The chest when pregnant from dry cough: 1, 2, 3 trimester and reviews

How to make a Chest cough during pregnancy?

Prolonged dry cough in a patient indicates the contact area of the upper airway of germs, infections or the formation of large amounts of phlegm or mucous secretions. Cough appears as a reflex of the body and acts as the protective function of the respiratory system from various harmful substances or foreign objects.

To endure the cough, especially in the case of pregnancy, is prohibited. Therefore, at the first examination by a doctor to patients in the position assigned to the purification of the bronchi and mucus secretions and sputum using syrups. «Gerbion» from dry cough during pregnancy today is the best preparation that easily and safely removes harmful substances from the body.

Information on syrup «Gerbion»

Syrup «Gerbion» has a pronounced effect against a strong and suffocating cough. To apply medication allowed in many inflammatory processes, but you must consult with your doctor. This is necessary in order to avoid undesirable processes in case of Allergy to the active ingredients of the medication.

The active components of the drugs carry the root of the cowslip, plantain and thyme. In addition, the drug is a large amount of vitamin C.

This combination of herbs is good expectorant process.

The main effect of medication – the expectoration with the help of herbs and stimulation of work of the upper respiratory tract.

Auxiliary substances include:

  1. Levomenthol is an organic substance derived from plants of the group yasnotkovyh.
  2. Methyl parahydroxybenzoate – a substance from the group of parabens. Chemical compound derived from natural sources: blueberry, grapefruit and willow bark. The combination of substances has bactericidal properties.
  3. Sucrose is a sugar that is found in the plants.

The syrup has a pleasant taste and odor.

«Gerbion» plantain is able to eliminate a dry cough and has a soothing action in case of inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract.

When dry, irritating throat coughs, a combination of herbs coats the damaged areas and protects the throat area about the irritants that cause irritation and dryness.

Vitamin C helps to stimulate the immune system and has a reaction to pathogens that have caused inflammation in the nasopharynx. In addition, this vitamin restores the affected cells and normalizes the renewal of tissues.

Immediately after application of the medication, the cough may worsen. Do not be afraid of this moment as in that time, liquefies mucus and the excretion of mucus in their respiratory tract. Thus, recovery occurs.

After applying the medication, the drug is active for five hours. At this time, the drug prevents the stagnation of mucous secretions in the throat and kills harmful microorganisms.

«Gerbion» from productive cough promotes rapid liquefaction of mucus quality and the elimination of microorganisms from the inflamed areas.

The drug «Gerbion» is not only inflammatory, but also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects due to natural ingredients. The medication kills viruses and germs in the upper respiratory tract and reduces viscosity of mucus, facilitating its expectoration improved.

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«Gerbion» appointed doctor when the following inflammatory conditions:

  • acute inflammation of the trachea;
  • the penetration of the virus or infection in the lower respiratory tract;
  • inflammation of chronic laryngitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • suffocating cough;
  • sputum;
  • mucous discharge.

In addition, the drug can be used as a comprehensive treatment of inflammations of the upper respiratory tract. Often «Gerbion» appointed with a strong cough that interferes with normal life of the patient.


To apply do not believe that it is necessary only after consultation with a qualified physician.

This rule is especially important to follow in case of pregnancy or feeding baby breast.

Since the drug has components from the group of primroses, it is necessary to ensure no allergic reactions.

When the itch or burning sensation in the throat and discomfort when taking food or fluids, you must seek medical help. Perhaps the patient formed the unwanted effects after the treatment.

If dizziness, nausea or vomiting, feeling sick, fatigue the drug should be discontinued. It is worth noting that these symptoms appear very rarely and in case of severe hypersensitivity to substances of the drug.

Other contraindications include:

  • the use of medication for individuals under the age of two years;
  • in case of acute laryngitis in children;
  • asthma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathological changes in the body;
  • the fructose intolerance.

Be careful when these signs and do not take the medicine.

Side effects

Before application of the drug it is necessary to carefully study the manual.

