The drops in the ears Clotrimazole — usage instructions

How to apply ear drops Clotrimazole?

The hearing is subject to different pathological changes associated with colds and chronic diseases of internal organs. Hearing AIDS affect infectious, viral and bacterial diseases. Among such phenomena it is possible to separately identify fungal diseases, in which ears are constantly itching felt stuffy. With the ear canal, you may notice discharge or accumulations of gray, black, white mass depending on the type of agent.

Clotrimazole ear drops that has become particularly popular in the treatment of fungal diseases. The drug has a broad spectrum of action, used only for topical application, in particular for the processing of the auditory canal and the auricle.

Diseases of the ear

Almost all the diseases of the ear that were timely identified and properly treated, are complete recovery without any consequences associated with hearing loss. Same can be said about fungal diseases that occur in people of all ages and require special attention.

At the initial stage of the development of fungal diseases remain unobtrusive, especially for the patient. In the first periods of development of the fungus no worries, no pain.

Help. In most cases of fungal disease is not detected in a timely manner. This significantly increases the duration of treatment of the disease.

The effect of the drug

The action of the drops is concentrated on the violation of the synthesis of ergosterol.

The active ingredient (imidazole), penetrating the membrane of the fungus destroys fungal microorganism at the cellular level.

Fungicidal and fungistatic activity of components depend on the strain of microorganisms.

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So, using ear drops Clotrimazole, can neutralize the pathogens:

  • dermatophytes;
  • mold;
  • yeast-like fungi;
  • erythrasma;
  • lichen.

Ear drops Clotrimazole: instructions for use

Using antifungal medication topically for treatment of ear disease, you need to understand that the substance through the layer of the epidermis into the blood system. The drug is considered absolutely safe.

However, there are contraindications for first trimester of pregnancy and in cases of individual intolerance of some components included in the composition. Like any medical facility, instructions for use of the drug enclosed in the package.


To determine the dosage of ear drops can only be a consultation, prescribing treatment. The fact that the dose is prescribed individually and depends on the following factors:

  • the extent of the pathology;
  • the nature of the disease;
  • the type of pathogen;
  • the age of the patient;
  • features of its health.

The child may appoint from 2-3 drops a day, adults the dosage is increased to five drops.

Method of application

Drops, Clotrimazole instilled into the ear exclusively before bedtime. The drug is used no more than once per day. The course of treatment depending on the spread of fungal accretions may last from 7 to 14 days.

In some cases, require additional prophylaxis, and the doctor prescribes the use of the drug for another 15-30 days.

Ear drops in the treatment of fungal diseases often are used not for putting in my ear and dipping a cotton swab.

Then lay the swab in the ear canal and leave for quarter of an hour.

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Such use of ear drops should be daily.

Every day, making the same periods of «rest», changing tampons new. Repeat the procedure up to 4 times a day.

After three weeks, it is possible to achieve complete recovery of the most severe forms of fungal diseases.

Spreading a small amount of ear drops, Clotrimazole in the water, usually take up to 10 drops in a glass of warm water, the solution used when washing the auricle and the external auditory canal.

How to apply the medicine

The effectiveness of the treatment ear drops depends on how well the drug is instilled into the ear. It is recommended to use only warm drug, so you will need some time to hold a tool in the hands to warm up.

After gaining a pipette the desired amount and the free hand pulls the patient’s ear slightly up and slightly back. This approach will provide accurate drops as deep as possible into the ear. The patient can sit or be laid on its side. In the case of children you need to pull the ear back and down.

The drug was dropped exactly on the walls of the ear canal, not deep.

Clotrimazole instilled into the ear is possible without prior consultation with a ENT, but only if you have already had this disease and know its features. The drug is sold in pharmacies and can be bought without the recipe of the specialist.

Additionally, you can use the ointment Clotrimazole. If you are currently the treatment of fungal diseases of the ear spend on drink a course of antibiotics or other drugs, drug-drug interactions can not worry.

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Stop using the drug if you first use the tool purposes of drug therapy and you have adverse reactions:

  • appeared redness;
  • there is itching and burning;
  • the treated area inflamed;
  • the condition of the body deteriorated.

Rinse under running water the treated ear and contact the hospital, most likely you are allergic to the drug and need to replace some analog. Especially careful to treat the children.

The child’s body, especially if we are talking about babies, may behave differently. In the event of adverse reactions should immediately call a doctor to the house.