The crunching in the ear when swallowing: creaking, crackling and tinnitus — its causes and how to get rid of

Why when swallowing crunches in your ears?

Unpleasant sounds of varying intensity picked up by the hearing, almost always indicate some type of pathology. Provoking factor is the defeat of the organ of hearing, its links and adjacent organs. The nature of the acoustic changes and the duration of the phenomena suggest the possibility of what pathology we face.

Often patients complain of a crunch in the ear when swallowing. The cause of the problem can be not only infectious diseases in the region of the ear, but and disruption of nearby organs, such as abnormal changes of the maxillofacial joint. Treatment should appoint a doctor, pre-identifying the cause of the disease.

The structural features of the hearing

The organs of hearing, having a complex mechanism of the structure associated with a region of the nasopharynx. The Eustachian tube connects the ears with the throat and the nasal sinuses. Any pathological change in a particular organ can provoke snap, crackle, and other noises in the ears.

The sound coming only when eating, swallowing or yawning is often associated with improper functionality of maxillofacial joint.

The causes of the crunch in my ears when swallowing

Feeling the crunch in the ears can be:

  • subjective;
  • objective.

The patient can hear the crunch of not only himself, but together with a specialist who will diagnose with a stethoscope. The objective form is rare. Provokes the phenomenon of the contraction of the muscles around the Eustachian tube, or pharynx.

As the most common causes of the crunch in my ears when swallowing are:

  • malocclusion;
  • dysfunction of the auditory tube;
  • aerobatic;
  • nervous disturbance;
  • allergies;
  • getting into the ear foreign body.
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Common cause of a crunch in his ears like little children and adults — a violation of the bite.

Underdeveloped, misaligned, deformed jaw with dental extractions or trauma leads to occlusion.

Pathology in swallowing and yawning provokes clicks.

Despite the fact that this reason is not connected with the organ of hearing, it must be fought by conventional medicine.

Otherwise, the auditory nerve will first respond to the phenomenon of annoyingly, after you get used to and begin to adapt (atrophy).

Help. Violation of the functionality of maxillofacial joint may provoke osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Dysfunction of the auditory tube

A sharp sound in the ear may indicate a dysfunction of the auditory tube. This is the most dangerous disease, which causes hearing loss, deafness. Diseases of the internal and middle ear with infectious-inflammatory in nature, leading to the accumulation of fluid in the Eustachian tube and auditory canal.

It causes severe edema, inflammation, the accumulation of fluid, pus, there is congestion deep in the ear canal. As a result, when moving the jaw, head turns, there is a noise, the clicking, crunching.

Dysfunction of the auditory tube leads to the development of diseases such as:

  • evstahiit;
  • otitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • meningitis;
  • aerobatic;
  • other illnesses of acute chronic respiratory system.

Inflammation that affects the nasal passages, can lead to violations of ventilation of the auditory tube, which causes the crash. It may seem that creaks in the ears, knocks, clicks. Provoke like this:

  • enlarged adenoids, tonsils;
  • flu;
  • streptococcal and staphylococcal infection;
  • the rhinovirus.

Help. When the crackling when swallowing provoked by dysfunction of the auditory tube, the patient is always present mucus from the nose, that is rhinitis.


Many patients crackling noises in the ears appear only during flights. In this case we are talking about the development of serious diseases, severe tubootitis – aerotica. The symptoms manifest only in the aircraft, when ingested at high altitude.

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To leave this unattended. Gradually, the flights will cause the stuffy nose and ear canals, pain in the ears, the temples, the nape, the ear will begin to decline. Neglected disease might threaten the patient as a partial or complete loss of hearing.

Nerve disorder.

Some patients may experience a crackling in my ear the loud sound of a certain vibration. Stun effects last until it calms auditory stimulus. May occur when swallowing, sneezing, yawning, and just like that, in a state of rest.

Basically, such a manifestation of the noise provoked by nervous stress that a person experiences periodically, stress and irritation. It may even happen a little numb face on one side.


In rare cases, the noise in the ear when there is sharply provoked an allergic reaction to a certain stimulus. Severe attack causes the common cold, rhinitis. A certain part of the respiratory tract become swollen, inflamed, hence the strange sound.

These phenomena are very dangerous, you can’t procrastinate and you need to go to the reception to Laura.

Getting into the ear foreign object

Often a feeling of unusual sounds when swallowing is due to hit in the ear canal foreign bodies, for example, beads, berries. A similar phenomenon is observed when the penetration into the ear of such animals as dvukhvostka and gnats.

Concentrations of sulfuric masses, which occasionally does not are cleaned from the ear canal, water deep in the ear canal can also induce other sounds when moving the jaw.

Very rare one who encounters a similar phenomenon to determine the nature of its origin. If the phenomenon occurs more than once, and when swallowing saliva every time behind the ear or inside it something clicks, you need to seek help from the otolaryngologist.

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The sooner the specialist will be able to find out the cause of a pathology, the more likely doctors will be accepted for the treatment of trigger the disease. Remember, such problems should not be perceived as the norm, and should always be alert to attract attention.