Than to treat the ear of the child in the home and how to do it right with the help of medications and folk remedies

How to treat ear child at home?

Ear pain can make a lot of unpleasant moments in the life of an adult and make some time to forget about all daily activities. But when there is a problem with young children is a real problem that ruins lives and the baby and worried about his parents.

In order to know how to treat a child’s ear, it is first necessary to determine the cause of this phenomenon and the peculiarities of its development to provide competent and timely support to the child.

Browse ear diseases

People prone to various ailments, the organ of hearing, including is no exception. The reason for the development of pathological conditions are different for every person.

Ear diseases a huge number, and not all of them harmless. So here it is extremely important to entrust search of possible causes of a qualified professional rather than trying to find the answer yourself using the Internet or medical reference books.

Classify ear disease by the following criteria:

  • congenital – an abnormal condition characterized by anatomical or physiological abnormalities in the development of any of the 3 divisions of the ear. These deviations can be hereditary or be part of disabilities (Goldenhar disease, congenital sensorineural deafness, microtia, etc.);
  • provoked by injuries and mechanical damage is usually the result of accident or work injury. For example, damage to the integrity of the eardrum can occur due to too loud sound or sloppy cleansing the ears;
  • infectious – this category of illnesses of the organ of hearing is associated with the development of the inflammatory process, the cause of which are viruses, bacteria. The pathogenic agent can enter the ear both through the blood, and the nasopharynx, which is the inflammation. Contribute to diseases such as acute respiratory infections, SARS, influenza, sore throat, etc.;

  • dermatological – the human ear is like other bodies susceptible to various skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema. Also quite often common allergic reaction to the irritant may manifest on the skin of the ears in the form of redness, itching, peeling, scabs;
  • inflammatory is the most common category of diseases of the ears. Basically quite often in adults and children develop otitis media, characterized by different stages and forms of disease.

For the child’s age otitis media is the most common ear pathology. This fact has a rather simple explanation: you aborted the Eustachian tube, and susceptibility to frequent colds.

Help. Under 1 year otitis media transfers every 2 baby to 3 years – nearly 90% once developed the ear infection.

An Earache in a child: what parents need to know

Self-treatment of ear infections and adults it is quite dangerous to deal with due to the fact that this pathology is characterized by the development of dangerous complications. For children of any uncomfortable or painful sensations in the ears – is a direct path to the ENT office.

Important. Advanced stage of otitis media can become chronic and face a hearing for a child.

Otitis media in children develops fast, and the pain appears suddenly. It would seem that early in the morning was a healthy child, and by the afternoon – lethargic, cranky, restless baby.

If in such a situation, immediately show the child’s doctor, parents can not, then you need to perform several simple actions to ease the condition of the little patient. To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Provide bed rest and a comfortable microclimate in the house.
  2. To ensure free breathing through the nose. For this fit vasoconstrictor nasal drops for children, «Nazivin», «Nazol kids», «Otrivin».
  3. To remove the excruciating pain in the ear can help «Panadol», «Nurofen» for children from the age of 12 can take «Nimesulide» («Nimid», «Nimesil»). In addition to analgesic effect, these drugs have antipyretic activity.
  4. Provide abundant warm drink, but avoid drinking hot drinks and food. It can cause more severe illness and increase the swelling.
  5. To exclude walks in the fresh air and shampooing.

These actions will help to alleviate the condition of the baby to the doctor.

There are also some simple techniques at home to cure the ear of the baby and not to inflict harm. Such methods include:

  • dry heat – baby you can just wear on the head hat or tie a scarf (preferably of wool);
  • to use turundae – flagellum of cotton or gauze can be impregnated ear drops «Drops» or «Otinum» (have anesthetic effect) or heated boric alcohol and to introduce into the ear canal. To change such flagella have 1 per day. Drip something into the ears of the child before the medical examination should not be, because there can be rupture of the tympanic membrane;
  • compresses help to eliminate pain, improve circulation, and relieve inflammation. Can be alcohol or oil.

Attention! Any hot compress can be applied only to the recovery stage, in the absence of fever and purulent discharge from the ear.

  • treatment for the common cold, otitis media is quite often accompanied by a runny nose and if not treated in parallel, the effect from all activities will not be simple. For this you may use nasal drops with an antibacterial effect: «Polideksa», «Izofra», «Bioparoks».

If after these actions the child’s condition improvements are not observed, the visit to a medical institution can not be avoided. Here to solve only to parents: do torture the child to unskilled self-help or to rid him of the disease under expert guidance.

Unconventional treatment

If your child has an Earache, folk remedies it is possible to help. Only to approach the selection of recipes is deliberately and very selectively, and better yet to about this advice from the doctor.

In folk medicine for pain in the ears in children it is common to use these recipes:

  • a decoction of the leaves of cranberries – 3 cups leaves pour boiling water and infuse for 12 hours, then drain and take 1 Cup 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day;
  • leaf geranium – roll and lay in the ear leaf geranium that will eliminate pain and eliminate the inflammation;
  • tincture of calendula – has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. For treating a cotton flagellum soaked material and put in a sore ear.
  • a decoction of currant, raspberry, rose hips, prepared to drink. Facilitates the patient’s condition and helps to strengthen the protective functions of the body.

Recipes of traditional medicine a huge number, in this case the only thing you need to do is to correctly choose the needed from all the presented diversity.


Any disease in children is a real disaster for the whole family. The parents knocked down in search of ways to eliminate and cure a favorite child.

However, the otitis is not a simple cold and requires a very responsible and serious approach to treatment, especially in children. Improper and inept actions can degrade hearing child, or even to deny that sense perception. That is why it is very important to obtain the necessary medical assistance.

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