The child has a temperature and a runny nose with a cough: how to treat

How to treat snot and the temperature of the child?

Small body prone acute respiratory diseases more often than an adult. Snot, cough and fever begin to torment the child when he enters kindergarten and begins to attend various training courses. Because of weak immune system the child is exposed to various viruses and infections.

During his illness, which is accompanied by a high fever in a child, the child may complain of dryness and burning in the mucous membrane, sore throat, frequent sneezing and other symptoms. At the moment of activation of the disease you need to find out how to treat the child’s temperature and snot, and what absolutely can not do.

Symptoms of the disease

Green snot and a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius occurs when the penetration into the body of the baby harmful microorganisms. When the intensive development of the baby snot can appear within a few hours, so not to notice beginning of inflammation is difficult. At this time the child may complain of dryness in nose, burning sensation in the mucosa, with frequent sneezing and reflex cough.

Among the other common symptoms is a change in color of the mucous cavity in the nose, redness of the tip of the nose, a sharp contraction of blood vessels. These processes appear because of the attempts of the body to protect the paranasal route.

In the first stage of inflammation in the patient’s blood vessels dilate, which causes the formation of copious amounts of mucus. Additional symptoms is the swelling and very stuffy nose.

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In the case of the viral nature of the disease, patients there is discharge of mucous character. In the catarrhal stage they are liquid and viscous, but with the progression of the disease in the secretions, you may notice the admixture of pus. Such a process indicates the development of bacteria.

If you get rid of the catarrhal form of antiviral drugs and nasal lavage, purulent stage requires antibiotic treatment. In the case of ineffective treatment in small patient may appear chronic stage, so begin treatment at the first sign of illness.

How to cure inflammation

At the sight of mucosal secretions, many parents are badly scared. However, if you notice inflammation develops in time, to get rid of a cold easy.

First of all install the reason of formation of mucus in the paranasal sinuses. Sometimes the true factor in the formation of secretions lies in the natural changes in the anatomy of the child.

A newborn baby with a runny nose can occur due to adaptation to new conditions of life. In this process, the baby does not need drugs and nasal preparations.

Enough time to clear nasal passages of mucus and to monitor the overall health of the child. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system of the baby and to give him more fluids.

Remember! Breast milk is not water, so give your baby a decoction of healing herbs and clean water.

If the runny nose continues for several days, and in addition the baby has a fever, you should consult with your pediatrician.

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In no case do not self-medicate and do not use recipes, heard from grandparents. Traditional medicine can bring significant harm to the health of the baby.


Once the causes, the specialist will prescribe medication:

  1. With increased body temperature of the patient is prescribed antipyretics — Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Paracetamol, Analgin. Remember that to bring down the temperature only if it is above 38 degrees Celsius.
  2. During exacerbation of the disease little patient was prescribed nasal antibacterial drugs – Izofra, Polideksa, Bioparoks . Do not use antibiotics without specifying the form of the stimulus and purpose medication your doctor.
  3. To get rid of viral inflammation doctors prescribe Ingavirin, Rimantadine, Isoprinosine, Ribavirin.
  4. In the fight against acute respiratory diseases can use the drug with interferon, Laferon. They stimulate the immune system and contribute to a speedy recovery.
  5. Copious secretions can help vasoconstrictor drops — Effect, Only, Immediately.
  6. Every day is important to moisten the mucous membrane of the nose using nasal drops and spray saline.
  7. Use anti-inflammatory drops Pinosol, Touch.
  8. In addition to nasal means every day is important to clean the nasal cavity with the help of specialized firstgov — Aqua Maris, But Sol, and other means.
  9. If the fever is accompanied by severe cough, assigned expectorant drugs — Bromhexine, Ambroxol, ACC.
  10. To get rid of dry cough you can use mucolytics – Fluimucil, Mucodin, Mucosolvan.
  11. With a strong allergic reaction to baby appointed antihistamine drugs – Cytadren, Retail, Fenistil, Peritol, Fenkarol. They must be taken as a comprehensive treatment.

If the child manifests a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, watch his health. Try to give more purified water and herbal tea. Do not forget to ventilate the living room several times a day and not okutyvaya baby too much.

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When treating a young child it is important to listen to doctors and not to violate the rules of the medication. Do not use pills and sprays more than necessary, since the increase in dosage can cause overdose and severe deterioration of health of the baby.