The cough syrup for adults and children: inexpensive and effective

What syrups can be taken for cough?

Among the wide range of cough medicines, each characteristic of a different mechanism of action. Concomitant use of drugs with different orientation can harm the body.

To determine effective therapeutic interventions for effects on cough need to correctly identify the deviation, accompanied by this symptom. Therefore, in order to choose the best cough syrup should be guided by the etiology of the disease, cost and treatment effect.

Why do we cough?

Coughing is a natural physiological process that ensures the evacuation of the irritating substances from the branches of the trachea (mucus, pathogens, dust, foreign objects).

Upon excitation of the vagus nerve in the receptive fields nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, auditory canal, vocal cords, trachea and locations dividing the large bronchi, unconditioned reflexes are transferred in the segment of the brain.

The cough center coordinates the work of the muscles of the chest, abdomen, diaphragm, stomach, the reduction of which provokes cough.

For reference! Prolonged forced exhalation impulses from the cough center are transferred to nearby vomiting center, participating in the implementation of the vomiting act.

Cough is rarely an independent disease. It is often a symptom alerting pathological disorders, in which the intensity of the forced exhalations determines the etiology of the stimulus and the localization, stage and degree of damage.

It is a mistake to believe that a cough only after a respiratory infections. The main causative agents of cough receptors include:

  • changes in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere;
  • the concentration in the air of chemicals;
  • allergens;
  • mechanical effect;
  • psychogenic factors;
  • the use of antihypertensive drugs;
  • gastroesophageal reflux;
  • reactive pathology of the respiratory tract (bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia);
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system (pulmonary embolism, heart disease, pericarditis).

Cough klassificeret dry (when sputum is not formed during exhalation clears throat only air) and wet (with localization of mucus in the tracheobronchial tree).

List of cough syrups

It is difficult to find cough syrup cheap and effective, suitable for all patients. The forced exhalations are of different origin, so every case requires an individual approach.

In some situations, you need mucolytics that change the properties of sputum, translate dry cough in a productive. Expectorants suspension facilitate the evacuation of mucus by reducing the viscosity of secreted and cough – reduces the sensitivity of the cough reflex arc reflex. Combined syrup helps to eliminate inflammation and bronchospastic syndrome.

Important! To achieve positive dynamics in average you will need 5 to 10 days of treatment. If the cough is not eliminated, the doctor does a chest x-ray to exclude the probability of serious pathological disorders.

What drugs get rid of dry cough?

The medication in this group cupping of inflammatory processes in the throat, hydration of the mucous membranes, reducing susceptibility of the receptor endings.

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Widespread in ENT practice are:

  • «Gerbion plantain». Natural herbal drug has a complex action: suppress the cough reflex, increases the phlegm, reduces the viscosity of secreted. Exhibits immunostimulant and antibacterial activity.
    Forms a protective shell on the surface of the mucosa, normalizes breathing, eliminates the feeling of dryness in the throat. Prescribed medicine for dry cough for children older than 2 years. Contraindicated in gastrointestinal diseases, individual intolerance of components. Allowed during pregnancy and lactation, because it does not cause embryotoxic and teratogenic effects.
  • «Pour». Non-narcotic drug on the basis of butamirat has a direct effect on the cough center, eliminates bronchospasm, improve respiratory function. Has anti-inflammatory effect. Indications for use – exhausting non-productive cough of various etiology, preparation for surgical intervention. Recommended syrup, adults dry cough, which occurs because of poisoning the body with toxic substances in the composition of cigarettes.
  • «Codelac Neo». Has a Central effect on the cough center bronchodilatory activity, envelops and protects the mucosa from the penetration of pathogens. The therapeutic effect occurs within 15-20 minutes after consumption, remains up to 6 hours. The intensity of the pain decreases after the first dose.
  • «Omnius». In structure and therapeutic action repeats «Pour». Among the advantages of affordable price, fast action (frequency and severity of coughing decreases within 30 minutes after eating). Reduces inflammation, increases expectoration, promotes blood oxygen saturation. Cough syrup prescribed for children from 3 years.
    Contraindicated in 1st trimester of pregnancy, lactation, with hypersensitivity to the components. There is a likelihood of adverse reactions as nausea, dizziness, allergies.

