The drops in the nose Nasobek: instructions for use

How to apply drop Nasobek?

Allergic rhinitis is familiar to many. This inflammation is accompanied not only by formation of large amounts of mucous secretion, but long nose, strong swelling of the mucosa, as well as a number of other signs. To get rid of this type of rhinitis is difficult. The patient with a doctor should determine the cause of the education of the disease and to bring the allergen from the body. Thereafter, comprehensive treatment, which includes hormonal nose drops.

When seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis it is best to use well-known drugs and not risk their health. Sometimes doctors prescribe a nasal spray «Nasobek», as it has many useful functions. Its effect was not immediate, but the result after the treatment justifies all the minor drawbacks of this drug.

About the drug «Nasobek»

«Nasobek» — a drug intended for local use. The drug is used for the treatment of vasomotor and allergic rhinitis. Its active ingredient is beclomethasone. It is designed to destroy viruses in the nose, protect the mucosa cavity, and also to restore the protective functions of the body breathing. In addition, the preparation includes auxiliary components of natural character.

«Nasobek» is made in the form of a spray. It is convenient to use, as in one bottle with applicator substance is dosed. Just one 200 drug doses.

The effect of the medication aims to eradicate the allergens, as well as providing anti-inflammatory action.

The active substance in combination with additional components has a strong decongestant effect.

In addition, the «Nasobek» has immunosuppressive effect.

After application, the patient noted a decrease in the amount of mucous secretion and inflammatory process.

Such action occurs due to the accumulation of neutrophils, which is beneficial to General health of the patient.

In addition, the drug reduces the number of macrophages and reduces the activity of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the drug «Nasobek» provides reduction of swelling in the mucosa of the nasal cavity, and reduces the amount of mucus.

It is important to note that the medication can be used for a long time. It is not addictive or drug rhinitis. In addition, it has a mineralocorticoid activity, therefore, does not cause overdose.

The effect of the drug is cumulative, and not always improving effect immediately after application. But, in contrast to the vasoconstrictor drops, «Nasobek» manifests the useful properties without damaging the mucous membrane of the cavity. Relief from symptoms of rhinitis manifested after two days from the start of treatment.

Some patients use «Nasobek» as an ingredient for inhalation. But in this case, the systemic activity of the active substances of the drug is not as significant as in nazalnam introduction. The drug is rapidly absorbed into the cavity of the mucous membrane, and part of the medication is swallowed. In most cases, the drug is excreted through the liver,a few hours later.


Before buying drugs must carefully study the instruction on application of nose drops «Nasobek». Special attention will be paid to familiarization with contraindications. These include:

  • hypersensitivity to beclomethasone or auxiliary component drug;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • frequent bleeding from the nose.
  • tuberculosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • feeding the baby breast;
  • during pregnancy in the first trimester;
  • viral inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • fungal.

Extreme caution is to be necessary to apply the remedy with glaucoma, amebiasis or hypothyroidism.

If you recently transferred to a myocardial infarction apply «Nasobek» is not desirable.

Other contraindications include any trauma to the nasal cavity, deviated septum, and recent surgical operations in the nasal cavity.

In addition, it is not necessary to apply the remedy in the treatment of infants and toddlers under three years of age.

In other cases, the treatment is allowed only after personal consultation with the child’s doctor.

Treatment for nursing mothers the drug is only possible when prescribing medication, a doctor. To do this, you must conduct research regarding the absence of risk for the development of the embryo.

Side effects

Commonly «Nasobek» does not cause unwanted effects, but in some cases patients may start sneezing or irritation of the mucous membrane. Other possible side effects include:

  • the dryness in the nasal cavity;
  • burning in the nose;
  • rash or hives;
  • swelling of the mucous cavity;
  • infection of the nasopharynx;
  • runny nose;
  • pain in the head and the temples;
  • pain in the nose.

In addition, the patient may be bleeding or increased pressure inside the eye.

In very rare cases, drowsiness, temporary loss of smell, atrophy of the nasal mucosa, and short-term decline in taste buds.

In case of prolonged use of the product in excessively high doses, the patients may have chronic effects on the body of excess hormones.

In this case, it inevitably changes the amount of hormones in the blood of the patient. In this case, the admission of the drug should be stopped immediately.

How to apply the «Nasobek»

Apply «Nasobek» it is necessary only after prescription by the attending physician. Before the introduction of the spray in the nose, it is necessary to spend sanitation. To do this, wash the nose by any firestorm or decoction of herbs.

Before the first use of «Nasobek» you need to remove the strip that is located between the applicator and the bottle. Then carefully shake your pill bottle and remove the cap.

Activate the drug by pressing on the cap. After this means can be used for medicinal purposes. To do this:

  1. Exhale through the nose.
  2. Hold one nostril with your finger, and a second nasal passage, you must enter the end of the applicator.
  3. Tilt your head so that the tool was perpendicular.
  4. Then you should take a little breath in through your nose. Simultaneously with this process, you should press down on the cap.
  5. After that, exhale through your mouth.
  6. Then repeat the procedure with the other nostril. Clean the end of the applicator .
  7. After the procedure, you must wash the cap in warm water and dry thoroughly. Otherwise possible contamination of the applicator, as well as accidental transfer of inflammation.

Do not use after the expiration date. After opening the bottle, «Nasobek» can be used within three months.


In each case, the dosage of the drug individually selected physician.

Usually, if the inflammation is not acute, the patient is assigned to the introduction of one dose four times per day. Every day dosing reduce.

A day you cannot apply more than 400 mcg of funds.

Similar drugs

If for any reason the appointment of «Nasobek» impossible, doctors prescribe an analogue of a drug.


One of the analogues of the drug «Nasobek» — «Bellazon». Hormonal agent is appointed in case of severe allergic symptoms when the patient suffers from a severe cold.

The active ingredient of the drug is beclomethasone. Each bottle means 200 doses.

Pharmacological action of the drug is an anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, «Bellazon» has antiallergic and antiexudative action.

The local application reduces the swelling and inhibits the formation of cytokines, and reduces negative impact on the bronchial tubes and restores the function of the cavity.

It should be noted that the drug has no immediate effect. Its effect develops over several days.


Another drug of the local action, which is intended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis – «Clenil».

In addition to the therapy of allergic reactions, remedy has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action.

The active ingredient of the medication reduces the inflammatory process and increases the number of annexin.

Thus, the destruction of inflammation and normalization of nasal breathing.

The main effect of the drug is due to the decrease in the formation of chemotaxis. This allows to reduce allergic reactions by inhibiting the products of metabolites.

In addition, «Kliener» has reduced the allocation of mucous secretion and amount of education epithelium. As a result, the patient feels improvement in health, reduction in secret, the restoration of the bronchi and other signs.


To get rid of a runny nose can be in many methods, but it’s best to prevent the formation of mucous secretions. For this you need to toughen up, exercise and watch your diet.

If you have addictions, it is necessary to revise priorities and to think about their health.

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