The child sniffs his nose, but snot no: what to do in the newborn

What to do if your child sniffs the nose but no snot?

After the child’s parents are anxious about his health. If the child sniffs his nose, but snot no, the parents have to panic. The condition may be due to various physiological and pathological reasons. If it is observed for a long period, you need to seek the assistance of the pediatrician.

Only a specialist can determine what to do if snorting nose of a newborn and to appoint, if necessary, proper treatment.


Quite often what happens is that the child is strong sniffing nose in a dream, but it is cold there. The causes of this disease very much. In most cases the pathology observed on the background of rhinitis. In the first few days of the disease do not appear mucous discharge from the nose.

For this reason, in infants wheezing is observed. Newborn babies are not fully formed immune system.

The appearance of this pathological state it is necessary to carry out its treatment.

In allergic rhinitis there is no discharge from the nose. The emergence of this disease leads to swelling of the mucous membrane, which causes respiratory failure. In this pathology the baby snuffles in her sleep.

If the nose of a newborn child mortgaged and no discharge, it could indicate that his body is developing sinusitis. The disease is accompanied by accumulation of mucus in the maxillary sinuses. In this case you need emergency medical treatment.


The symptom is observed with inflammation of the ethmoid sinus on the background of diseases such as:

• the flu;
• bacterial infection.

Improper treatment of these diseases there is development etmoidit, which is characterized by a severe course and complex treatment.

Tumors and foreign objects

Newborn snuffles his nose in adenoids. In this case, he’s constantly open mouth. This is because the nasal passages become clogged adenoids, which prevent baby to breathe fully.

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The pathological process can be diagnosed on the background of the diseases that the kid previously endured. They can be not only infectious, but viral in nature.

The disease is quite serious, since the growth of the tonsils there is a blockage of the auditory canal. Against this background, the observed overlap of the oxygen in the middle ear, and hearing loss.

In case of untimely treatment of adenoids observed irregular formation of the thorax of a newborn, as well as the disproportionate growth of the facial bones and teeth.

Important! In some cases, the occurrence of this disease in infants diagnosed with anemia.

The parents wonder why the kid sniffs his nose without snot? Cause of pathology can be polyps, which are classified as neoplasms of benign character. The place of action is the mucous membrane of the nose.

Tumors is the overlap of the nasal passages that hampers proper breathing. The appearance of pathology in young children observed headaches. Also they are overly tired quickly. To fight the polyps and adenoids used surgery.

The cause of pathology in some cases is the presence of a foreign object in the nasal cavity. Because of him, the air cannot flow through the nose. To identify objects requires the use of special tools, as they fall deep enough.

Attention! In the period of teething in children is quite often seen snuffling nose.

Sniff the nose can be observed in the deviated septum. It is caused by injury, against which there is a hematoma or swelling. The disease may be characterized by the absence of external signs.

The reasons for the sniff of the nose in an infant very much. If the condition occurs for a long period it is necessary to show the baby the doctor.

Features of treatment

Treatment of the disease depends on the causes of its occurrence. For the treatment can be applied to medication or surgery. If parents first noticed pathology, then they should hold airing and wet cleaning.

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It is recommended to monitor the optimum level of humidity. Ideal are special humidifiers. In their absence, you can put the wash on the battery or put in the room capacity with water. Read more about optimum moisture content for kids here.

If the cause of wheezing are formed crusts on the mucous membrane, repair them with special treatments based on sea salt.

Most often, infants are encouraged to apply:

  • Aqua Maris;
  • Otrivin Baby;
  • Salin.

Medications should be instilled into each nostril 2-3 times. After a certain time you need to clean the baby’s nose. To do this, apply with a cotton flagella.

Never use cotton swabs for this, as there is a risk to injure the mucous membrane of the child.

Before using the flagellum, it is recommended to moisten. Parents used the usual boiled water, normal saline or oils of plants such as olive, almond, peach.

If the cause of disease in newborn is the incomplete formation of the body of the larynx, in this case, to nothing. The pathological process is able to pass on its own within 6 months. To exclude other diseases you need to take the baby to the doctor.

A fairly common cause of the pathological state are a regurgitation of a child after breastfeeding. In this case, you only have to hold baby upright for 10 minutes. This will enable air outlet from the stomach, which hit is observed when sucking the breast.

If a child is diagnosed with a runny nose, you can use vasoconstrictor drops.

The use of drugs should be conducted only if the child is not breathing nose. Previously needed the advice of a doctor.

With the help of medication is carried out to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. To cure the disease with these drugs is impossible. The use of drugs should be no more than three days. This is because they can be addictive.

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Therapy for allergies

Nasal congestion in infants can be diagnosed on the background of allergic reactions.

To exclude this cause is exclusion from the life of the child all possible allergens.

In this case, it is recommended to conduct General cleaning in the room without the use of household chemicals. For washing clothes of the baby, use a special powder.

Pets also must be removed from the apartment.

The cause of the symptom can be congenital disease. Their exclusion is carried out by routine inspections from the experts. If the baby sniffles, which is accompanied by anxiety, it is necessary to carry on the survey to Laura.


Sniff the baby after birth with absence of mucus may be due to common physiological processes. In this case, the symptom resolves on its own after a certain time.

Pathology can be diagnosed in a wide variety of serious diseases. If it occurs a long period, the baby needs to see a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the pathological process after examination of the patient and conducting instrumental studies. According to them, a doctor prescribes a rational therapy.