Fact! Please note that different forms of release of any drug (syrup, drops, tablets) have a different composition. To improve the taste characteristics of a liquid consistency often add sweet flavors that must be considered due to diabetes or allergies.

To effective and affordable drugs from dry cough include «the pharmacy was» (100 ml. costs 100 rubles.), «Bronholitin» (the average tariff for 125 ml. of 70 to 90 rubles), «Linkas» (120 ml. will cost 160-180 rubles).

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How to treat a wet cough?

To neutralize the phlegm from the trachea and large bronchi use mucolytic and expectorant medicines, whose action addressed at reducing the production of mucus.

Consider the first line of the most popular and cheap drugs.

  • «Pertussin». Old and cheap cough medicine. Kids love it for its sweet taste. High therapeutic effect is provided by natural phyto ingredients – thyme and thyme which liquefy and push out the pathological mucus. The activity of the cough center inhibits the potassium bromide. The suspension has a softening effect and sedative effect. Without prescription, cost 30-40 rubles for 100 ml. bottle.
  • «Ambroxol». Recognized as one of the most effective mucolytics at an affordable price (40-50 rubles per bottle of 100 ml). The main ingredient is Ambroxol hydrochloride changes the properties of sputum, facilitates its evacuation from the projection of the bronchi and the trachea, thereby decreasing hyperemia of soft tissues, improves breathing, and normalize the spirometry parameters. Prescribe anti-inflammatory syrup in bronchopulmonary diseases acute and chronic forms. The manufacturer recommends 2 years, but in practice is used for younger children with a lower dosage. The identical composition has «Mucosolvan», «Helical», «Ambrobene».
  • «Gerbion». Syrup primrose improves the evacuation of the pathological departments, and prevents them from sticking to the bronchial walls. Thyme extract suppresses the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, relaxes the muscles of the bronchi, increases the production of mucociliary clearance. Therapeutic effect of thymol increases the menthol, which soothes inflammation, improves the quality of breathing. A combination drug is prescribed for a dry irritant cough, used as an expectorant. Effectively relieves attacks of the forced exhalations of smokers and elderly people. Limit for appointment serves children up to age 2 years, early stages of pregnancy. Price per package, with a volume of 150 ml., starts from 260 RUB Has some cheap ones: «Tussamag», «Syrup of marshmallow root», «Codelac Broncho»;
  • «Dr. Mom». In combination of the drug includes only natural ingredients and herbs. Suspension characteristic of the cumulative therapeutic effect, which occurs within 3-4days regular consumption. This versatile syrup from all kinds of cough. Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, decongestant action, dilates bronchial lumen. The drug is well tolerated by patients, the contraindications to allocate only the increased sensitivity to the components. 100 ml of the medicinal liquid will cost an average of 160 RUB.

Nuance! Pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky inclined to the fact that cough does not require therapeutic measures. This favorable stage of the disease, when there is a spontaneous cleansing of the bronchial tract. In the absence of other symptoms the best treatment is fresh air.

For neutralization of wet cough in children with a first days of life allowed syrup «Geelix», «Woken», «Other». From 12 months of age use medicine «Dr. Theiss», «Travis».

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Domestic cough suspension

If you aim to buy a cheap but effective drug, choose Russian cough syrups. When exhausting the forced breaths without the formation of sputum the best option — «Codelac Neo», «plantain Syrup».

To neutralize the cough helps «Codelac Broncho», «Pertussin».

What syrup to stop?

When choosing medicinal products for treatment of dry cough, guided by the contraindications and side effects, because the mechanism of action of most of the identical. Among the effective but expensive drugs is «Pour».

In order to save patients prefer cheaper counterparts: «Codelac Neo» (250 rbl. for 200 ml.) and the «Omnius» (170 rubles). The Golden mean – syrup «Gerbion plantain» (300 rubles for 150 ml). To neutralize productive cough often use «Pertussin», «Ambroxol» or their derivatives. «Dr. mom» and «Gerbion» exhibit a similar therapeutic effect, but cost about as much.


Correctly selected syrups help to speed up the process of regression, to facilitate the patient’s condition, improve drainage function, eliminate inflammation and pain. Ideally, if the decision on the choice of the drug is supported by the recommendations of the doctor.