The balm asterisk from the common cold to nose manual and where smear

How to use Asterisk with a cold?

Colds many people are looking for the most effective and safe method for the treatment of rhinitis. One such method is the use of balm «Asterisk».

This drug is absolutely harmless to the human body and is not addictive unlike vasoconstrictor drops.

Characteristics and main properties

The balm «Asterisk» with a cold used a very long time. It not only eliminates the symptoms of the common cold, but also relieves headache and muscle pain. Also, when applied to certain parts of the body aktiviziruyutsya its antiviral effect.

To find out if the «Star» from a cold, you should carefully examine the contained components.

In its composition it contains the following active, therapeutic components:

  1. Clove essential oil. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. Acts as a General tonic for the body.
  2. Essential oil of eucalyptus. Is characterized by wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antibacterial and deodorizing effect.
  3. Essential oil of Chinese cinnamomi. Has a relaxing, warming effect. Removes puffiness.
  4. Essential oil of peppermint. Is characterized by wound healing, sedative, antipyretic activity. Helps to strengthen the body.
  5. Essential oil camphor Laurel. Has a vasoconstrictor effect. Stimulates the respiratory system and improves the expectoration of sputum.
  6. Essential oil of menthol. Eliminates inflammation and acts as a pain reliever.

The positive effect of balm «Asterisk» when cold is because the oil have a high volatility, and inhalation of the active components penetrate deep into the inner layers of the nasal cavity. When released, this tool causes irritation of the mucous membranes and speeds up processes.

Vietnamese «the Asterisk» is available in three forms:

  • pencil;
  • ointment;
  • liquid balm.
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Most often in the treatment of runny nose, use a pencil. It can be smeared on certain places and to use as an inhaler «Asterisk».

Apply the ointment or liquid directly on the mucosa of the nasal cavity is impossible, as you can get severe irritation and burns. So the answer to the question — is it possible with asterisk to smear in the nose, will be negative.

Contraindications use of balm «Asterisk» include:

  • early childhood;
  • the presence of wounds, cuts, abscesses on the skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • the development of allergic reactions to substances in the preparation composition.

Help! Before the first application of a therapeutic agent necessary to test for the presence of allergies. You need to lubricate the tool, a small patch of skin and observe the reaction for half an hour.

If rash, redness and severe burning sensation, immediately stop using this drug. Balance must be washed off skin with baby soap.


The balm «Asterisk» are only suitable for outdoor use. For the treatment of rhinitis every kind need to be applied differently. Described below are methods on how to properly use the asterisk in the cold.

In the photo below a detailed list of points where it is necessary to smear with an Asterisk in the cold.

This means in a small amount is applied to active points of the face:

  • on the wings of the nose from the outside;
  • on the area of skin located above the upper lip (under each bow stroke);
  • at recess, located at the junction of the cheeks and wings of nose;
  • on the lobes of the ears;
  • the plot, located between the eyebrows;
  • on the chin.
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After application of the drug to the active point should not press down hard on it and to perform a rubbing and massaging motion for 1-2 minutes. In this alternate enhancement and reduction of the finger pressure on the point.

Help! To find the location of active points is sufficient press lightly on the skin. If there’s more pronounced pain in this area relative to others, it is identified correctly.

This procedure is recommended to run every 4-5 hours, until the previous portion of the oil is finally absorbed. A day of therapeutic agent is applied up to 6 times.

You can do inhalation therapy with the addition of funds. For one procedure it is necessary to dilute in water ointment, in quantity equal to a match head, or dilute 2-4 drops of liquid balm.

The duration of one inhalation should not be longer than 10-15 minutes. It is best to run in the evening before bed. High therapeutic effect is achieved when combined with acupressure.

Colds, accompanied by acute rhinitis, it is recommended to RUB the chest, back, feet with ointment. Then wrap yourself in a warm sweater and socks and lie under a blanket for 50-60 min.

Instructions for use pencil

In acute rhinitis the pencil used as a cold inhalation. Carry them to the following:

  • remove the cap and bring the tool to the first nostril, holding the second finger;
  • slowly make a deep breath and exhale through the mouth;
  • to make the same action with the other nostril.

The timing of the inhalation is 30 seconds. In the day to do them up to 15 times.

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Also, the pencil can be applied to the same parts of the body, as described above.

Application of the balm with a cold in a child

Zvezdochka nasal child is contraindicated, if it has not reached the age of three, since the toddler can put her hands in the eyes or nose to burn mucosa. In addition, the skin of babies is very delicate, so it is necessary to apply a very thin layer to avoid irritation.


In the treatment of rhinitis, ointment in small quantities can be diluted in a bath before taking water procedures, or inhalations. The water should not be hot. Also, solution for inhalation you want to add chamomile, sea salt.

The use of » * » when cold will be effective, if used in combination therapy. This remedy has a healing effect on the entire body.