The ball in the earlobe appeared and hurts — how to remove?

How to get the ball in the earlobe?

One of the unique structures in the human body are the ears. They have a pair structure, and have important functions in the structure and human life. It is therefore particularly important to monitor any signs of the organ of hearing and the appearance of various seals immediately consult a doctor.

So, one of the most common phenomena is the formation of lump in the earlobe. Commonly it is located close to the face and is a nasty and sometimes painful syndrome. When the first symptoms various Wen is the earlobe, you must contact the surgeon.

Causes of ball on the ear

A well-known fact that the organ of hearing has the most important tasks in the human body. It is therefore important not only to maintain daily hygiene of the ear, but also follow all the symptoms of the body.

In addition to the standard sulfur removal, the female half, you need to follow in places punctures and periodically clean the earrings and the hole.

If you find a ball in the ear after a puncture or seal in this area, should be timely to go to the doctors.

In most cases, this inflammation has serious complications, but to have the information, what the balls in the earlobe is necessary.

If you find the seal you need to install the root cause. Competent doctor will quickly determine the root cause and prescribe treatment, if needed.

Most often the cause of the ball are inflammatory processes in the organ of hearing. At the time of formation it may be similar to an ordinary rash or acne.

But over time it can grow and bring serious discomfort. In this case, the appointment of complex treatment with use of antibiotics and other antiviral drugs.

The reason why the earlobe ball, can be set. These include:

  1. The appearance of the tumor, which occurs because of blockage of sebaceous glands. In addition to the ears, this inflammation can appear on the scalp or face.
  2. A cyst formed in the thickness of the skin. This inflammation commonly occurs when sealed cavity. In this case, the cyst fills Horny mass and sebaceous glands.
  3. Trauma to the ear by household wounds or broken ears.
  4. During the hormonal development of adolescents.
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Of these reasons, the most common sebaceous cysts and tumors caused by trauma to the outer passage.

Note the size and location of the lump. It is important to determine whether the ball is moving, or, conversely, motionless.

In addition, it is important to determine whether aching ball in the lobe of the ear by probing the place of the seal. Also note the color of the skin.

In addition to these signs, if on the ear inflated ball and it hurts, pay attention to the metabolism in the body.

In addition, consider the following factors appearance, and if possible eliminate their variations:

  1. If you recently experienced severe hypothermia, which appeared the ball may be as a consequence, not a cause.
  2. In summer, bulbs can be formed due to severe sunstroke.
  3. In case of improper ear piercing is not excluded the appearance of a lump under the skin.
  4. Follow the hygiene, since dirty body often there are inflammatory processes.
  5. In the event of trauma in the process of cleaning ears with cotton sticks and causing cracks on the delicate skin of the organ of hearing often appear white bumps and pimples.

To provoke a painful ball under the skin may sweating and acne.

How to get the ball in the earlobe

When this unpleasant defect, you must pay attention to the lifestyle and hygiene. If the resulting cluster does not bother you, it does not change in size and scope to worry about, except the aesthetic side, nothing.

However, if the ear lobe has a ball and it hurts for a long time do not delay going to the surgeon.

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Over time it can not only increase in volume, but also bring serious complications.

As due to a clogged sebaceous gland is unable to go, the possibility of disease by bacteria and ear infections.

Atheroma can change color, sometimes duck, and the contents leads to a suppurative process.

Therefore, in the absence of treatment, the contents can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue.

This will provoke the penetration of bacteria into the blood vessels, which quickly spread throughout the body. In this case, the high fatal.

Don’t ignore the process, so as to avoid surgery impossible. Otherwise, before you remove the bulb you will prescribe a course of antibiotics that negatively affect the immune system.

To prevent complications of the disease enough time to see a doctor, as this liquidation process takes a small amount of time.

Unfortunately, in addition to surgical intervention, other methods of treatment does not exist. However, the procedure of the operation takes about twenty minutes and is completely painless.

After completion of operations on the ear, no scars or other unaesthetic shape and the person can quickly return to a more natural lifestyle.

In the modern world there are several ways the surgery and the person can choose the most preferred by yourself.

It is believed that surgical treatment is the most reliable because it is performed under local anaesthetic.

When you select this operation on the affected ear held a small incision or puncture by a specialized needle.

Through the puncture, the doctor removes the contents of the atheroma.

Next, you need to clean the puncture of pus or other discharge. The technician then removes itself capsule.

The final maneuver becomes a cosmetic seam.

There is another method of removal education laser therapy. To resort to this method is possible only under condition of a small amount of Wen.

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In case, if the ball has not reached the diameter greater than five millimeters, laser removal is considered the most successful, as this method is less traumatic.

During this operation the bulb is removed, carbon dioxide laser, and the procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes.

Rehabilitation in this case is not required.

The last way when you remove this unpleasant symptom is considered a radio wave method.

This method is considered an innovation in the medical field. In addition, scientists have proved the harmlessness of the used radio waves. So if possible, go through this therapy.

Its basis lies in the fact that the resulting ball is sent waves of various frequencies. With the help of high energy radiation, the diseased tissue is heated and evaporates the contents together with the capsule.


Upon detection of a ball in the ear is not recommended the use of alternative medicine, because the human need to establish roots. In the case of traditional methods, their application is not considered effective.

Therefore, in the case of inflammation on the ear lobe will first ask for qualified help.