The child has snot flowing stream: what to do, and how to treat

What to do if the child has snot flowing stream?

A runny nose in a baby is rather unpleasant symptom that characterizes the beginning of a viral or infectious disease. Rhinitis the child can deliver a lot of discomfort by depriving a child of sleep, and provoking the loss of appetite, deterioration of health, increased moodiness and lethargy. Often prolonged and profuse rhinitis kid loses interest in favorite toys, becomes quiet and tired, not responding to parents. At such symptoms it is important to know what to do if your child has snot flowing stream.

Before starting medical treatment be sure to seek medical help and determine the cause of the formation of the disease. If you strongly flowing snot, and baby’s health is getting worse every day, the root cause of the formation of rhinitis may be due to the infection, virus, allergen, or bacterial reproduction. Treatment in each case is different.

Causes profuse rhinitis

A runny nose in a child can appear for different reasons. To determine why a child has snot flowing, the characteristic symptoms and tracing the nature of the disease.

Physiological rhinitis

Snot a different substance can appear in the first days of baby’s life.

Rhinitis in newborns is manifested as adaptation to the new conditions of life and usually passes quickly.

However, several days the child can leak mucous and transparent allocation of that need to be addressed with a cotton swab. Other therapy is required.

If rhinitis occurs more than three or four days, you should see a doctor. Probably, he formed a more serious inflammation.

First teeth

With the eruption of the first tooth in a child often form mucus. Such a process is not dangerous for the health of the child and requires medical treatment.

However, the process the appearance of the first tooth of the baby is accompanied by severe pain, so the doctor may prescribe taking pain killers.

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If transparent snot flowing stream, and the kid complains of fever and severe deterioration of health, check the health of your baby for signs of SARS or respiratory diseases.

In the early stages of viral disease, the child has formed numerous mucus. If you pay attention to the disease even at this stage, you can avoid the consequences.

In addition to the common cold, viral diseases are accompanied by frequent sneezing, watery eyes, breathing problems, pain in the throat. These symptoms can trigger the disease and cause otitis media, and inflammation of the pharynx.

Allergic reaction

If rhinitis is accompanied by tearing, fear of light, itching in the mucosa and other symptoms characteristic of allergies, you should check the function of the respiratory tract. Often it is allergens cause disease on breathing and trigger formation of abundant secretions.

For reference! To get rid of allergic rhinitis only after elimination of irritant and antihistamines.

Infectious coryza

Rhinitis can occur due to infectious entry. In this type of cold the child will complain of numerous allocation mucous character, itching and burning in the mucous membrane, fever, and difficulty breathing.

To stop snot stream the child in this case, by using lavage, inhalation, and vasoconstrictive drops.

Traumatic rhinitis

Another reason for the formation of the common cold in children is trauma to the nasal cavity. In the process of active games children often injure the nose that causes a protective reaction of the organism in mucosal secretions.

For this reason, include insect bites or penetration into the mucosa of the small items.

First aid

How and what to treat the current stream of snot in a child can be determined only after accurate diagnosis.

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To ease the condition during the research, parents must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Hourly ventilate the room of the baby.
  2. Every day wet cleaning.
  3. Don’t forget to moisturize the living room.
  4. Eliminate all objects that can collect dust (carpets, large toys, pillows).
  5. The angle of the child’s bed should be raised to forty degrees.
  6. Give your baby a concoction of herbs and a large amount of clean water.
  7. In the absence of temperature, try to spend more time outdoors.
  8. Bedroom child set the temperature not above 22 degrees Celsius.

In addition, you can daily massage the sinuses of the child. This procedure will facilitate nasal breathing and improve mood.


Treatment tablets and sprays can be made only after personal consultation with the child’s doctor.

In the case of physiological rhinitis drug therapy is not required.

Parents need in a timely manner to eliminate the discharge using a cotton pad. It does not attempt to tamponade nasal passages or to stick inside the nose of the child turundy. Such methods can lead to trauma of the mucosa and increasing secretions.

The appearance of the first teeth of the baby may prescribe painkillers, and to remove excess fluid from the nasal cavity, the doctor may advise the aspirator.

  1. When viral disease is a necessary antiviral tablets, means for reducing the temperature of the, lavage of the nasal cavity.
  2. In addition, the baby need daily to moisten the nasal mucosa with sea water. Such drugs include the Phrase, aquamarine, Aqua Maris, Dolfin, But Sol. When hypersensitivity to these drugs, parents can prepare the concoctions themselves. To do this, use medicinal plants, and a small amount of essential oils.
  3. In the course of treatment includes use of antihistamines Tavegil, Suprastin, Fenistil, Zyrtec, Helps.
  4. To eliminate dryness in the mucosa use oils, and also solutions with the addition of vitamin A.
  5. With abundant runny nose in a child is helpful to warm the feet with mustard.
  6. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe inhalation.
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In addition to medicines, the child may prescribe physiotherapy. In each case select them individually.


Treatment of runny nose in a baby is about three or four days. If after this time the baby feels improved, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Keep in mind that if the runny nose was formed as a result of virus penetration, in the future, the disease may return. So quenched the kid’s body and watch his diet.

In allergic nature of rhinitis, the effect of treatment will not occur until you select the type of allergen and not remove it.

Do not engage in treatment of a child, as due to ignorance of the action of medicines, their side effects and contraindications, you can provoke deterioration of health.