The doctor has Prescribed cough: instructions for use

How to take syrup «Ascoril»?

Among the features of choosing an effective medication for cough is the nature of occurrence of cough reflex. Before using any medical product it is necessary to take into account its pharmacological action and the nature of the pathological process (dry or wet).

A representative of the group of bronchodilators, mucolytic and expectorant drugs is the combined tool of the «Ascoril», widely used in the treatment of adults and children. Given recommendations on how to take syrup «Ascoril», not to replace the advice of a physician, but it will help to understand the indications and therapeutic effect of the drug.

What cough prescribe «Ascoril»

Pharmacological action of the drug, based on relief of bronchospasm, reduction of upper airway obstruction, the increase in pathological secretion of the tracheobronchial tree and its expectoration, allows to include in a comprehensive scheme of treatment:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammation of the mucosa of the trachea (tracheitis);
  • pertussis infection;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • the catarrhal form of laryngitis;
  • infectious disease caused by the tuberculosis Bacillus;
  • increased airiness of the lung tissue (emphysema).

With nonproductive cough is characterized by constriction of the air passage, which contributes to the accumulation of phlegm and difficulty breathing.

Due to the content in the composition of the drug such as active ingredients mentholum, guaifenesin, bromhexine hydrochloride and salbutamol sulfate and the stimulation of beta 2-adrenergic receptors of the bronchi, increase lung capacity, stimulate the secretion of bronchial glands, therefore, assigned to the «Ascoril» with a dry cough in children and adults.

Important! Unlike analog, the «Ascoril» not conducive to lowering blood pressure.

It should be understood that in Pediatrics a preference for products based on plant components. «Prescribed» refers to the agents of synthetic origin, whose appointment requires strong evidence and compliance with the recommendations of the attending specialist.

When you have a cold or viral diseases rational use of drugs for the treatment with the same pharmacological action, but of natural origin (for example, «Licorice Root», «Linkas», «Alteyka», «Spilled»).

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«Ascoril» with a wet cough in a child may be involved in therapeutic treatment, under condition of a weak discharge of phlegm. When productive cough syndrome drug promotes enhanced secretion of the pathologically altered tracheobronchial detachable.

The dosing of the drug

The medication is realized in two dosage forms – a concentrated aqueous solution of sucrose and solid dosage form. The choice of form of medication determined by the patient’s age.

Instructions for use syrup «Ascoril» cough assumes that the following recommendations of the expert:

  1. Cough «Ascoril» is assigned for the achievement of the child two years of age. The recommended value of the total intake of the substance from 2 to 6 years is equivalent to 15 ml. of the drug (three times a day 5 ml.). From 6 to 12 years – the rate of drug suspension is from 5 to 10 ml. single use 3 R/day. With 12 years the daily dose should not exceed 30 ml. of medications (three times a day 10 ml).
  2. Pills are «Prescribed» includes a therapeutic regimen for the treatment of young patients from the age of six years, subject to the following doses: 6-12 years: half to one tablet 3 R/day, from 12 years – 1 tablet three times a day.

Depending on the severity of the disease, your doctor may change the value of single or cumulative, and the duration of the therapeutic course. On average to achieve a sufficient positive dynamics of the five-day duration of treatment.

During the application of medication is necessary to control the extent of dilution of the pathological secretion. If you change the biological composition of sputum to a liquid state, the drug therapy is stopped until the end of treatment.

For reference! The average cost of the «Ascoril» syrup — 380 RUB tablets – depending on volume – from 300 to 900 RUB Preparations with a more affordable price range, but with the same action presented «Mucosolvan» (200 rubles), «Ambrobene» (130 rubles), «Bronholitin» (100 RUB.).

The drug is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to components of drug. Also not prescribed to patients with heart disease, glaucoma, diabetes, in violation of one or more functions of the liver/kidneys.

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Failure to comply with the recommended standards of use of the drug may manifestations of hyperexcitability (nervousness), dyssomnia (insomnia), involuntary trembling of the body/limbs, nausea.

What to do in the amplification of cough reflex?

The drug is aimed at expanding the bronchial tubes, the liquefaction and flow of mucus. In other words, the drug works to eliminate the factors that hamper the expectoration of bronchial secretions. If after the «Ascoril» cough worsens, it is about changing unproductive cough reflex productive that after using the remedies, it is the expected process.

Most patients tend to be confused with the transformation of a cough with increased forced exhalations. In the absence of a concomitant characteristic of overdose or side effects, increased cough is not a reason to stop using the drug.

If the drug was used as self-medication, there is a probability of increased cough as a means assigned without a preliminary assessment of the pathological state. It is recommended to adjust therapy, pre-visit education expert.

Important! «Ascoril» not working with antitussive medication of Central action, which consists of codeine («Pour»). Concurrent use with antibiotics enhances the effect of the latter, contributing to a more rapid penetration into lung tissue active substances that suppress the growth of anaerobes.


Marina. In the treatment of a child trying to avoid synthetic drugs, but there are times when without them it is impossible to do. To means of emergency I will take the syrup «Ascoril». After another cold, my daughter suffered a complication of acute bronchitis. On the advice of a doctor found out that the analogues of funds «Ambroxol» and the like are just not in competition with «Escorial», since this disease is rather weak. The improvement I noticed after the first day of medication, took 5 ml. three times a day. The doctor warned of an increased cough, followed by beginning to move away mucus. We had five days to improve, after switched to herbal infusions.

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Irina. When the next SARS, my son started coughing, which went to vomit. Pediatrician prescribed «Prescribed», arguing that it quickly eliminates the bouts of dry cough. Sign of improvement from admission. On the first day improvement is noticed from the second day coughing retching was not to provoke the third day the cough went in wet, 4-5 days the child began to cough sputum. Adverse events during the treatment we had, and my sister treated the child had anxiety, slept poorly at night. In any case, medication is needed after the doctor appointment, as the drug is strong enough.


«Ascoril» is quite an effective drug, allowing in short terms to affect unproductive cough reflex. Reviews from patients indicate rapid therapeutic effects at an affordable cost drugs. Compliance specialist and the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid adverse action, greatly facilitating the child’s breath.