The child snores at night and snot no: Komorowski and than to treat

Why a child snores while snot not?

Quite often what happens is that the child snores in his sleep, but no snot. This condition may indicate the development of quite a serious disease. Therefore, if snoring occurs for a long period, you need to seek help from a doctor that will correctly determine the cause and prescribe rational treatment.

The causes of pathology

The occurrence of snoring in a child may occur for a variety of reasons. Most frequently a pathological condition develops in the background:

  1. Of chronic tonsillitis. In the period of occurrence of this disease there is an increase in the adenoids, due to the proliferation of lymphoid tissue. During sleep the baby observed relaxation of the muscles of the pharynx, narrowing and the appearance of snoring. Enlarged adenoids can be diagnosed on the background of suffering colds.
  2. Overweight. In this pathology also narrows the pharyngeal lumen, which is due to the buildup of fatty tissue.
  3. Angina. In the period of the disease the inflamed wall are narrowed that causes the snoring.
  4. The particular structure of the skull. Snoring develops in children with a small jaw, which is drawn deep into the face. This condition can be genetic or acquired. In the second case, the pathology appears when the child after birth breathing mouth. Delayed treatment pathology causes narrowing of the pharyngeal airway. The disease becomes chronic, and the contours of the face change.
  5. Allergic reactions. With the emergence of allergies swelling of the nasopharynx. To breathe the child may only through the mouth.

If the child is not breathing nose at night, this may indicate the presence of a variety of serious diseases. That is why the baby is recommended to show the doctor.

Features of treatment

Before cure snoring of the child, you must determine its cause.

With this aim is the examination of the little patient the doctor, and the use of laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnosis.

If the child snores in the night, but he has no colds, it may indicate excess weight. The diagnosis the doctor puts on examination of the baby.

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The appearance of this disease in the nasopharynx, there is a large number of fat cells and therefore it becomes difficult to breathe at night. In this case, to make a special therapeutic manipulation is not necessary.

Baby ensures a healthy and proper diet that will stabilise his weight. Parents are advised to monitor the weight of the baby.

If the skull structure is wrong, then to cure this pathology drug therapy fails.

In this case, the treatment is carried out with the use of surgery, which corrects nasal septum. If the cause of snoring is getting an allergic reaction, then it is imperative to avoid contact of the baby with the allergen. Treatment of pathological States is performed with the use of antihistamines.

In order to improve the condition of the baby and speed up the healing process parents need to follow a few simple rules.

  1. In a kid’s bedroom two times a week there is wet cleaning.
  2. General cleaning of the room should be held at least once a month.
  3. Every evening before bedtime is recommended ventilation.
  4. If you use a humidifier, it will positively be displayed on the state of the little patient. Learn about optimal humidity here.

Quite often, the child snores during sleep in the wrong position of the body. In order to avoid pathologies it is necessary to choose the right bed for kids. Most comfortable they will sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The pillow should be of medium stiffness. It is necessary that its height was from 3 to 6 inches. The correct selection of a mattress and pillow will eliminate the possibility of snoring.

The child should be accustomed to sleep on your side. All night in this position, small can not be, since the control of the body during sleep is quite a difficult process.

That is why, when the child is asleep, you must put a baby under a soft pillow. It will be fixed to the body of the baby during sleep.

The child must from birth right to wear. Because thermoregulation in children has not been established, it must be tempered. Quite effective in this aspect is the contrast shower or walking barefoot.

Therapy of snoring in children depends on the reasons for its occurrence. It can be carried out with the use of drugs or surgery. During treatment of the child, regardless of the causes of snoring are advised to strictly adhere to certain rules.

Tips Dr. Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky offers tips on getting rid of child snoring. If at night baby published grunting sounds, it indicates the accumulation of a large number of mucus in the nasopharynx.

To resolve the situation the specialist recommends regular flushing of the nasal passages saline. If after the manipulation, the situation has not improved, the child must be shown to the otolaryngologist.

The doctor says that the presence of snoring in a child of 2.5 years you can lend with large adenoids. In this case, it is necessary to consult an otolaryngologist.

The elimination of this cause of disease is carried out with the use of surgical intervention. Cause of chronic adenoids in most children is an infection various infections of viral nature. When inflammation of the adenoids, a decrease in their performance. That is why children quite often observed leakage of viral infections.

Important! With a sharp permanent-morbid conditions observed in chronic inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. Against this background, appears snoring in children. Eugene O. in this case, recommends that the style of baby’s life and make positive changes in her.

The majority of experts asserts that such a state is the stridor. For the treatment of diseases recommended the use of sedatives and calcified drugs.

Calcium is an important component, particularly during the formation of the skeleton. Stridor is a special condition, which causes breathing noises.

Komorowski says that, while the softness of the cartilage of the larynx, or when the narrowness of the nasal passages in children is quite often observed snoring. If foetoscope in this case, there is the constant occurrence of a foreign noise.

The doctor says this condition is a congenital stridor. If during examination the child was diagnosed with stridor, it is not a diagnosis. This abnormal structure of the throat, which after a certain time can take place independently.

The specialist said that when any clots and mucus in period of stridor will be observed for worsening condition. That is why it is strictly forbidden to ignore the cold, hypothermia of the baby, respiratory disease. To eliminate scabs in the nasal cavity it is recommended to use saline solution. With its use is the irrigation of the nasal cavity three times a day.

Snoring in children is quite unpleasant condition that often leads to insomnia.

That is why if he observed a long period, it should be treated. Self in this case is not engaged, because it may not only bring desired results but also harm health of the child.