The child sneezes and snot flowing: what to treat and what to do Komorowski

What to do if a child sneezes and the snot is flowing?

If the child appeared transparent snot and sneezing, the parent should pay attention to the baby’s health. Such processes cannot be ignored, as these symptoms only signal the patient about the beginning of the inflammatory process. Sneezing is only a reflex. In this way the body tries to protect the upper respiratory tract from the aggressive effects of infection or viruses, as well as get rid of penetrating foreign particles. If, however, the physiological feature is accompanied by a slimy and viscous secretions in the body one hundred percent, is the beginning of the inflammatory process.

In the formation of mucous secretion in the nasal cavity, the baby clogged Eustachian tube. This process causes the formation of nasal congestion, abnormal noises in the ears, pain when swallowing and other symptoms. The child becomes fretful and restless. To ease the suffering of the child and to quickly cure the disease, it is important to know the basic methods of therapy.

Why do I get rhinitis

Rhinitis in children is dangerous with its uncontrollable consequences. If the inflammation in the mucosa to ignore, the baby can be formed, otitis media, sinusitis or sinusitis. To cure such diseases is much more complicated, so it is important to get rid of the mucous secretions are still in the early stages of the disease.

If the child has snot and sneezing without fever, in a kid’s body has been infiltrated by infection. To get rid of it for washing and vasoconstrictive drops. But to apply the treatment independently, as it is important to know the root cause of the disease.

If rhinitis accompanied with sneezing, you should check the condition of the mucous membrane. Remember that a sneeze is only a reflex and not an independent disease. With its help, the body eliminates pathogenic infection or small particles, cleaning the upper respiratory tract.

Mucus also has a protective function. In small doses they moisturize the mucous membrane and does not allow infection to penetrate. If the discharge becomes more viscous and plentiful, urgent need to pass an examination, as such a symptom it is a marker of early disease.

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The chronic two processes can occur due to the following reasons:

  • hypothermia;
  • the impact of cold flows from the air conditioning or drafts;
  • education allergic reaction to pollen, dust, pet dander, household chemicals;
  • acute respiratory disease, which provokes itching and burning;
  • adverse living conditions;
  • overly dry air;
  • dysfunction of the mucosa;
  • physiological characteristics or adaptation of the organism.

Sometimes the reasons for panic. For example, if the sneezing baby after feeding by a breast, should not be afraid. Thus the body responds to intense sucking. However, to reveal yourself is impossible, so don’t risk the health of the baby.

Necessary treatment

If you don’t know what to do if a child sneezes and his snot, contact the hospital. Treatment for toddler it is important to know the cause of the disease, and to determine the symptoms of the disease and related factors. A parent with no medical training might not reveal the entire clinical picture alone.

Pay attention to the list than to treat, if the child sneezes and snot:

  1. With viral nature of the disease to the baby prescribe antiviral drugs – Interferon Viferon, Grippferon, Ingaron, Derinat. They destroy the inflammation and reduce acute symptoms.
  2. When the bacterial lose the baby needed systemic antibiotics, and also drugs local action.
  3. In the case of allergic rhinitis and sneezing, the baby is assigned antihistamines – Aerius, Zyrtec, Cethrin, Diazolin, claritin, Tavegil, Suprastin and other. They will reduce swelling of tissues and improve nasal breathing. However, pills can only alleviate symptoms, but treatment will not be effective until you install the parasite and does not eliminate it.
  4. In the treatment of very young children should wash nose, but with very tiny nasal pathways to the nose should be buried Otrivine drops or other types of pain. In addition, you can prepare saline solutions, or apply a decoction of medicinal plants. They not only reduce inflammation but also will moisturize the mucous membrane.
  5. If the child does not breast, to hold the lavage of the nasal cavity with such drugs as the Phrase, Dolphin, no-Sol drops, Aqua Maris.
  6. To release the respiratory tract of the patient are appointed vasoconstrictor nasal Otrivin funds, Sanorin, Naftifin, Nazivin, Vibrocil.
  7. To infections of the body the child is necessary to conduct inhalation. As an ingredient, use aromatic oils, but before applying make sure that no allergic reactions of the baby the drug. In addition, you can use chamomile flowers, leaves of Hypericum, rosehip and Bay leaf or the roots of the raspberries. Breathing vapors must be no more than ten minutes three times a day.
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Good has the effect of heat treatment and heating of feet. In the first case, doctors advise to warm up the sinuses, but only if the child has no temperature. As an ingredient, you can use boiled warm eggs or lotions of salt. To warm feet in the tub, you should add a small amount of birch leaves or calendula.

The opinion of a pediatrician

According to the famous children’s doctor Komarovsky, if the child often sneezes, but snot is not, should be prevention. To do this, the doctor advises to wash the living room and moisten the air of up to sixty percent. In addition, Komorowski advised to ventilate the room at least five times a day and give your baby plenty of clean water.

If these methods did not help and the child is sick, advises Komorowski as soon as possible to consult a doctor. Give it time the drugs is impossible, as you can harm the health of the baby.

In the appointment of medical treatment, will ensure that at the initial stage, the child is not given antibiotics. Komorowski recalled that the need for antimicrobial therapy in the initial stages of the disease simply no. But if the baby starts to suffer from high fever and secretions are green or yellow, the antibiotics act as a necessary therapy.

Remember! Unnatural color mucus indicates a bacterial respiratory tract lesions. To get rid of such disease without antibiotics is impossible, since the child’s body is still very weak.

Komorowski drew attention to the fact that sneezing and runny nose needs to go through five days after the start of treatment. If the inflammation persists, and the health of the child deteriorates, stat detailed examination.

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If you do not stop the progression of the disease, the child may receive an otitis, a bronchitis, a bronchial asthma or sinusitis.

After a full recovery Komarovsky advises more time to walk with your child, as well as to create favourable conditions at the household level. Eliminate all the possible allergens and other pathogens. Ensure that the child was taking a lot of fluids, and also engaged in physical activity.


To get rid of sneezing and mild rhinitis in baby is easy only if all the rules of treatment. After full recovery to strengthen the child’s immune system and quenched the child’s body all of the allowed ways.