The cough treatment of folk remedies quickly in children: how to cure, treatment

How to treat cough in children folk remedies?

Coughing is a reflex process of the body that appears as a protective function. With jerky exhalations, the system tries to eliminate foreign object and phlegm that appear when you cough. This inflammation appears for colds or infectious diseases of the respiratory system. In addition, dryness and itching can occur in allergic inflammation, when the cause of the formation of the disease lies in the surrounding stimuli.

First, the cough can be exhausting and dry. To facilitate this kind the patient should undergo treatment with traditional methods, which can thin out the mucus and to normalize its outflow. After the restoration of discharge of mucus from the bronchi, the patient should continue treatment with physiotherapy, but to stop the reception of broths and infusions are not worth it. For the proper performance of all procedures it is important to know how to treat cough in children folk remedies. Analyze the main methods of treatment in this material.

Methods of treatment of cough

Mostly the cough is formed on the background of acute respiratory diseases. To cure inflammation, you can use conservative therapy, when the patient is assigned to anti-inflammatory drugs, means to liquefy phlegm and expectorant medicines.

In the standard course of treatment of the child patient includes the following products:

  1. If the baby unproductive and dry cough, the patient is assigned antitussive drugs – «Butamirat», «Glaucine», «Occludin», «Preoxidized». Medicines from this group are best used in conjunction with drugs to thin mucus.
  2. If the cough is accompanied by severe symptoms, including vomiting and loss of sleep, it is important to suppress the cough reflex by using the following drugs – «Peuvent», «Levapren», «Libeksin», «Sedotussin», «Paxillin», «Oxeladin».
  3. For razzhizhenija sputum is assigned to the following drugs are «Bad», «ACC», «Bromhexine», «Ambroxol», «Mukaltin».
  4. In case of dry cough the patient was prescribed Mucosolvan, as well as natural medication, for example», «Geelix».
  5. If the cough is accompanied by narrowing of the bronchi, the baby needs to undergo treatment with bronchodilators is «Aminophylline», «Theophylline».
  6. In case of cough due to SARS, the child was prescribed a combination of medications designed to suppress the cough and thin mucus – «Dr. mom», «Codelac Phyto».

Treatment of cough in children should be comprehensive and timely. If the seizures are not stopped in time, the cough may go into a chronic phase.

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The decision about the course of treatment, dosages and the choice of medication must be completed by the attending physician. For assignment of certain drugs, it is important to know the exact diagnosis of the patient and individual characteristics of the organism.

Remember! Incorrectly chosen medication will only worsen the condition of the child.

Treatment of cough in children folk remedies

To get rid of a cough can not only conservative therapy, but using methods of alternative medicine. Traditional recipes will allow you to thin out the mucus and relieve the patient’s condition within a few days of treatment.

Natural products which used in the treatment of dryness and itching, do not have serious contraindications and side effects, so considered safe in the treatment of young children.

When choosing home remedies for cough for children please note that the child was not particularly sensitive to selected ingredients. If the child has redness of the skin, itching, burning and other discomfort, it is better to suspend treatment.

Below we describe the most popular methods and will explain how to quickly cure a cough with folk remedies child.

Milk with honey

One of the most effective means of treatment of cough in children is the use of milk with honey. Despite the ease of preparation and wide dissemination of this recipe, many people perform it incorrectly.

To prepare the broth should:

  1. Boil a glass of fresh milk.
  2. In the mixture add one teaspoon of honey.
  3. Dissolve the ingredient and add the drug a small amount of butter.

Drink the tool to SIP just before bedtime. The milk will soothe irritation and itching, and honey will have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane and destroy the bacteria. The oil in this recipe is essential to reduce pain and reduce feelings of sore throat.

Drink this decoction to cure.

Badger fat

For rubbing the chest and back for relief of coughing, you can use barcocim fat. The mixture will help alleviate the patient’s state of health and eliminate the pronounced symptoms of the disease.

When applying ensure that the tool did not cause irritation of the skin. If a rash and itching, wash off the fat.

Immediately after application the child should be wrapped in a blanket.

For treatment of children older than three years, the tool does not grind, and give to drink. A day should be applied at half a tablespoon means dividing for two times. Pre fat can melt in a small amount of warm milk. Using the tool thus, you increase the immune system of the baby and speed up the healing process.

Important! Do not use for the treatment of children under the age of two months.

Radish juice

To cure a cough for a few days the little patient you can take radish juice with honey. The product has a pleasant taste, so the difficulties with the application usually does not occur.

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For the preparation of a medicinal product of these ingredients should be:

  1. Make an incision in the radish and add a teaspoon of honey. Wait until you see the juice vegetable. After separation of the solution give it to the kid. Use the product every day should be one spoon three times per day.
  2. If the first method seemed complicated, grate the radish on a grater and mix vegetable with honey. Put the mixture in a dark place for thirty minutes. During this time on the plate will appear a syrup, which should be drunk every day for five days.

Important! In these cases, radish juice is made in three hours, so prepare the means in advance.

Pine buds

Traditional methods of treatment of cough in children include the intake of decoctions and infusions. The most common method is the treatment of cough with tincture of pine buds.

To prepare the solution should:

  1. Boil a pint of milk or clean water.
  2. At the moment the liquid starts to boil, add the mixture one tablespoon of the kidneys.
  3. At the same time, remove the decoction from fire and put in a dark place for three hours.

After the drug solution infusion, give the kid fifty grams of tincture. Drink liquid every two hours for three days.

Usually results will occur on the first day of treatment, so if you have not noticed the desired effect after a course of treatment, consult a doctor. Probably, in the body there are more serious inflammatory processes.

Herbal tea

Get rid of the cough with the help of decoctions of medicinal herbs. The most popular ingredients are mother-and-stepmother, thyme, oregano, chamomile, licorice, elecampane, anise seeds. In addition, the broth can be made from mint, the roots of raspberry, oak and eucalyptus.

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To purchase medicinal decoctions in pharmacy item.

To prepare the broth should:

  1. Boil one liter of clean water.
  2. Add the tool 200 grams of the selected ingredient.
  3. Let the liquid to cool and strain the tool.
  4. After that, strain the broth and allow the baby to drink small amounts of the drug.

Important! A day should be used not more than two hundred milliliters of broth.


Severe coughing will not be superfluous to make use of lotions and compresses. As the main drug choose salt or dry mustard.

To make a compress of salt should be heated ingredient in the pan and place in the bag. Apply lotion to the breast of the patient, pre-wrapped it in a napkin. Ensure that the compress was too hot, otherwise you will provoke the formation of burn.

To put dry mustard should dip the filter bag in warm water and then place on the chest or back of the patient. Previously on the skin apply the cloth. This will allow to avoid discomfort during treatment. Read more about the rules of application of dry mustard to treat coughs specify in this material.

Important! Apply the compresses only in the absence of body temperature.


Application of methods of alternative medicine has the best effect when used in combination with drug therapy. In this case, the cough will pass in a few days and will not cause extreme discomfort in a young patient.

If to treat cough only the methods of traditional medicine, monitor the health of the child and body temperature. Do not let the inflammation to provoke the formation of dangerous consequences.