The flu laid the ear — what to do treatment

What to do when he put his ear after a cold?

In cold weather, every second person susceptible to disease colds and flu. The main symptom is the runny nose, cough, and further, as a result, otitis media.After the disease, patients often complain of hearing loss and nasal congestion.

This unpleasant symptom is congestion of the ear, causing severe discomfort. It manifests itself in the form of congestion, and tinnitus.Causes of congestion can be infection, inflammation or waxy build-up.

The causes of the disease and possible complications of the flu

Colds cause various reactions. Most often the disease manifests itself in laying the ears. In addition, there are many symptoms, such as sore throat or scratchy.

This disease occurs suddenly, and can appear even after a cleansing routine in the shower.

The occurrence of the disease provokes a wax build-up that swells in the period of high humidity.

If the patient has recently been ill with diseases of the throat, nose or ears, the vestibular apparatus are susceptible to infections and usually causes disease in other organs.

In any case, if you suffer from congestion in the ears, consult a specialist.

When the patient is only beginning to develop viral disease, the patient experiences a feeling of blocked ears.

If you do not start timely treatment, the disease will move into the middle ear.

Further, the inflammation may proceed to chronic otitis media, accompanying a disease shoot the ear and purulent secretions.

After each inflammation, especially after a cold, comes the process of laying the ear.

Therefore, according to many doctors, not afraid of itself colds and flu, and how its complications.

First and foremost, the disrupted ciliary epithelium. Its function is to protect the respiratory tract from viruses and bacteria. In the course of the disease the health of the epithelium is reduced, allowing the source of infection to penetrate into the body. Because of this result in the following complications:

  • Acute rhinitis – an inflammation of the inner lining of the sinuses. Provoked by the cold.
  • Sinusitis — an acute or chronic disease of paranasal sinusitis of the nose. Develops due to a viral infection.
  • Sinusitis is a disease of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus. Can be unilateral, bilateral.
  • Otitis media – inflammation of the outer, middle or inner ear.
  • Bronchitis — deep shell disease of the bronchi.
  • Inflammation of the lungs.
  • Myocarditis is a disease of the heart muscle arising from the impact of viruses on tissue.
  • Pericarditis – inflammation of the inner lining of the heart.
  • Myositis – pain in skeletal muscles.Mangit – inflammation of the meninges of the brain.
  • Encephalitis – inflammation of the brain.
  • Bacterial superinfection – a condition in which the infected cell an additional ill with a virus.
  • Heart failure — a decrease of contractile function of the heart.
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In addition, note the exacerbation of chronic diseases such as asthma, diseases of blood vessels. And there is a strong violation of metabolism in the body and as a result, liver disease.

How to cure colds

As you can see, the risk of complications is massive and dangerous. So engaged in the prevention of complications. For this you need to be diagnosed of the disease after flu.

The answer to the question than to treat problems with the ears after flu simple. In the first place hand in your blood and urine, and then be surveyed using x-rays or other methods.

In addition, there are the following rules for the prevention of complications:

  1. Complete vaccination. In the treatment process in the human body drugs are introduced to raise the immune system. Thus, you can avoid many complications.
  2. Take vitamins.
  3. Follow the food.
  4. After you notice the first symptoms, contact your doctor. Effective and quick treatment specialist will be able to appoint in that case, if you go to a medical facility in the first two days of the disease.
  5. After the consultation with the doctor, strictly follow the prescribed treatment. It is important to follow all the rules and dosage.

If you have a cold, you should stay in bed and take plenty of water. It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate. This is especially true in the use of the following medications:

  1. If you are suffering from fever and fever, but body temperature is not more than 37.2 degrees Celsius, don’t take antipyretic drugs. As at such body temperature, the body itself removes immune cells that can eliminate the inflammation.
  2. Do not take antibiotics without prescription of the specialist.

Laid the ear after flu — what to do?

There are times when congestion in the ears does not pose a risk. This occurs during air travel, when the differential pressure. In order to resolve the pressure, take a SIP of water or try chewing gum.

