The balm Asterisk when sinusitis: treatment and reviews

How to use Asterisk with sinusitis?

Balm «gold Star», which is also known as the «Vietnam Star» for many years, used in a wide variety of ailments. This is one of the few medicines, plant-based, whose medicinal properties were recognized as official medicine. Its popularity the medicine has gained in the Soviet era, and nowadays it continues to be used.

High efficacy demonstrated in the fight against colds, respiratory infections, sinusitis, and other similar pathological processes. The balm «Asterisk» when sinusitis is used as adjuvant in combined therapy. It allows you relieve the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, reduces the formation of nasal secretions, and improve nasal breathing.

Method of production

Unique the drug has a number of useful properties, due to which he received such wide distribution.

Currently, the «Vietnamese Star» is available in several forms:

  • pencil for the procedures of ingalirovnie;
  • ointment;
  • liquid balm.

The variety of forms of production ensures ease of use «Gold Star» if you have different symptoms.

For example, a pencil for inhalation copes with the symptoms of common cold viral or bacterial etiology and other inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx.

Ointment for external use, universal, however, the tool is best suited for acupressure and massage.

Regarding liquid balm, it is best used for inhalation treatments.

Regardless of the release form, the drug contains a combination of essential oils:

  • peppermint;
  • camphor Laurel;
  • the leaves of eucalyptus;
  • the flowers of the clove tree;
  • leaves cinnamomi Chinese.

In addition, the formulation includes petrolatum, beeswax and paraffin.

The drug is characterized by the specific odor, which is difficult with something to compare. This feature is due to the presence in the balm camphor and levomenthol acting as active substances that provide local irritant effect.

Therapeutic effect

The asterisk refers to the number of all-natural medicines. In the product contains no chemical additives, so its therapeutic action is achieved solely through plant components.

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Used produces this effect on the body:

  • relieves pain, has a warming effect;
  • relieves fatigue, improves emotional state;
  • reduces the severity and frequency of cough onset;
  • reduces the severity of the inflammatory phenomena;
  • improves the process of blood circulation;
  • relieves nasal congestion;
  • eliminate pathogens;
  • restores damaged tissues;
  • activates the body’s defense mechanisms;
  • normalizes the production of nasal secretions;
  • improves the drainage of the paranasal sinuses.

The balm passed the test of time and has proved effective in combating many ailments including sinusitis.

If used properly you can reduce the symptoms of the insidious disease and significantly improve the patient’s condition.

Treatment of sinusitis with an Asterisk

The main objectives of sinusitis treatment are normalization of nasal breathing, restore drainage functions of the sinuses with a maximum removal of inflammatory exudate, as well as to activate local protective barrier.

However, it should be borne in mind that the use of the balm may not act as a primary drug, and should be combined with drug therapy prescribed by a physician.

The asterisk can only eliminate painful symptoms, but to cope with the disease can not afford it.

Procedure ingalirovnie

If the pathological process is not accompanied by an increase in temperature, it is possible to resort to performing a steam inhalation. For this purpose great liquid balm.

To perform the procedure required to boil 1 liter of water, then add 5 drops of chamomile and 2 tablespoons of sea or cooking salt. The ingredients a good stir. Then, bending over the container of solution, cover head with a thick towel or warm blanket and inhale vapour of essential oils. Duration of therapy should not exceed 20 minutes.

Using a pencil

In addition, treatment of sinusitis can be carried out with the help of inhalation of a pencil.

The manipulations are performed in the following manner: remove the cap from the inhaler, bring it close to the base of the nostril, the second when it should be closed with the thumb. Breaths take deep and calm. The same actions done with the second nasal passage. You can use the tool every half hour.

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Excellent therapeutic effect is the impact on biologically active points with the help of acupressure. Such manipulations help to cope with nasal congestion, can improve the discharge of the pathological exudate, have a restorative effect.

The balm in this case increases the effectiveness of this kind of massage allows you to achieve a positive result over a short period of time.

The biologically active points can be attributed to such areas of the face:

  • whiskey;
  • points on both sides of the wings of the nose;
  • earlobes;
  • the region of nasolabial triangle;
  • the projection of the maxillary sinus;
  • the area between the eyebrows.

The procedure begins with a light stroking of each point in a clockwise direction, gradually increasing the pressure until the appearances of the senses heat from a rubbing of the skin.


Despite the absolute harmlessness of the drug, yet in some cases its use is not recommended.

It is undesirable to apply the balm «Asterisk» in such situations:

  • in the presence of hypersensitivity to individual components of the tool;
  • if you have any skin disease and open wounds in the area of application of balm;
  • in the treatment of children under the age of six.

The only side effect that may occur on the background of drug treatment, is an allergic reaction.

To avoid such troubles, it is advisable to test for allergies. To do this, a small amount applied to the bend of your elbow and wait for some time. In case of any discomfort, redness or swelling, the use of medication should be abandoned.


Svetlana, 35 years old Moscow: «the Asterisk use in a wide variety of ailments ranging from headaches, banal ending injuries. Until recently, I didn’t know that the tool helps to cope with sinusitis, we are not faced with an unpleasant disease face to face. Anointed them with the balsam sinus, under the nose, whiskey. Congestion is already 10 minutes after application, also improves the excretion of purulent discharge and reduce the pain. Of course, the treatment was conducted not only with Stars, but the fastest withdrawal symptom after all provided it this way.»

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Irina, 29 years old, Novosibirsk: «Asterisk — a good natural remedy that really helps to get rid of the painful symptoms of sinusitis. Checked it myself a year ago when was diagnosed with bilateral maxillary sinusitis. Smeared in maxillary sinus surgery, doing inhalations with an asterisk. So to speak, was added to the traditional treatment of folk remedies, and it has paid off.»

Alexander, 42, Krasnoyarsk: «had the usual colds, not recovered, as usual a lot of, ultimately, sinusitis. The doctor prescribed the medication and a friend of the homeopath advised me to Supplement it by the use of pencil for inhalation. The effect of the Stars I felt at once, the nose seemed to finally breathe, began to actively get out the pus from the sinuses, become less pains in the nose. Honestly, I thought that it will end with a puncture, but fortunately, nothing happened.»