The endometrium before menstruation: features and functions

Every month a woman’s body undergoes physiological changes, predefined hormonal changes and cyclical variations. One of the manifestations of change are menstrual bleeding and this increased as the thickness of the uterine lining. What is considered the norm and what is considered reject – this will be discussed further. The endometrium before menstruation is a normal layer, or reject, what should be the size in the ideal conception that affects him?

What is the endometrium?

Endometrium – the mucous layer lining the uterine cavity and plays an important role in the reproductive system of women. He is the first environment where you will be introduced to the embryo, providing nourishment and growth. How corresponds to the last norm – doctors can judge the health status of women and her chances of pregnancy, to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

Menstruation and normal endometrium

The thickness of the endometrium before menstruation, menstrual cycle is changing – a lot is defined by its stage. In accordance with normal physiological processes for the whole of menstruation the mucosa is 3 periods:

  1. The initial is actually themselves bleeding.
  2. Proliferative – growth and restructuring.
  3. Secretory – final stage.

Bleeding phase

A physiological cycle starts from the first day of bleeding, when there is a rejection of the functional layer by the time it lasts from 5 to 7 days. Before menstruation the endometrium is measured in millimeters.

  1. 1 and 2 day thickness of the endometrium ranges from 0.5 to 9, when the study using the ECHO shows a decrease of its density. All this is accompanied by bleeding.
  2. 3-5 days when bleeding is at its peak, the thickness shows the smallest height, which is 3.
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The stage is counted from 5-7 and 14-16 day – the thickness will vary depending on the passing of period:

  1. The beginning is a 5-7 day cycle, when the ECHO on the screen shows reduced density in the mucosa, with a height from 5 to 7.
  2. Mucosa will gradually grow and harden – on the 8th day is 8, adding in sizes up to 10 days of the current cycle to 10.
  3. With 10 and 14 day certification. The inner shell cavity of the uterus will reach 10-14. Phase and increases the density of the layer as well as the maturation of the follicle.

Secretory phase

This period doctors consider the most important and most time – consuming- it takes from 15 to 30 days cycle. At this stage, the structure of the mucosa will change significantly and the endometrium during menstruation:

  1. 15 and 18 day is the early stage of perestroika, when mucous increases slowly and thickening is recorded in the figures 12-16. The ECHO studies will show thickening of the layer in the format drops when on the edge is hyperechoic, the edges density is reduced.
  2. In the mid-secretory period, occurring between 19 and 24 days, the maximum is thickening to the indicators 1.8 cm and as the doctors – if the numbers are larger, it is considered a deviation. The average value, the rate – 14-16
  3. The final secretory stage occurs between 24 and before the following 1st phase of the menstrual cycle. At this stage, the thickness of the functional layer will decrease, reaching figures 12 and below. The peculiarity of this phase – it has a high density structure.
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The delay of the menstrual cycle

If the woman is the delay of menstrual bleeding, respectively lengthened in the time frame and cycle of menstrual period. Gynecologists called the root cause of adverse events hormonal imbalance in the body, but in addition emphasize the following negative factors:

  • chronic stress and an unbalanced diet.
  • vitamin deficiency and the development of gynecological diseases.
  • a failure in the endocrine system, the thyroid.

In this case, in a woman’s body does not produce enough hormones, and therefore the level of the mucosa remains in the range of 12-14 and not reduced in size. As a consequence, it is not a rejection, and not come menses.

The endometrium before menstruation

Before the menstruation the mucosa is under the period of secretion and the level of the endometrium just before menstruation varies 12. Under normal level the production of estrogen and progesterone the latter affect the function of the mucosa. The latter rejected, leaving the uterus with menstruation. As a consequence, the shell of the endometrium is lost, decreasing to levels 3-5.

According to gynaecologists, for a favorable conception, when the fertilized egg implants in the endometrial layer, it is necessary that the latter has reached a certain state. The optimal period of ovulation occurring mid-cycle, when the proliferation phase comes to an end, and the level of the mucous layer should be 11-12.