In case of pregnancy read the annotations to drugs even after a visit to the doctor.

Among the side effects of the drug observed an allergic reaction.

In more rare cases, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.

With such symptoms, the drug should be stopped and consult a doctor.

Keep in mind that «.» should not be used with certain drugs at the same time. Therefore, in consultation with the doctor tell about all the medications you are taking at the moment.

In the case of the simultaneous use of «Gerbion» cough medicines may reduce the effect and difficulty in the excretion of the mucous secretions.


Official overdoses have been recorded. In case of violation of drug dosing it is noted nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In this case, the patient must be symptomatic treatment.

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It is important to note that in one scoop of the product contains almost four grams of sucrose. It is therefore important to carefully calculate the dosage and stick to it throughout the course of treatment.

How to apply «Gerbion» during pregnancy

Catarrhal inflammation during pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the expectant mother. Since violent coughing can cause contractile movement, there is a strong pressure on the uterus.

Cough in the first trimester may cause abortion, in the later stages provokes premature births.

Under strong pressure on the uterus may form lack of oxygen. In addition, long-term cough causes a change in blood pressure, which is also undesirable during pregnancy.

That’s why during pregnancy you need as soon as possible to begin treatment. But in this period not all medicines are allowed. Seek medical attention from your doctor as it is important to prescribe the right treatment. Usually when coughing, many experts prescribe a «bad fever». This medication allows you with no harm to the child to cure the mother and to restore function of the respiratory tract.

In inflammatory processes in the case of pregnancy, initially required the methods of traditional therapy.

It is believed that the thermotherapy, phytotherapy or inhalation more harmless.

If such a course of therapies to no avail, the patient prescribed medication based on herbs and plants.

«Gerbion» appointed not always. It is especially important to try to cure the inflammation of the traditional methods in the early stages, because at this time there is clearance of the placenta. Any medical intervention can provoke pathologies in the structure of the baby.

Treatment in the first trimester

Ironically, do not believe in pregnancy 1 trimester can be taken, but only with the permission of your doctor. You need to ensure there is no risk to the baby’s development. There is a perception that «bad fever» at this time, gently and without unwanted processes helps to recover the expectant mother, reducing the symptoms of inflammation increasing the immune system of the body.

Dosage in each case individually.

Treatment in the second trimester

During the 2nd trimester catarrhal inflammation occur much less frequently, and the treatment takes a long period. If symptoms persist cough and other symptoms of the disease «Gerbion» appointed without risk. Since at this time the embryo is under heavy placenta, treatment is without complications.

But keep in mind that to ignore the signs of the disease impossible. The cough can cause the patent insufficient to induce premature labour. Therefore, when the first signs of illness, contact your physician.

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«Gerbion» appointed in the following dosage: one scoop of the drug should be taken three times a day. The duration of treatment lasts for up to ten days, but if symptoms of inflammation have not been the use of syrup can be increased up to twenty days.

During treatment should be closely monitored for signals of the body. If a pregnant woman appeared itching, nausea, vomiting, swelling of the mucous membranes or other signs of side effects should seek medical help.

Treatment in the third trimester

Infectious inflammation in the later stages of pregnancy is dangerous because it can cause premature birth or destruction of the placenta.

In the second case the penetration of the dangerous virus to the fetus, which can cause pathological changes in the structure or development of the child.

Therefore, in this case, it is important to start treatment at the first symptoms of cough.

Do not believe in 3rd trimester in fighting viral inflammation over a fairly short period of time, gently removing mucus and other signs of a cold.

To use the drug must a doctor’s permission and determine an acceptable dosage. Usually in the third trimester allowed the use of three spoons of syrup three times a day.

Medication it is important to drink plenty of fluids.

In case of changes in the body, allergic reactions, thinning of stools, heartburn and other signs you need to replace the drug analogues and review the course of treatment.


Treatment of a cold or flu during pregnancy must be under the supervision of a physician. Do not do self-therapy, because you can cause damage to the placenta. Thus, you will provoke immeasurable consequences on fetal development.