The child from the ear stems yellow liquid: what is it, why and what to do

What to do if a child flows out of the ear fluid?

The child’s body, unlike adults, are more susceptible to ENT diseases. Most often in children have ear disease. Some pathologies are accompanied by certain symptoms, but the most pronounced of them are often discharge from the ear (otaria).

If the child has ear stems yellow or transparent liquid, it is necessary to go on reception to the ENT or pediatrician to determine the cause. It is desirable rather to understand the reasons of a developing pathology, in order to prevent the possible consequences, complications.

Why is flowing from the ear in a child

Any selection that appears from the ear of the child, should not be seen as the norm. It is important to understand that self-medicating is impossible, it is not recommended to use ear drops and any medication before the diagnosis.

To diagnose can, given the causes of the manifestations:

  • the development of infectious, viral, fungal diseases, for example, the occurrence of otitis media;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane resulting from certain pathology, colds, injuries;
  • hypothermia;
  • getting into the ear canal of water, foreign bodies;
  • poor hygiene of the outer ear, the occurrence of minor wounds;
  • wearing poor quality hearing aid.

Highlight can have a different consistency, density, smell. What to do when ear in a child, can only advise the doctor, after analyzing the composition of the liquid, realizing where it comes from.

What does the nature of the discharge

Considering the fluid flowing from the depths of the auditory canal, by its consistence, color can be suspected something serious or to understand that everything is normal. Bright yellow, sometimes dark orange substance – the usual sulfur.

If in the ear additionally there is a strong intolerable pain, and breakthrough began to subside, it is probably purulent mass. About the presence of pus indicate greenish sulphuric mass.

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That follows the fluid with particles of blood show blood education are characterised by bright red, brown shades. In this case, in addition to suspicious shade of the inferred mass additionally there is a lack of energy, lethargy, the child may complain of ear pain, fever.

It is important that purulent accumulations very bad smell, while the blood may not have extraneous odors.

As indicated by the discharge from the ear:

  1. Spotting. Fluid containing blood, indicates damage to the eardrum, auditory canal, external ear as a whole. Such allocation indicate an inflammatory process or a tumor of the external ear. The cause may be head trauma, when the blow falls on the ear.
  2. Serous secretion. If the child runs from the ear of a transparent serous fluid, perhaps we are talking about diseases of the middle ear (otitis media). This is often followed by allergic reaction.
  3. Purulent mass. Yellowish-green hue emitted indicates the presence in it of pus. It comes to bacterial infection of the middle ear, pathology of the hearing. Pus comes out only in the case when there is perforation of the eardrum. Such is a severe, chronic otitis. There may have been an opening boil that appeared on the outer ear.
  4. Flocculent selection. The presence of the separated liquid of the cereal indicates the development of the fungus, seborrheic dermatitis.

If the sulfur from leaking out of the ear of the child in large quantity, with no suspicious shades substance contains, and the consistency is thin and thick, to beat anxiety is optional.

As a result of certain physiological characteristics can occur a lot of product of secretion of the sebaceous (sulfur) glands. Such disposable manifestations are the norm.

Sulfur has antifungal, antibacterial properties, is able to lubricate and humidify the organ of hearing. Maybe it’s a reaction to the invisible man as a threat, or the usual «prevention».

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Given that this phenomenon is not independent, but is considered to be a consequence of the development of a specific pathology, treatment options depend on the original disease.

The doctor tries to understand why flows out of the ear sulfur is allocated purulent mass or visible particles of blood, and after a diagnosis, and finally the right medication.


In each case, is assigned to the appropriate treatment:

  1. Pathology, having an allergic nature of the origin, treated with appropriate anti-allergic medications: Suprastin, Loratadine, Sitecom. Extras can be assigned anti-inflammatory, decongestants, pain relievers.
  2. In the case of a fungal infection to start eliminated pain symptoms, relieve inflammation and swelling, parallel appointed antifungals (sprays, drops) to eliminate the infection.
  3. Injuries prescribed analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory.
  4. The development of infectious diseases is blocked by antibiotics, anesthetics, antibacterial agents. So, prescribe ear drops – Otinum, Polideksa, Polycap, Coprofam, Drops.

To independently determine the choice of drug. For example, the drops may be contraindicated in perforation of the eardrum, and the parents are not even aware of its gap.

The purpose of these drugs is different and according to age category, only a few substances are suitable for babies and infants.

The choice of medication depends on the complexity of the pathology. The doctor may prescribed as ear drops and spray. A parallel can be laying turundy in the ear canal, carried out restorative therapy.

Additionally appointed physiotherapy:

  • laser treatment;
  • warming;
  • massage of the ear;
  • pneumomassage eardrum.

Folk remedies

If flows from the child’s ear, to understand what this means, can only be a doctor. But sometimes to get an appointment to a specialist is not possible.

In this situation, to alleviate the suffering of the child, you can temporarily use the advice of traditional medicine.

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The ear canal buried:

  1. The boric acid solution. Before use, the ear should be rinsed with saline or clean cotton swab soaked with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Alcohol tincture of calendula. Infusion you can prepare yourself or purchase in a drugstore. The tool should be used after flushing the ear with decoction of chamomile or clean him with a cotton swab moistened with peroxide.

During treatment, the ear is recommended to drink plenty of warm vitamin drinks.

In the ear canal can put turundas, a cotton swab impregnated with decoctions of chamomile, burdock, St. John’s wort, plantain, calendula.

The allocation is periodically exposed on the surface of the external ear, wipe it with a bandage soaked in hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This is also suitable decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Treatment of folk ways will help to relieve the inflammation, swelling, will have a bactericidal impact, will help and it may seem that the baby is doing better.

The impression may be incorrect because the pathology is not clarified, and addressed only the symptoms of the disease. In any case, show the child specialist.