The child hurts the ear: what to do and how to treat

What to do when an Earache in a child?

Almost every child under 5 years old suffer from inflammation of the ear. All because at this age the organ of hearing in children is still not perfect, and any external and internal factors affect not the best way.

Typically, ear pain is starting to bother the baby at the most inopportune moment. She is abrupt and virtually eliminates painkillers. Consider how to alleviate the intolerable pain to the provision of medical care. And what can be done to children in such situations and that is strictly forbidden.

Causes of pain in the ears

The cause of children’s suffering attentive parents can detect on their own, they are often cause by external factors. To determine the irritant and relieve ear pain, you should remember how was the child the last 24 hours. Should also take into account the recent illness that could leave such consequences.

But still better not to do self diagnosis, it would be correct to entrust this matter experts who will conduct an examination of your child. Let’s look at the highlights, my ears hurt a child. Children’s ear structure differs significantly from ear adult.

The kids who can’t blow his nose, from the sinuses the infection is easily transferred to your ear, and then the cavity starts the inflammatory process, increasing pressure and causing pain.

Also in infants otitis media can begin from-for the got milk in the departments of the ear. This happens due to the fact that the power is mostly in a horizontal position.

In addition, children are much more strongly developed adenoids that can block the passage of the Eustachian tube, thereby contributing to the early inflammation in the middle ear. The growth of these problems go away, and causes can cause ear pain are also changing.

The occurrence of pain in older kids

Aged 4 to 5 years the immune system is still very weak, so cold and rhinitis is common. In most cases, these diseases end up with otitis. How to treat otitis media can be found here. While growing up, children also raised the curiosity, therefore, inflammation of the ear can be triggered by trauma, water, foreign object.

To hurt the ear, may result in a boil that appears from inflammation of the hair follicle, sebaceous gland and surrounding tissue when the wound penetrates pyogenic bacteria. To push them is strictly prohibited, open boil, only surgically. But in the early stages the treatment is by medicine.

Often the cause of pain may be sulfuric plug. It is in contact with the ear of the water. To avoid accumulations should initially not violate the microflora of the ear, that is, not to remove wax from the ear canals. To remove yourself from the congestion is impossible, it can only injure the ear.

Usually, ear pain bother children up to 5 years. Before you know what to do in situations when a child has an Earache, we list the main stimuli that creates the problem. They are internal and external.

So, external factors can be:

  • insect bites;
  • foreign objects caught in the passage;
  • prolonged exposure without a hat in the wind;
  • the ingress of water during water treatment;
  • the formation of cerumen;
  • injury or trauma;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane;
  • allergic reactions.
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Please note that if the ear ache after manipulating water, you probably got a dirty or cold liquid. Internal stimuli include:

  • otitis;
  • eustahija;
  • meningitis;
  • mastoiditis;
  • SARS and respiratory diseases;
  • neuralgia of ternary nerve;
  • atomikos;
  • swelling of the parotid lymph nodes;
  • the defeat of the auditory nerve;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • tumors;
  • failure of cerebral circulation.

In addition, the cause of acute pain, can be disorders close bodies. In addition, some diseases are capable of giving painful sensations in the organ of hearing. They are: pathology of the teeth, tonsillitis, sinusitis, mumps.

How to treat a child’s ear at home can be found here.

How to identify ear pain

When a child of 3 years has an Earache and he himself is not able to explain the reason for the concern, recognize ear pain parents have, based on intuition and observation. First of all, you should begin with inspection of the ear may have got a foreign object.

If in an ear there is a foreign body, and it is deep, you can try to remove the concern. You have to tilt your baby’s head patient’s ear down, this is not to use the tweezers and cotton buds, as this may aggravate the situation.

When the Earache, the child may miss feeding due to the fact that when ingested it increases. Also, ear pain can go along with a runny nose and fever. At this point, it is extremely important to release mucus from the sinuses in order not to complicate the situation.

Make sure that suspicions are not groundless, by pressing gently on the tragus, a projection, located on the sink. If an Earache, the baby will react even stronger and begin to shift from the hands.

If the child was bitten or he hit, will be characterized by swelling and bluish swelling in the region of the shell. When the child intensely scratching the ear or a stool pus, then this is a clear sign otomycosis. Here you can learn how to get rid of itching in the ears.

As a rule, such situations arise suddenly and the parents starts to panic. In such moments shouldn’t be lost, you need to determine the cause of the pain. Let’s look at what you can do if your child has an Earache in the night, and qualified assistance can be obtained only in the morning.

First aid

So what are parents to do if for some reason the appeal in the near future for medical care impossible. Before the arrival of the specialist, you can only alleviate the symptoms, giving the baby an anesthetic drug.

