The best remedies for the common cold in adults: the best way

That better helps the common cold adults?

Inflammation is characterized as rhinitis. This inflammation occurs with certain symptoms, which are known to everyone. During the illness of the patient tormented by an abundance of mucous discharge, stuffy nose, lack of nasal breathing, pain in the head and the eyebrows, the redness of the tip of the nose and a number of other characteristic features. From these symptoms I want to get out as quickly as possible, and will this medications in the cold.

The most effective remedy for the common cold in adults – vasoconstrictor drugs. They have beneficial effect on the mucous membranes cavity of the nose and improve nasal breathing immediately after the introduction of drugs into the nose. However, with extensive choice of medicines it is important not to make mistakes and to find really good tool. In this article we will describe the strong drops and sprays that will relieve you from the annoying and debilitating cold.

What is rhinitis and its symptoms

Inflammation of the nasal passages and mucous cavities are very common. Every person suffers from rhinitis for about five times a year. The reasons for its formation are always different, but it is very important to install them before treatment. A major factor in the education of rhinitis is the infiltration into the nose of viruses and bacteria. This can occur due to trauma, a weak immune system or due to frequent overcooling;

In addition, the reason for the formation rhinitis is often a fungal infection, and improper treatment of colds.

Keep in mind that the wrong medication can cause complications of the disease, and to cause the formation of drug-induced rhinitis.

In the treatment of rhinitis need to pay attention to the symptoms of the disease.

They can be acute and painful or, on the contrary, rhinitis may not have obvious signs. Patients often complain of the following clinical picture:

  • strong education mucous secretion;
  • the lack of nasal breathing;
  • pain in the head and the temples;
  • the sensation of having a foreign object;
  • crusts on the mucous membrane part;
  • the impossibility of breathing through the nose;
  • sneezing;
  • itching and burning;
  • dryness of the mucous membrane part;
  • the congestion in the hearing aid.

In addition, the patient can torment insomnia, lack of appetite and several other symptoms that adversely affect health.

These symptoms require immediate intervention and the purpose drug therapy. To determine what to buy for the common cold best by a qualified physician. Before beginning treatment it is important to study the rules of the drug, to determine the required number of doses, and also to pay attention to the contraindications and side effects.

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The best means from a cold

Modern pharmaceutical market offers wide range of medicines.

Choose from the suggested remedies for effective treatment of the common cold in adults is easy, because you can examine the annotation to the medication in advance.

But it is also important to determine the cause of the disease. If you have an inflammatory process caused by the penetration of the virus, you need to purchase antiviral drops.

If the runny nose was the result of hypothermia, the patient is assigned vasoconstrictor drops.

Having determined that better helps the child, immediately start the treatment.


A strong cure for the common cold drops nazivin. They have adrenomimetic action and a beneficial effect on the mucous nasal cavity. When applied to the inflamed area, the drug has an active effect on the blood vessels and narrows them within minutes. Thus, a long time has protivootechnoy action and reduces edema in the mucosa of the nasal cavity and division of the respiratory tract.

It is known that a long time has no toxic effects and does not irritate. Use medicine is required topically, strictly following the dosage. Incorrect use of medications, patients produces nausea, vomiting, a feeling of pressure in the nose, high blood pressure, poor health and other possible signs of intoxication.

To be treated Nazivin needed in acute rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis, Eustachian, and inflammation of the middle ear.

In the case of glaucoma, hypersensitivity sensitivity to substances in the preparation composition, and in the case of atrophic rhinitis, the drug is prohibited.

With caution you should use the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby’s chest.

In other cases, assigned the introduction to three drops at a time.

Apply a Cold can be three times a day for five days.

In the case of acute rhinitis, the doctor may increase the number of days, but in this case, the formation of drug-induced rhinitis.


The following is used to treat symptoms of the common cold Nazol. This medication is intended for local treatment. It narrows blood vessels and restores the function of organ of respiration. Nazol is available in the form of a spray, comprising powerful active ingredients.

To apply the nasal spray is necessary in cases of inflammations in the region of the organ of respiration, and also in colds, rhinitis, viral rhinitis, or infection of the respiratory tract.

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In addition, Children are often prescribed for inflammation of sinusitis, rhinitis and also at any kind.

Before use, verify the absence of contraindications.

These include hypersensitivity to the active components of the medication, and the incidence of atrophic rhinitis. It is not advisable to use Children as a drug for the treatment of children up to six years, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

To apply medication for hypertension, chronic heart failure, as well as in the case of violations of the heart is undesirable. The caution allowed the treatment of this drug in chronic renal failure and in the case of urinary retention.

Use in accordance with these dosages:

  • children six years of age are allowed one injection twice a day;
  • for adults assigned to the use of three vspryskivaniu in each nostril twice a day.

Do not use the drug more than three days.


Best helps from rhinitis drug Otrivin. He belongs to the group of vasoconstrictive drops, so treatment with this drug is allowed for three days.

The drug has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the part and improves breathing through the nose within five minutes after injection.

In addition, Otrivin has an active substance that moisturizes the mucosa and does not cause dryness.

To apply a medication can be acute or chronic rhinitis, allergic reactions, inflammation of sinusitis, sinusitis.

In acute rhinitis doctors recommend to introduce two drops into each nostril every six hours. During further treatment the dosage should be reduced. Before each introduction of the drops is recommended reorganization of the nasal cavity.

If the drug is used incorrectly, the patient may form a few side effects:

  • dryness of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity;
  • itching and burning;
  • adaptation of the organism to the active component of the drug;
  • obstruction of nasal breathing;
  • deterioration of health.

Under such symptoms the treatment, you must stop and consult a doctor for further advice.


A well-known drug that has gained special popularity among patients, often suffering from rhinitis – Glycine.

A vasoconstrictor reduces nasal congestion and improves function of the upper respiratory tract within two minutes after injection.

Glycine has virtually no contraindications, but before applying you should pay attention to side effects. These include:

  • a burning sensation in the nasal cavity;
  • itching and discomfort the mucous membrane part;
  • dryness in the mouth;
  • frequent sneezing;
  • the formation of large amounts of mucous secretion;
  • reactive hyperemia.
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These symptoms indicate a properly selected dosage. Usually doctors prescribe the introduction of two drops in each nostril morning and evening. For children, the dosage is selected individually, taking into account age, height and weight of the child.

With proper use of the drug, the patient feels improvement in health and reduction in symptoms on the third day of treatment. The therapy usually lasts up to five days.


Popular nasal drops for the treatment of acute or chronic rhinitis – Galazolin. This medication comes in the form of drops, comprising of Xylometazoline hydrochloride and excipients.

Powerful vasoconstrictor drug provides a normal nasal breathing and improvement of health within ten minutes after injection.

Before use, it is recommended to clean the nasal passages of accumulated mucus.

Thus, the drug will have a more effective effect.

Local application provides a reduction in the number of mucus secretion, and edema and hyperemia of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.

Relief nasal breathing is formed within a few minutes and the effect lasts for ten hours. Therefore, Galazolin advised to enter the nasal cavity once a day two drops in each nasal passage.

Galazolin effective in acute rhinitis, in the case of viral infection of the respiratory tract, as well as in acute or chronic sinusitis, hay fever and otitis media.


Treatment of rhinitis is not a long period of time. Vasoconstrictor drops usually eliminate the symptoms of inflammation for three days, but if the disease develops acute symptoms, the doctor may increase the treatment.

Experts recommend that before each use of drops to carry out reorganization of the nasal cavity specialized solutions. This method will improve the penetration of the useful properties of a selected medication into the nasal cavity.