint and juniper, and to destroy the beginning of a bacterial sinusitis, use aromatic oils made from cedar wood and patchouli.


To avoid the risk of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and paranasal sinuses can be by any means based on interferon. They have immunomodulatory effect and reduce the symptoms of inflammation almost immediately after application.

In the development phase of inflammation to get rid of the disease can the means listed, but in the case of aggravation of the disease it is important to take comprehensive treatment.