If you have a temperature, especially at night, it should be down. The tool selected based on the age of the child. There are tools that combine antipyretic, and analgesic properties, for example: «Paracetamol», «Nurofen», «Ibuprofen».

When the temperature is no visible damage or there is no selection, you need to check the pressure. Based on the evidence to give appropriate remedy for the normalization of pressure within the allowable for child doses.

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Also, even if there is no hint of a runny nose, you need to apply in the nose vasoconstrictor drops available. It is necessary to relieve swelling, to open and reduce the pressure in the Eustachian tube. And here is how and than to continue to treat the ears, to decide the doctor. What are vasoconstrictor drops, see here.

Note that drip anesthetic drops in the ears to determine the cause of the origin of the pain is dangerous. This is especially true of drugs are alcohol-based, as the ear may be sore from a rupture of the eardrum. Forged tool through the hole, penetrate deep into the auditory organ and lead to irreversible consequences.

The application of compresses

If with drops and solutions is clear, then, what about the warming, which is so actively used by our grandmothers. On this point the doctors clear opinion no. One thing is for sure that the use of dry heat are prohibited during inflammation, if there is pus present and the temperature.

The only thing you can do when sick ears and at the same time is the temperature, insert soaked in warm boric alcohol swab. Then close the layer of cotton wool and bandage with a handkerchief.

When clearly expressed symptoms no warming in some extent can dull the pain. To do it you should only at an early stage of pain, but not when it lasts for several hours. Prolonged symptoms applying heat only contribute to the process and can result in the rupture of the membrane.

The easiest and safest compress consider planting of cotton in the ear. After, the ear is wrapped in a package and covered with a warm scarf. This isolation has not conceded in the ear canal, the air, the vibrations of which are able to provoke even more pain.

Let us give another compress to ease the patient’s condition. It is on the hour. Takes a thick cotton napkin and folded several times gauze, there is a hole under the ear. Is taken diluted to 40% vodka and mix with water in the ratio 1:2.

Gauze promazyvaetsya in slightly warmed solution, squeezed well and apply on the skin around the sink is pre-lubricated with vaseline or baby cream. Further, over the gauze, put a napkin, a layer of cotton wool and fix all bandage.

If the child is active, you can offer to warm his ear with a bag of heated salt or wrapped in cloth with a bottle of warm water. All the above procedures should be carried out only under the supervision of an adult.

Apply folk remedies from the pain

When you don’t have the right medicines or the parents don’t want to use drugs, there are a few effective methods of pain relief:

  1. Flushing of chamomile infusion. To do this, 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile, brewed with boiling water and insist.Then consistency is passed through a sieve. The purified solution was washed with warm ear twice a day.
  2. Instillation of warm almond or peanut butter one drop 3 times a day.
  3. Is solution of honey and water. It is brought to a boil, and then descends to slice beets and boil for half an hour. The cooled bar beet wrapped in gauze and applied to the affected ear.
  4. Another miracle cure from ear pain – steamed grass centaury. The grass wrapped in a linen cloth, and applied to the aching body.
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It is understood that these recipes make full will never replace a complete medical treatment, especially if it is bacterial, suppurative otitis.


To treat pain in the organ of hearing is necessary only after identifying its causes. In the initial stages of the disease the doctor puts local drug treatment appoints anti-inflammatory cure for earaches, lotions, ointments, compresses.

First and foremost, drug therapy is directed at treating the cause of pain. In identifying bacterial lesions, issued an antibiotic. Often this injection of penicillin, they are administered from 7-10 days. If you’re wondering what to drink antibiotics for otitis media read here.

If treatment with antibiotics, not always, it is categorically to refuse, because a neglected otitis media can lead to meningitis and even brain abscess. Do I have to drink antibiotics for otitis media look here.

Based on the specific diagnosis, the audiologist prescribes the following effective ear drops, is able to penetrate through the eardrum and to treat inflammation in the middle ear:

  1. Drops, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because it has lidocaine, allergic reactions are possible.
  2. Otinum, for children older than one year.
  3. Otofa, the tool has a strong antibacterial component, it can be applied in acute pathology of the middle ear.
  4. Sofradeks, a powerful antibacterial drug.
  5. Garzon, an antibacterial agent with anti-inflammatory effect.
  6. Remo-wax, is applied in the sulfur clusters.

All these medicines are used only on the advice of a doctor and if not broken eardrum. The instillation of drugs produced clean, warm hands. The child must take the situation lying down, after putting the ear canal and cover with cotton wool for a few minutes.


Even if first aid was provided ear pain disappeared, it does not mean that you can quit treatment and let things take their course. To avoid complications, you need to bring treatment to the end and seen the specialist.

To experiment yourself with folk recipes are also prohibited, because in some cases, treatment is contraindicated. So at first doctor advised to take pain medication and try to distract the baby from pain.