The blockage of the glands on the genital lip: causes and treatment

Each person faced with this problem, as Wens. They often occur on the hands, face and other parts of the body. But in women they can also appear in the vagina, the labia. What is the cause of the blockage of the glands and whether it is dangerous to women’s health?

Blockage (Wen) is a General name for tumors that appear on the body, including sexual lip. The so-called lipoma and atheroma. Their difference is that the atheroma is a benign neoplasm, most often occurs due to blockage of sebaceous gland, and lipoma consists of subcutaneous fat located below the skin.

Blockage of the prostate: is it dangerous for health?

By themselves, the growths are not dangerous to women. If they are small and in no way are concerned, worry about, however, and forget about the challenge. It so happens that Wen can injure and inside it will get germs that will lead to the development of the inflammatory process. And due to the fact that the skin in the perineum is very delicate and is often exposed to (cleaning, tight underwear or wearing pads), to injure the blockage of the glands at any time. Also, many women find sexual lip pea, attempt to open her up, squeezing it like a zit, but this is by no means impossible to do. Because such actions can occur suppuration, to develop the strongest inflammation and the consequences can be more serious than it seems.

If lipomas and sebaceous cysts reach big sizes and continue to grow, causing severe pain at palpation, it is possible to say that the woman is a malignant tumor requiring urgent radical solutions.

Which leads to blockage?

The blockage of the glands on one sex lip can occur for several reasons, the most frequent are the following.

  1. Oily skin. This feature leads to the fact that the development of the secret is done in a strong pace, in this case, the secret exit is not in time and there is a blockage of glands.
  2. Copious perspiration. This problem may lead to the formation of lipomas.
  3. Abnormalities in hormonal background. Such failures lead to the enhanced development of secret glands, and this, in turn, makes oily skin and as a consequence appear Wens.
  4. Weight.
  5. An improper diet. Wens most often appear in women often consume too fatty, spicy and sugary foods.
  6. Bad habits — alcohol, Smoking — can also cause the appearance of white bumps.
  7. Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.
  8. The use of unsuitable cosmetic products.
  9. Violations of metabolic processes. Diabetes or hypothyroidism can cause disruptions in the body’s metabolic processes, and this, in turn, will lead to the emergence of Wen in the intimate place.
  10. The unfavorable environment.
  11. Injury glands. When waxing or having rough sex can cause sores, leading to disruption of the outflow of secretions. The result will be a blockage of the glands.
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There are many reasons leading to the appearance of white bumps on labia, but if we exclude at least some of them, half to protect yourself. In the case when prevent Wen failed, you should not treat it yourself. The doctor will cope better with this task for a short time, not causing inconvenience to the woman.

Not everyone knows how to looks corking on the genital lip, and often take her as a normal pimple. Begin to squeeze, not even knowing that such actions can lead to very serious consequences. If you look at Wen, then through the thin and delicate skin you can see its contents — namely, the fatty tissues a yellowish color. As for the size, they can vary from a small pea to several centimeters. The seal is firm, but when pressed on it the pain the woman feel should not. Redness, edema, and other manifestations Wen is not accompanied, most often the blockage can be detected by chance.

What action to take?

A blockage in an intimate place does not go away by itself. To squeeze it is impossible, because it can have serious consequences. Local products — gels, ointments or creams — you will not give the desired effect, as their components may not be able to penetrate through the skin to dissolve the tumor. In this case, the only effective surgical therapy. Today, doctors offer several options to solve this problem

  1. The introduction of drugs under the skin. The drug acts so that the lump resolved on their own. But it should be remembered that the effect of this procedure occurs not earlier than 2 months. The result may not be the one expected. For example, the Wen will not resolve until the end, resulting in a relapse.
  2. Picking and squeezing. This method involves the dissection and excision of the mass together with the capsule. This is followed by suturing. This method does not always produce the desired result — the contents may not come out completely, and the remaining part is able to provoke a new expansion of the Wen.
  3. Remove with tissues. If the blockage is accompanied by inflammation, in this case, the doctor removes the lump along with the surrounding tissue — thus you can avoid relapse. As a result of these manipulations leaves scars. In addition, this procedure is very painful, so it should be carried out under anesthesia.
  4. Endoscopic intervention. This method involves the introduction of the endoscope through the puncture with the subsequent exhaustion of the contents. The seams do not overlap, because the puncture is very small.
  5. Laser removal. Atheroma and lipoma in recent years have increasingly removed by laser. But this method is effective only if the tumor size is not too large.
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The advice of a doctor

To remove the blockage is only half the story, the main thing – to prevent relapse. It is important to take all precautionary measures to the tumor hasn’t come back. To avoid remission is not difficult, it is necessary to follow the rules.

  1. To ensure that hormones were normal.
  2. To choose the right hygiene products.
  3. Regularly take a shower.
  4. Wear comfortable underwear and clothes made of natural fabrics.
  5. To monitor their body mass.
  6. Attentive to their health, try to visit the gynecologist at least once a year, but preferably every 6 months.
  7. To abandon bad habits.

Observing all the rules, you can protect yourself not only from recurrence already deleted Wen, but from the appearance of other tumors.