The ear stick and harm them — harmful if sticks and why

Harmful if the ear sticks?

Taking care of personal hygiene, people use different means, but are they safe? This question is raised only one. To get rid of accumulated sulfur in the ears, it is difficult to find a better tool than a q-tip. To cope with such a weapon is very simple, but the doctors absolutely do not encourage this method because of its wrong application can cause serious diseases.

Many people believe that cotton buds were invented for cleaning ears. They are often referred to as the «ear». In fact, the tool is used for many other purposes. For example, to correct make-up, manicure, clean up the objects in hard to reach places. The use of wood sticks for cleaning the ear canal is a common misconception. Consider what damage can cause the ear stick to the body and why they were invented.

The invention and purpose cotton swabs

Profits manufacturers of cotton swabs today in America is at least $ 200 million a year. The inventor of this things are essential for personal hygiene was an American of Polish descent, Leo Gerstenzang. An encouraging factor for him was watching as his wife uses cotton wool and a toothpick for child care.

Thus, in 1923, occurred the presentation of the first hygienic wand, which had a wooden base. However, she had a cotton head on one side only, and not as modern models. Among the many applications of funds was mentioned and care for the ears. That this is a danger, potential buyers were not notified.

Initially it was assumed the use of cotton swabs for hygienic cleaning of the ears and sinuses. The ear canal is cleared itself and does not require additional cleaning.

The first warning appeared only in the seventies.

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Although this method of application still stated on the packaging.

In fact, the convenience of this procedure and was the reason that chopsticks began to be used in this way.

Also, the habit to clean the ears of sulfur sticks took root because the nerve endings that are in the cleanable region. Man simply developed privykaet. During the procedure the nerve endings are irritated, which causes more itching, which wants to immediately relieve. In the nineties the American journal compared the hygienic sticks of cigarettes.

Harm ear sticks to human health

Currently, the manufacturers indicate on each package that the sticks are not designed for ear cleaning. Actually harm them more than good. After all, if you use them regularly, then you will have to visit Laura. During the procedure, only the dirt is hammered deeper into the ear canal, but not cleared, as many people think.

Among the possible unpleasant consequences of the use of funds, experts say

  1. The formation of cerumen. To see what is happening inside during clean is impossible, therefore, to determine whether to remove or sera was just pushed deeper, completely impossible. As a result, near the tympanic membrane formed a kind of barricade, which requires a further appeal to specialists for its removal.
  2. Infection of the ear. Sebum and sulfur form a natural protective layer if it is removed the ear remains unprotected. Thus the ear not only can infiltrate various infections, but also during cleaning there is a risk of damaging the skin.
  3. Injury of the tympanic membrane is also a reason for refusal on the cotton swabs in cleaning the ears. Of course, the probability of this happening is very low, but the risk remains. Thus the use of this tool can cause deafness.

Attention! Improper cleaning of the ears with cotton swabs may trigger the development of otitis media and other serious diseases of the organs of hearing.

How to clean your ears?

Experts recommend using your index finger to wash the outer part. The depth to which it can penetrate, not a threat. Of such procedures is sufficient in order to maintain personal hygiene. Do not forget that nature was quite generous to humans, so care of a natural purification process.

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During eating and jaw movements, is the promotion of earwax. Thus, it becomes much closer to the edge, where it can be easily removed. It can be used lubricated with cream or oil q-tip.

Those remnants of sulfur that is left in the depth, are of great importance for the proper functioning of the ears, so wipe them with a cotton swab in any case impossible.