The child starts cough: how to treat what to do

What to do when the child starts coughing?

The most frequent symptom of inflammation of the respiratory tract in children is cough. It violates the quality of life, disturbs sleep, causes vomiting, greatly exhausting the baby. Therefore, careful parents with the onset of cold weather, never concerned with the question of what to do when a child begins coughing. First and foremost, moms or dads should find out what made this process and whether it is associated with viral or bacterial lesions of the respiratory system. Very often the inflammation is manifested in season, change in temperature, so often the cough is infectious or respiratory in nature. The problem in this case is formed due to the weak immune system of the child. The fact that the protective function is not yet Mature and a variety of pathogenic organisms penetrate into the body without significant difficulties.

It should be noted that the cough is not always indicative of lesions of the larynx, mucosa of the bronchi or trachea. Sometimes children cough due to changes in environmental conditions. Especially often this symptom occurs in newborns. In addition, irritation of the throat may occur due to the lack of wet cleaning and dust, due to allergic reaction to the flowering or pet dander, as well as as a result of complications of certain chronic or acute inflammation.

Why is there cough

Cough is not a stand-alone symptom, but only a sign of inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, trachea, larynx or lungs. Before you start the medication the parent must identify the reason for such a process. Typically without medical training to mark the exact diagnosis impossible, so at the first sign of poor health of the baby please seek professional advice.

A protective reflex in the form of cough should alert the parents, as it indicates the beginning of the inflammatory process. By coughing the body tries to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms or foreign particles. When the immune system is unable to cope independently, for help to come medicines.

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At the first sign of itching and irritation of the throat you can check the status of the lymph nodes. If they increased, parents should take immediate action. Do not expect that in the first days the cough will be strong or productive. As a rule, the reflex process is no discharge of phlegm and other symptoms.

Phlegm and thick mucus is accompanied by fever. Due to the thick consistency, isolation can’t leave the Airways alone, so the baby shall be appointed anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs.

In some cases, the irritation is formed on the background of allergic lesions. The main provocateurs recognized as pet dander, blooming, dust, certain foods. In this case, medical treatment will begin only after identifying the type of irritant and eliminate it from the life of the child.

How to cure allergic cough can be found in this article.

In other situations, the cough may appear on the background of various tumors in the throat, because of polyps or adenoids, disturbances of the heart or intestines, and the inflammatory process in the Central nervous system.

How and what to treat incipient cough in children

Depending on the localization of inflammation, the cough may be due to the development of pharyngitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. Therefore, if the child began coughing immediately seek medical help and stop the progression of the disease.

Treatment of cough should be aimed not at eliminating the symptom and the root cause. Therefore, determine the type of cough. There are several forms of inflammation:

  • cough. This symptom may indicate tuberculosis or chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi;
  • long. The cough of this type is characteristic of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough or acute respiratory inflammation.

After defining the view, it is important to establish the form of cough. There are dry and productive process. In the first case the patient is suffering from a debilitating cough, which may cause vomiting, which can disrupt sleep and so on. A productive or wet cough is easier, as it does not cause strong pain in the sternum.

Installing the entire clinical picture, the specialist prescribes medications and some recipes of traditional medicine.

  1. To begin with, the patient should stay in bed and not go out. Ensure that in the baby’s room was warm and the air was quite damp.
  2. Give your child plenty of fluids including broths out of healing herbs, teas with lemon, tincture of peppermint and rose hips.
  3. Don’t forget about wet cleaning and ventilation of premises.
  4. Use warming lotions. Especially useful to make compresses with a dry and unproductive cough. How to do the procedure written in this article.

More ways to cure cough in children non-traditional recipes described here.

In addition to conventional measures parents can take advantage of some medicines:

  1. If the child has a dry cough, it is important to translate it into a productive form. For this little patients prescribed «Bromhexine», «Thermopsis», «Pour», «Mukaltin», «Tusupreks».
  2. In the first days of the beginning of inflammation of the parts, it is useful to dissolve the candies and lozenges «Doctor Mom», «Linkas».
  3. In addition, use of the thoracic fees. How to brew the teas described in this article. This method will moisten the mucous and ease the bouts of dry cough.
  4. For best effect little the patient can breathe over a saucepan of potatoes.

Data collection method will allow you to eliminate the signs of inflammation and improve the function of the parts of the respiratory tract. But the treatment ends, as it is important to reduce the risk of pneumonia or bronchitis. After you have transferred the dry process in the wet, the patient is prescribed:

  1. Mucolytics for removing sputum from the bronchi or lungs. When treating children it is best to use syrups «Dr. mom», «Pertussin», «Ambrobene», «Mucosolvan», «Ambroxol» and others.
  2. In addition, it is useful to apply decoctions-based root atlake or licorice.
  3. After that, the patient is prescribed medication «Ambroxol», «Acetilcisteina», «Bromhexine».
  4. If my child is just beginning, use expectorant medicines – «Geelix», «bad fever».
  5. If the cough allergic character to start eliminate the irritant, and then drink a course of antihistamines – «Zyrtec», «Effective», «Aerius», «Zodak», «Suprastin».

If the beginning the cough is accompanied by various unpleasant sensations in the throat and severe rhinitis, you need to use solutions on the basis of sea or ocean water, «Aqualor», «Aqua Maris», «no-Sol», «Dolphin» and others. Daily washing of the nasal passages will allow you to eliminate the inflammatory process and to prevent the development of disease.

During treatment ensure that the child was warmly dressed and was not under the influence of conditioning. In addition, it is useful to warm up the chest and back of the child. How to do it properly find out here.


Treatment start coughing should be done competently. It does not rely on self-experience or the advice of friends. Promptly to rid the risk of pneumonia, bronchitis or pharyngitis can only help the pediatrician. Do not risk the health of your baby.