The best means from a cold and nasal congestion: the list of effective drugs

What medication can be taken from the nasal congestion and runny nose?

Constant companion of colds or viral inflammation of the upper respiratory tract – rhinitis. It occurs with different signs and symptoms, but in all cases cause the patient serious discomfort. To get rid of rhinitis can be different methods, but before starting treatment it is necessary to find out why there’s this symptom and whether it’s associated with nasal congestion.

In the most part to get rid of rhinitis and the absence of nasal breathing, you can use complex effects. Modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of products for all occasions. But with the choice medication it is important to choose really the best way. It is therefore important to pay attention to all the contraindications of the medication and determine its effects. It is especially important to read the abstract and determine whether it is possible to use a particular drug in case of pregnancy or allergic reactions.

What is rhinitis

Rhinitis is familiar to all inhabitants of the planet. This inflammation occurs with profuse mucous secretions, nasal congestion, fever and malaise. With the progression of the inflammation the patient may receive the selection in various shades, indicating severe process within Airways.

Rhinitis often becomes the root cause of otitis media, sinusitis or frontal sinusitis.

In addition, catarrhal rhinitis can form more severe symptoms that disrupt sleep.

As a result, the patient becomes irritable, tired, sleepy and exhausted.

Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor-otolaryngologist and undergo diagnosis.

Treatment of nasal congestion and rhinitis begins with establishing a cause. Sometimes in the complex treatment included the use of only vasoconstrictor drops and firstgov for washing. But if the inflammation is more serious, the patient can assign a list of antiviral and antibacterial drugs.

Remember that effective treatment of rhinitis and nasal congestion depends on the correct determination of the cause of inflammation.

Today to find an effective remedy for runny nose and nasal congestion easily. Any pharmacy can choose from a variety of drugs intended for the treatment of rhinitis. But it is important to choose a really good way, as most of the advertised remedies only reduce symptoms, but do not eliminate the source of inflammation.

The list of tools from the common cold and nasal congestion

Identifying the root cause of rhinitis and the absence of nasal breathing, a qualified specialist will prescribe the necessary medication. Today we will examine the most popular tools that have proven results.

The nose

Known vasoconstrictor drug that is suitable for the treatment of adults and children the Nose.

The drug is available in the form of nasal drops and contains phenylephrine hydrochloride and tramazoline hydrochloride.

The active components of the means used to apply medication in acute rhinitis with prolonged nasal congestion.

Vasoconstrictor Nose drops help to reduce swelling in the mucous membrane of the nose, and the active component of the drug improves nasal breathing immediately after the introduction of drops. In addition, the tool reduces the pressure in the region of the maxillary sinuses and the middle ear area.

Distinguishes this drug from others is his consistency. It’s pretty dense, so the duration of action is increased to eight hours. It also protects the nasal mucosa from drying out, which is especially important in the treatment of acute or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.

This drug has mild side effects, and contraindications include the following processes:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • glaucoma;
  • renal dysfunction;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

In other cases, apply the product is one drop every two hours. For children, the dosage is selected individually.


Another known remedy for the treatment of rhinitis – nasal spray Afrin.

It is known in medical circles as the drug is fast acting. Oxymetazoline hydrochloride is the active ingredient of the medicine.

It allows you to have a vasoconstrictive effect, which is necessary for the treatment of acute or congenital cold. In addition, the Afrin has a decongestant remedy.

To apply medication is needed topically. At one time, it is recommended to enter two inject. Take the reorganization of the nasal passages with FireStore or decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Vasoconstrictor drug has a reduction in swelling immediately after the introduction of the tool nose, and its active component improves the paranasal sinuses and the positive effect on the Eustachian tube. Thus, Afrin nasal breathing easier and eliminates the inflammatory process.

It should be noted that due to the auxiliary components of the drug does not leak into the throat. Therefore, it is authorized for the treatment of children and adults. The effect of medication as long as possible and lasts up to twelve hours. Why Afrin is recommended to enter only once a day.

It is best to introduce the remedy in allergic rhinitis, as well as to infections, inflammation, sinusitis and Eustachian.


One of the most effective drugs in local use is considered At all.

It consists of phenylephrine, which contributes to the effective destruction of the inflammation and reducing the number of production of mucous secret.

As a result, after application of the nasal spray, the patient improved breathing through the nose, and also normal overall health.

In addition to the vasoconstrictor action At all has a decongestant effect. Due to AIDS, the medication has a positive effect on the mucous membranes and reduces swelling in this area.

Apply this spray it is necessary in acute rhinitis with nasal congestion and inflammation of sinusitis.


Llanos – another remedy to treat rhinitis long.

It comes in the form of nasal drops and allowed for treatment of children six years of age.

Vasoconstrictor drug has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the nose.

It not only reduces the symptoms of the disease, but destroys the inflammation. so Glanos is indicated for sinusitis, Eustachian, otitis media, hay fever, and in acute rhinitis.

The active ingredient of the drug produces a constriction of the blood vessels that were located in the mucosa of the nasal cavity. Thus, the preparation reduces edema and hyperemia of the mucosa of the nasopharynx.

The drug improves nasal breathing, while not irritating the nasal cavity.


Known cure for the common cold – a Cold.

This drug has a powerful action and has adrenomimetic effect.

Narrowing the blood vessels in the lining of the cavity, Nazivin provides immediate improvement of nasal breathing.

In addition, the drug reduces swelling and eliminates inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

It is believed that long time, has no irritating effect on the mucous membrane cavity, but use of this medication for a long time is not recommended.

Apply a Cold can of acute rhinitis, seasonal or year-round rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, and inflammation of sinusitis. To apply the remedy as prevention is desirable.

Treatment by this means is prohibited when inflammation of children under one year. During pregnancy from the use of Nasivin should be abandoned.


To cure rhinitis can nasal drops Tizin. Its active ingredient is not dangerous to treat even young children, so is very popular.

Using Glycine, the patients reported a positive effect on the respiratory system and significant relief of nasal breathing.

The main effect of droplets directed to vasoconstriction, but other than that, the drug relieves swelling of the mucous parts and normalizes the organ function of breathing.

In addition, Glycine affects the amount allocated secretion and significantly reduces cold symptoms.

Note that the drug starts its action immediately after the introduction into the nose, and the effect lasts for a long time. If Glycine is operated correctly, nasal breathing will be maintained for eight hours.

In addition to acute rhinitis, Glycine can be used in the case of pharyngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis.

The dosing of the drug in each case is different. For mild rhinitis doctors prescribe the introduction of three drops a day for adults and one drop for the treatment of children. If the cold hurts patient with acute symptoms the dosage is doubled. Do not use Glycine in a patient if there is any inflammation in the heart and lungs, as well as diabetes or high blood pressure.


Concludes the list of popular medicines for the treatment of rhinitis – Otrivin.

This drug belongs to the group of vasoconstrictive medication and is designed to improve nasal breathing during acute inflammation rhinitis.

Its active ingredients remove nasal mucosa after ten minutes after injection, so he enjoys a very positive reputation. To use Otrivin for children treatment, as well as during pregnancy after the first trimester.

The drug relieves swelling, and restores the function of the respiratory system and improves the General condition of the patient.

It should be noted that Otrivin is not causing congestion.


Treatment of rhinitis with acute symptoms should be done under the supervision of a physician. It is especially important to adhere to this rule when inflammation of the respiratory tract in young children.

Even a common cold can result in dangerous symptoms and cause a number of undesirable consequences.

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