The second case of occurrence of congestion is considered a special zeal in cleaning the ears.

Sulfur as a natural substance, protects the organ of hearing. At constant cleaning a natural slime erased or, on the contrary, there is cerumen. Observe the balance while maintaining the hygiene of the ear.

If the ear congestion appeared on the background of colds, see your doctor for treatment.

While determine than to treat a complication of the ear after a cold, if the opportunity to go to the doctor in the near future.

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Before you see a specialist, you can do simple exercises to cleanse the nasal mucosa. To do this you must squeeze the wings of the nose and to make any attempt to exhale through your nose. When played back the cotton, stop the exercise and make the three swallowing.

This operation will help to adjust internal pressure.

Effective method is the poultice of olive oil. For its preparation you will need turunda. Soak it in oil and insert into the ear canal.

These methods will not rid you of the symptoms of the disease, and especially will not help to heal. They will temporarily ease your condition.

After visiting the ENT, you will prescribe medications, including specialized ear drops and ointments.

First and foremost you need a vasoconstrictor nose drops «Naphazoline».

In the second place, the doctor prescribes vitovice and compresses.

The latter included a heat treatment, for example, moxibustion with salt or blue light.

Physiotherapy salt is considered a health method which allows to effectively clean the clogged ear.

For a compress you will need the salt. Puncture it on the bad pan until its color turns yellow.

After that, pour salt in cotton pouch and attach to your ear. Be careful that the bag was warm, but not hot.

Keep the compress until until the salt has cooled. This usually occurs within half an hour.

After the operation is complete put in the outer ear a small piece of sterilized cotton wool and wear a hat.

Repeat this procedure three times a day and you’ll notice not a bad result.

The second method of treatment is considered a heat reflector. It allows blue light to warm the affected area without physical contact.

Dry heat effectively removes the cause of inflammation, warms the ear and significantly reduces pain. Moreover, after the procedure improves blood circulation of the patient, as well as the elimination of stagnant.

To determine the treatment after a cold, complication on the ears should be avoided.

Once you have removed the stuffiness of the ear, you should treat the source of the disease – the common cold or flu.

Help ear during flu season

The big question remains, what to do if the flu your ears? Mild forms of the disease with proper treatment are very quickly.

For first aid the patient should drip into the ear drops that contain alcohol. It will provide an analgesic effect and help stop inflammation.

At night put a hot compress to the patient.

It is important not to ignore the cold. If you don’t restore normal breathing, the disease may progress to a more severe inflammation.

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If within two days you are not getting better, consult a otolaryngologist urgently.

It is first important to examine the ear canal and eardrum. The flu, on these bodies can form bubbles, which cause severe pain.

These bubbles are subject to immediate removal.

Next, the specialist will prescribe the antibacterial drugs or antibiotics.

Some of the rules for the treatment of stuffiness of the ears after flu:

  1. Not spygate nose. Be sure to blow your nose. Use dry wipes to prevent irritation of the nose. In addition, the ingress of mucus in the maxillary sinus is fraught with serious complications.
  2. Use drops for the nose, for example, the «Touch». It will help to expand the blood vessels and improve the audibility of sounds.
  3. It permitted the use of camphor oil. Drip two drops in each ear and cover the outdoor area with a cotton pad. The effect will surprise you: the butter will warm the inside of the ear and hearing much better.
  4. In the case of congestion in the ears after colds prohibited the burying of boric alcohol.
  5. It is also prohibited any type of ear irrigation.
  6. Do not use cotton swabs during illness. Due to the fact that the skin of the ears becomes more elastic and there is swelling, you can traumatisierung ear.


Many people do not pay attention to the flu or a cold and this is a big mistake. Without timely treatment, the disease spills over into the other, causing purulent otitis media or sinusitis. In the future, the patient may partially or permanently lose the hearing.

Remember that a runny nose and stuffiness in the ears is only a symptoms of inflammation. Therefore, all disease cure in time.