The child has been exposed to water in the ear — what to do if water gets into the ears when bathing

What to do if when bathing the child in the ear exposed to water?

Once you brought home a newborn baby the first thing you need to do, so it’s hygiene. The adoption of water procedures a mandatory rule for baby. Moreover, bathing should be daily and carefully.

For many parents this is a real stress, so not many people know how to bathe a baby, to his ears hit the water. And if it happens, young parents start to panic and not know what to do in the first place. In this article we will examine the basic rules what to do if when the baby is bathing, water gets into the ears.

The structure of the ears of infants

Situation when when making water treatment the water got in the ears of the infants, the onset is sudden. Since many are not focusing on this issue during the child’s expectations and awareness of many young moms and dads are not prepared. What to do first in contact with fluid in the ears, will be discussed below.

Bathing babies after the hospital should be daily and continue every day up to six months.

Many mothers get basic information about water temperature and supplements that can be added to the liquid, find out more at discharge.

However, the question of how to protect your child’s ears from spillage, raises serious questions.

If the baby is exposed to water in the ear, the first thing that parents feel is panic. The most common reaction associated with lack of knowledge of the physiological structure of the organ of hearing of a small child.

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So each new parent should know that the fluid entering the ear passages common situation in the adoption of water procedures.

In contrast to the adult structure of the ears in infants ear canals are primitive and do not have a winding structure.

A distinctive feature of young children is that the ears in children are inclined. This allows you to drain any liquid on their own.

And the interesting point is that some pediatricians recommend to immerse the baby in water. So that the baby’s ears for a few seconds was under water. Thus, the baby strengthens the ear canals, and is self-cleaning from sulfur, which appeared when the fetus in the mother’s abdomen.

After birth, the blockage is maintained for a short time and protects the body.

Therefore, read the following safety rules, if in the ear of a newborn is exposed to water:

  1. Do not shake the baby’s head.
  2. Do not use ear sticks or disks.
  3. Don’t bury specialized drops for adults.
  4. Warming with a hair dryer or other household appliances is prohibited.

Such actions can lead to injuries to the child, until the concussion.

The child has been exposed to water in the ear — what to do

After you took water treatments, gently wipe the outer ear canal, and every crease of rotational movements with a cotton towel or cotton wool pad.

Many parents forget to wipe the area behind the ears. And in vain, because there is a large concentration of viruses and infections.

There is another method of purification, if the bathing water got into the ear of the baby: place the baby on one side, after putting under a towel. Thus, fluid will flow out on their own. Repeat the operation with another body in a few minutes.

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You may also use warm heating pads. Pour in the bottle warm but not hot water. Wrap it in several layers of towels and place on the wrap of the child. Towels can be replaced by a pillow or blanket.

Directly after the actual swim wear child’s hat. In addition, follow the following rules:

  • it is important that the room had no drafts;
  • before a shower close all the Windows;
  • ensure that the room was a moderate humidity.

When to apply aquatic treatments throughout

Provided that the baby recently suffered a flu, cold or runny nose, as well as more serious diseases, such as otitis media, get rid of fluid in ear need!

In this case, fluid in the ears can harm the General state of the baby, and cause recurrent disease.

In order to protect the child within two weeks after the outer, middle or purulent otitis media cut off the ears of liquids.

This does not necessarily completely abandon the adoption of water treatments. Enough to cover your child’s ears with a cotton swab or pellet pre-soaked in olive oil.

If these methods do not suit you, get an elastic turundy for the ears. They are sold in all pharmacies. Before you introduce them to the organ of hearing, soak in a children’s cream. So they will not injure the delicate skin of the baby.

However, if with all these procedures, the child is very fussy, refuse food, sleep poorly, contact the otolaryngologist.


Remember that natural habitat for the baby for nine months was water. Therefore, in most of the swabs for ears and shower caps don’t have an actual need.

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Remember that due to the physical structure of the body of the baby, the water flows alone in a few minutes after the child was submerged in water.

But these rules do not apply to kids suffering from a viral or infectious diseases. So if your baby recently suffered otitis, thoroughly protect baby from contact with fluid in the ear.